Clipping of news on Brazilian Culture, Law and Citizenship


» 1 in 10 is Nail Salons with hepatitis B or C

» 1 in 5 Brazilian eat five or more times a week sweets

» 1.5 million premature deaths from cancer could be prevented every year

» 10 errors in time to move the repellent

» 2014 without a cigarette: tips help those who want to be ex - smokers

» 31% of the Brazilian never have a mammogram

» 4 cases of confirmed influenza, Brazil prepares 52 hospitals

» 43% of Brazilians are overweight, says the Health Ministry

» 5 foods that your child should avoid and why

» 56.9% of Brazilians are overweight, says health research IBGE

» 6 foods that an expert in food safety says he would never eat

» 6 foods that should be avoided in the diet of children

» 70% of ICUs in the country are outside the standard of humane care

» 75% of patients with Alzheimer disease are unaware

» 8 care in the preparation of the kettle

» 8 errors in time to clean the house

» A dose of alcohol per day lower risk of death, says study

» A third of Brazilian smokers addiction left after restriction on advertising of cigarettes

» ABNT into force one year limited reforms in new buildings

» About 40% of Brazilians have at least one chronic disease, according to PNS

» About 40% of the population are lactose intolerant

» About 70% of patients with bladder cancer are smokers, says survey

» Abrasco warns about consequences of pesticide use on health

» Access to medicines for asthma grows 94% in the country that provides free

» Accident prevention: how to avoid traffic accidents?

» Act as the drops?

» Active Age

» Acupuncture can treat pain, but effects are limited, says study

» Addiction to cigarettes also impacts negatively on the pocket

» Advantages and disadvantages of different types of sugar

» Aedes aegypti: know the history of the mosquito in Brazil and its characteristics

» After curing baby with the AIDS virus, announces successful study on 14 adults

» After extension, complete vaccination campaign against measles and polio

» After extension, complete vaccination campaign against measles and polio

» Against obesity, Coca-Cola says it announces more children under 12 years

» Agency announces ban on drug

» Agency approves first pill to prevent the AIDS virus

» Agency approves new drug to treat rare type of leukemia

» Agency approves sale of anti-obesity drug

» Agency approves single tablet daily against AIDS

» Agency will monitor microbiological aspects in chicken meat

» AIDS could be extinct by 2030, says WHO

» AIDS is among the leading causes of disabling diseases in Latin America

» AIDS: Drug 3 in 1 begins to be distributed throughout the country

» Air conditioning does not increase risk of spreading disease

» Air conditioning requires ongoing maintenance

» Air humidity control transmission of influenza virus

» Alcohol kills bacteria?

» Alert for nurse who uses fake nails and enamels

» Alert for obesity in childhood and adolescence

» Alert: Flogo-ROSA® drug should not be taken

» Allergenic foods Idec supports the labeling scheme

» Allergic rhinitis asks permanent care; see how you care

» Allergic rhinitis in children: Symptoms and Prevention

» Allergy can take up to three days to respond

» Almost 50% of Brazilian women still breast cancer related to stress

» An American study shows that half of the tumors is avoidable

» Anabolic Makeup

» Anabolic, as used by Netinho, are prohibited. Already supplements require careful

» Analysis of Adolfo Lutz is anabolic formula of food supplements

» Anesthesia: kinds, contraindications, myths and truths

» ANS discloses list of hospitals that meet quality criteria

» ANS extends access to usage information and procedures costs

» ANS makes telephone survey to assess health plans

» Antibacterial soaps are banned in the US

» Antibacterial soaps are banned in the USA

» Antibiotic prior to infection saves lives, study says

» Antibiotic turns villain

» Anticalvície drug may decrease risk of prostate cancer by 30%

» Anticancer drug can facilitate the fight against AIDS

» Antipsychotic of Actavis pharmaceutical company is suspended

» antiseptic Lots and anti-inflammatory are suspended

» Anvisa alert to risk for food supplement

» ANVISA approved HPV vaccine for girls from 9 years

» ANVISA approved initiative to ban two pesticides

» ANVISA approved medicine that treats cancer without cause hair loss

» Anvisa approves new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

» Anvisa bans sale of dental bleaching without prescription

» Anvisa batch of prohibited risk of contraceptive failure to prevent

» Anvisa clarifies the use of repellents and environmental topics

» Anvisa contraindication to alert the pill Diane 35 patients with risk of thrombosis

» ANVISA defines this month is reclassified as cannabidiol medicine

» Anvisa determines suspension lots of diuretic and herbal products

» Anvisa determines the precautionary ban on silicone implants Silimed brand

» Anvisa discusses ban on artificial tanning booths

» Anvisa indicates HPV vaccine to prevent anal cancer too

» ANVISA keeps selling slimming sibutramine

» ANVISA meeting schedule to discuss regulation of cadmium in jewelry

» Anvisa not see restrictions on the use of repellents for pregnant women

» Anvisa prohibits liquid sterilization equipment

» Anvisa prohibits manufacture and sale of vitamin supplement

» Anvisa prohibits sale and use of lots of Natrilix remedy

» ANVISA prohibits sale of four dietary supplements for athletes

» Anvisa provides tracking for all flights from outside

» Anvisa publishes assessment of hand hygiene in health services in Brazil

» Anvisa publishes list of foods most contaminated by pesticides

» Anvisa publishes new warning rules on cigarette packs

» Anvisa publishes study on sale of appetite suppressants

» Anvisa publishes study on sale of appetite suppressants

» ANVISA records new drug for the treatment of Hepatitis C

» Anvisa reiterates reasons for prohibition

» Anvisa releases Fiocruz record to produce medicine for Parkinson's disease

» Anvisa suspends ad on the Internet of prescription drugs prescription

» Anvisa suspends lots of Varicell medicine

» Anvisa suspends trade in

» Anvisa unregisters the crossfire Plus and prohibits advertising nationwide

» Anvisa veta use of electronic cigarette in Brazil

» ANVISA want to restrict the sale and advertisement of dental bleaching

» Anxiety is more common in children attention deficit

» Application requesting suspension of civil society transgenic corn becomes meaningless in the face of denials on carcinogenic effects in rats

» Applications for phones and tablets guard chronic patients to help physicians and patients

» Artificial Sweeteners favor obesity and type 2 diabetes

» As food interferes with eye health?

» Ask questions about the dengue vaccine

» Aspirin may prevent colon cancer

» Aspirin may reduce risk of melanoma

» At least four states begin to vaccinate against influenza today

» Attend public consultation on the ANVISA labeling of foods that cause allergy

» Attorney General of Justice of São Paulo supports Bills awaiting sanction of Alckmin

» Australian study reveals that protein inhibits AIDS virus

» Babies can begin to be immunized soon after birth

» Bariatric surgery cures diabetes in 88% of patients

» Bariatric surgery may be the only way for obese diabetics

» Beach is good, but too much sun ...

» Beauty Salon: Wellness lists five care you should note

» Because mosquitoes bite some people more than others?

» Belly may increase the risk of osteoporosis in men

» Beware of fatty foods! Do good to your cholesterol

» 'Bionic Ear': Justice reinforces the ANS standard for health plans that authorize surgery

» Bisphenol A can alter fetal brain in utero

» Bitter Poison

» Blood test can give warning of predisposition to breast cancer

» Blood type O is associated with a lower chance of heart attack, study says

» Bloods that do not match are a risk to pregnancy

» Board prohibits students from using heavy backpack

» Booklet reinforces guidance on Zika virus

» Booklet reinforces guidance on Zika virus

» Botox can help in the recovery of patients who suffered strokes

» Bottled water is not always mineral

» Botulinum Toxin Type A for the treatment of neurological disorders

» Box juices are healthy or not? See myths and truths about them

» Brazil formalizes purchase of vaccine against influenza A

» Brazil has 13 million people with rare diseases

» Brazil has between 490 000 and 530 000 people infected with HIV, 135,000 do not know, according to a survey

» Brazil is an agreement with U.S. for bone marrow transplant

» Brazil is an example of how to reduce deaths from smoking, says British magazine

» Brazil is ranked 31st in the well- being of elderly

» Brazil is the country with the largest number of people killed by the new flu, says Health

» Brazil leads consumption of pesticides in the world and Inca asks reduced use

» Brazil needs to measure impacts of discrimination on population health, expert claims

» Brazil Program Tender shall enter into force on Tuesday

» Brazil reaches goal of vaccination against influenza

» Brazil reduces 14,000 tons of sodium in food since 2011

» Brazil registered 4,180 suspected microcephaly, dismissing 462

» Brazil spends more than R$ 20 billion to treat tobacco-related diseases

» Brazil still has 25 million smokers

» Brazil will recruit 400 volunteers to test efficacy of medication

» Brazilian baby is unique in the world to survive after snorting bladder

» Brazilian hair removal increases the risk of viral infection

» Brazilian researchers develop cancer remedy with tick saliva

» Brazilian vaccine against dengue beginning to be tested in the country in October

» Brazilians consume excess sugar

» Brazilians consume three times more sugar than the global average

» Brazilians living the nightmare of sleepless nights

» Breast Cancer

» Breastfeeding in the first hour of life may reduce pacifier use

» Bring in family meals good eating habits for young

» Broccoli may fight bacteria that causes gastritis and cancer

» Butter or Margarine: Which is Healthier?

» Buy generates caloric equivalent of seven marathons

» By law, reconstructive breast surgery should be performed by SUS

» Caffeine affects boys and girls differently, says study

» Calcium supplement increases heart attack risk, study says

» Campaign against crack airs starting this Thursday 5

» Campaign alert on the search for information in the diagnosis of cancer

» Campaign offers rapid HIV test for up to 40 thousand people in Sao Paulo

» Campaign teaches people to prevent against cancer of the intestine

» Campaign to update booklet vaccination begins Saturday

» Campaign to update passbook vaccination ends today

» Campaign wants to encourage the donation of breast milk for babies at risk

» Campaign warning women about the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer

» Campaign warns youth to prevent teen pregnancy

» Campaigns against penile cancer and prostate gain support from the Social Affairs Committee of the Senate

» Cardiac arrhythmia is a major cause of stroke

» Cardiovascular conditioning can save lives, research shows

» Care arrangement of furniture and house cleaning avoid allergies

» Care in the use of disinfestants

» Care should be taken in the summer

» Care you must have in beauty salons

» Care! Homemade repellents can be a threat

» Caring for the air conditioning, the summer's best friend

» Cases of dengue haemorrhagic grow in Sao Paulo

» Caused by smoking and pollution, chronic lung disease kills more than 100 per day in Brazil

» Check how to avoid contamination by the H1N1 virus

» Check out 10 tips for eating healthy on the run day to day

» Check out 10 tips for healthier dinners

» Check out some myths and truths about the chicken egg consumption

» Check out the six fruits that help prevent diseases

» Check out tips to avoid respiratory allergies

» Chickenpox: pediatrician explains the symptoms, treatment and how to prevent

» Child USA sunscreen that does not come close to 18 years to develop skin diseases

» Childhood cancer: early diagnosis and chemotherapy allow healing of up to 80%

» Children bruxism may be linked to overuse of electronic

» Children playing in the yard are less likely to develop myopia

» Children without sleep routine may have learning problems

» Children's medicine will label different from adult to remedy

» Chip reduces absorption of radiation from mobile phones

» Chocolate should not be consumed with exaggerated

» Choosing a plan requires dental care, warning Procon

» Choosing the right helmet prevents headache

» Chromosome responsible for Down syndrome is "off" in the laboratory

» Chronic red eye reaches 30% of the elderly

» Chronic sleep deprivation carries health risks

» Cigarette with low levels may have high level of nicotine

» Cinnamon can prevent diabetes and Alzheimer's

» City Hall distributes containers made of crushed sugar cane

» Civilian entities around the world unite in Awareness Week on Salt

» Coffee can provide protection against heart failure

» Combination of drugs in common use can be disastrous

» Commission approves agreements for coverage of drugs used against cancer at home

» Commission debates implications of pesticide use on health and the environment

» Commission rejects new mandatory warning about drink with high alcohol content

» Companies invest in marketing healthy

» Computer, irons lamp can cause melasma

» Condoms: not just use, you must use the right

» Confirmed cases of yellow fever in Minas rise almost 40% in one week

» Confusing label? See tips for making healthier choices

» Consumers should be aware of labels of processed juices

» Consumption of fruits and vegetables acts against heart disease more than cancer

» Consumption of red meat can bring health benefits

» Consumption of supplements without guidance can bring risks to health

» Consumption of white meat and nuts may reduce Alzheimer's risk

» Contact Lens Care in Summer

» Contaminated food has led to 351,000 deaths in 2010, says WHO report

» Contraceptive increases risk of glaucoma, say scientists

» Contraceptive: only with prescription

» Coolant can be as bad for teeth as crack cocaine

» Country concludes first sequences of the gene A (H1N1)

» Created new technique to identify breast tumor

» CREMERJ inspects maternity denounced by the deaths of nine babies

» Daily activities are as good as going to the gym

» Daily consumption of a spoonful of sesame eliminates fats

» Daily drink with sugar consumption increases visceral fat, says study

» Daily warns on restrictive diets

» Death from skin cancer grows 55% in 10 years

» Deaths from AIDS-related tuberculosis fold in 2007, says WHO

» Deaths from electrical shock increase among children up to five years

» Decrease in world salt consumption would save millions of lives, study says

» Defined the composition of influenza vaccine for 2013

» Delaying cutting the umbilical cord increases iron stores and hemoglobin levels in baby

» Delaying motherhood is increasingly common

» Dengue type 4 was in Brazil

» dengue vaccine has defined price

» dengue vaccine has defined price

» Dengue vaccine will be tested in humans in SP

» Dengue: Learn how to use insecticides without risk of poisoning and allergies

» Dental brushing and guides on how to take care of the health of the mouth

» Department recommends yellow fever vaccination for those traveling to the interior

» Despite the forecast of rain, dry weather should continue causing breathing problems, says expert

» Detected in quality deviation vaccine for typhoid fever alert Anvisa

» Diabetes in pregnancy: special care in feeding

» Did you know that the NHS offers some free medicines to all citizens?

» Diet Breakfast, which allows first meal of the day is fed up and calorie gain more fans and generates controversy

» Diet sodas are really the healthier option?

» Discovered that gene may be responsible for male pattern baldness

» Discovery stem cell associated with prostate cancer

» Do you sanitize your cell phone?

» Do you usually take all the medicines at the same time? This practice can do harm!

» Doctor recommended warm bath instead of cold to combat the heat

» Doctor says hygiene habits should be intensified against swine flu

» Doctor teaches you to recognize the symptoms and risk factors of stroke

» Doctors are against birth control pill before the 18 years of age

» Doctors give health recommendations for air travel

» Doctors on Wednesday suspended service to health plans in 12 states

» Doctors suspend services to health plans on the 25th

» Doctors warn of care against skin cancer

» Doctors warn the population to primary care in the health Carnival

» Doctors warn: no remedy immunize against influenza A

» Donations of organs grow 20% in the first nine months of the year, according to study

» Drink in cans? Just before washing

» Drinking tea and coffee daily cleanses the body and can increase the life expectancy

» Drinking water helps to increase concentration

» Drugs

» Drugs lead poisoning ranking in Paraná

» Dry and hot weather requires more attention and care hydration

» Early childhood: the importance of food

» Eating citrus fruits may decrease risk of stroke in women

» Eating fresh daily in childhood increases aggression, says study

» Eating poorly during pregnancy can trigger addiction to junk food in child

» Eating well (or poorly) can influence cancer development

» Edible gel is new weapon against obesity

» Educational system prepares counter-attack on H1N1

» Eight foods that can save your heart

» Eighteen million people will be vaccinated against swine flu until the first half of 2010

» Elderly are at risk of hepatitis C

» Elderly live better ten years after the enactment of status

» Electronic Cigarettes and controversial - Forbidden by ANVISA in 2009, around the technology scene and generates curiosity in consumers

» Endocrinologist warns of dangers and diabetes care

» Enter into force law establishing deadline for early cancer treatment by NHS

» Epidemic of the modern world

» Errors during exercise may hinder weight loss

» Ethanol from cellulose generates the lowest impact on health spending

» Ethical questions: how to throw medicine in the trash

» EU wants manufacturers to tell the users to reduce the volume of digital music players

» Every care with dengue is always necessary!

» Examination touch: 60% of men are diagnosed with advanced-stage disease

» Excess processed meat gives more chances of early death

» Excessive coffee can cause hallucinations, study suggests

» Excessive intake of vitamin E can weaken bones, says study

» Exchange messages by cell phone at night impairs sleep

» Exercise helps the brain to be more resistant to stress

» Exercise protects the brain

» Experimental compound reverts condition similar to Down syndrome

» Expert argues that maximum weight of backpacks is 10 % of body weight

» Expert gives tips on using repellents

» Expert guide on the importance of breastfeeding

» Experts advise on the risks of Zika virus

» Experts approve medicine for HIV prevention

» Experts dispute effectiveness of masks in include swine influenza

» Experts highlight importance of hormone replacement custom

» Experts injectable medication approved for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia

» Experts launches project to encourage rapid HIV tests in pharmacies

» Experts reveal that green and yellow vegetables reduce risk of heart disease

» Experts warn against homemade trap of Aedes viralizou that the networks

» Experts warn of global increase of childhood diabetes

» Experts warn of heart problems

» Experts warn of the danger of using expired makeup

» Eye health is serious

» Eyelashes need care to prevent illness

» Eyes too tired; take breaks in tablet or mobile use

» Fake eyelashes can cause health disorders Eye

» Family high cholesterol can kill before age 40; see how to prevent

» FDA announces deadlock 18 thousand websites selling illegal drugs, according to expert

» FDA asks for reduction in dosage of drugs against insomnia

» Federal law more radical would further diminish the number of smokers in Brazil, evaluates Inca

» Fever: how to know if it is dengue?

» Fighting fake drugs pass the legislation, says report

» Filters clay are the most efficient in retaining impurities

» Financial crisis threatens family planning

» Find out about health care during winter

» Fiocruz engaged on World Malaria

» Fiocruz think superbug river in the South Zone of Rio

» Firefighters give tips to prevent the ring is attached to the finger

» Fish Week begins on Tuesday with the goal of attracting new customers

» Five consequences of lack of sleep

» Five effects of asthma to tell the doctor

» Five states and the Federal District today begin vaccination against influenza

» Flu vaccination reaches goal

» Flu vaccine is available to the entire population in 14 states and the Federal District from this Monday

» Flu vaccine: see the situation in the states

» Food for the mind: eating habits can affect the brain

» Food labels will have to inform lactose and casein

» Food may enhance the action of sunscreen and help prevent diseases like cancer

» Food on the street is healthier than home, says survey

» Food poisoning: what it is, how to treat and prevent

» Food supplements should be consumed only when needed

» Foods rich in sugar may worsen acne, studies suggest

» Foods that affect maternal milk

» Foods that can cause allergies need special labeling

» Foods with pesticides can cause headache, irritability and diarrhea in children

» For the first time, more than half of Brazilians are overweight

» Free distribution of medicine for asthma begins Monday

» FREE HPV vaccine for girls between 11 and 13 years - from 09 to 30 August

» Fresh food and less industrialized help prevent allergies in children

» Fruits: Myths and Truths

» Functional foods do not heal, but prevent - Part I

» Functional foods do not heal, but prevent - Part II

» Gel against HIV for anal use is safe after the first tests shows

» Gene weakens dental implant

» Generic more advantageous

» Genetic manipulation creates cells resistant to HIV in lab

» Genetic test fixed dose of medicine for each patient

» Germicidal soap reduces by 37% infections antibiotic-resistant bacteria

» Get tips on how to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes

» Girls 10 and 11 years receive HPV vaccine at the beginning of the school year 2014

» Give cold medicine of adults to children is dangerous and can cause poisoning in small

» Glaucoma can be prevented with regular examinations from 40

» Good reasons to smile

» Gordice? Christmas dinner usually has almost 3500 calories

» Government announces changes in rules of the People's Pharmacy Program

» Government extending compulsory licensing of patents for antiretroviral Efavirenz

» Government forces healthy eating in schools of the DF

» Government sets rules for the composition of influenza vaccines

» Government wants to increase the number of organ transplants and bone

» Government warns that children take second swine flu vaccine

» Government will create 1623 vacancies of medical residency in 2013

» Governor SP sanctions on Thursday the smokefree law

» Green tea and white tea become popular and reach the supermarket shelves in pet bottles and boxes

» Grow food at home improves quality of life, learn

» Growing consumption of drugs handled in Brazil

» Growing popular pressure for sanction of bills that fight childhood obesity

» Growth of childhood obesity certificate in research motivates change

» H1N1 back and requires care babies, pregnant women and elderly

» H1N1 cases in Brazil rises to 1,012, with 153 deaths in the year

» H1N1 causes 290 deaths in the country; Southeast has a higher number of cases

» H1N1: foods that increase the immunity of adults and children against influenza

» H1N1: vaccination in the public starts on April 30

» Habitual coffee consumption may prevent disease

» Half of Brazilians do not use condoms in casual sex

» Hand hygiene is the most important action to protect themselves from the virus

» Headache is associated with high temperature, says study

» Headache, a malaise that affects almost everyone

» Health and Anvisa launch actions for patient safety

» Health Clubs may be required to have medical post

» Health insurance has to cover insemination

» Health launches campaign for early diagnosis of leprosy

» Health plan may be prevented from requiring prior authorization for health procedures

» Health plans have lost 910,000 customers in 1st half

» Health plans may have to cover oral chemotherapy at home

» Health promotes national mobilization by syphilis test

» Health Secretariat of São Paulo banned hospital supplies company caught reusing single-use

» Healthy body is half of prevention

» Healthy eating in childhood cancer fight

» Healthy eating prevents blindness and helps in eye health

» Healthy food does not see age

» Heart patients should exercise caution when twisting Cup

» Heartburn can cause chest pain and chronic cough. See myths and truths

» Heat and nervous system: understand the reactions of the body

» Heavy backpacks can harm children's column

» Hectic lifestyle and stress can cause disease in a hurry

» Hepatic detoxification diets are misleading

» Here are five tips for the care of the oral health of children

» Herpes: understand the infection and protect yourself

» High blood pressure, a silent enemy and very dangerous

» High cholesterol affects one in ten children in Brazil

» High cholesterol has already reached 77 million Brazilians, according to research

» High consumption of salmon in pregnancy reduces antibody production

» High cost prevents health plans offer infertility treatment

» High self-esteem is beneficial to health . See to appreciate practical tips

» Higher taxes can reduce consumption of alcohol

» HIV vaccine has successful test in humans

» Holiday: Alert campaign to the danger of the weight of luggage for the column

» Home changes reduce by 50% accidents with elderly

» Homes for the elderly: hiring is a challenge for families

» Honey is effective in relieving coughing and can improve sleep people with influenza

» Hospital SP receives permission to use the first totally artificial heart developed in Brazil

» Hot drinks may increase risk of cancer, says study

» House committee approves tax exemption for drugs

» Housewife against allergy

» How do you calculate the dose of children's medicine?

» How many times you can use the same bath towel?

» How much do you need to sleep?

» How often do you clean your washing machine?

» How often do you clean your washing machine?

» How often do you clean your washing machine?

» How physical activity improves sleep

» How to avoid surprises with the health plan at retirement

» How to care for your oral health in the midst of routine

» How to choose sunscreen

» How to enjoy the exercise and make the time go faster at the gym

» HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer in women

» Human milk banks are successful in Brazil

» Humanized childbirth: the importance of information and qualified professional

» Hypertension affects one in five Brazilians, says IBGE

» Idec asks suspension of the sale of sibutramine in Brazil

» Idec launches with special warning about 'hidden' sugar product

» Identified fake product for the treatment of Hepatitis

» Improved living conditions reduces deaths from cardiovascular disease , says research

» In 20 years, smokefree laws have reduced smoking by half in Brazil

» In four years, the number of malpractice suits grows 140% in the STJ

» In São Paulo, the program aims to reduce the waiting list for preventive screenings for women

» In the 100 years of Chagas, Fiocruz search the second remedy against the disease

» In the rhythm of samba in Rio passenger trains get tips on how to avoid dengue

» Inadequate nutrition can affect the health of teeth

» Inca estimated 576,000 new cases of cancer in 2014

» Inca points reduction in mortality from cancer of the cervix

» Incorrect use of contact lenses can even blind

» Increase fiber gradually to rapidly improve the health

» Increasing cases of disease transmitted by cat in Rio de Janeiro

» Indigestible controversy on the table

» Influenza viruses to fight cancer

» INSS will include over 16 drugs on the list of free medicine for retirees

» Insulin may help in treating Alzheimer´s, says study

» International Campaign seeks to reduce HIV among children

» Internet addiction is more severe in children, study finds

» Into launches project that educates children about disease prevention

» IPEA suggests increasing from 60 to 65 years of age from elderly

» Isotonic consumption can cause obesity and tooth loss in children and adolescents

» It is better to exercise in the morning? Scientists clarify.

» It is true that beach chair might contain bacteria?

» It is true that we can infect ourselves with bacteria and fungi on public transport?

» It is true that we can infect ourselves with bacteria and fungi on public transport?

» January, children and homes: extra care

» Johnson & Johnson is second recall of Tylenol in one month

» Justice determines that SUS should start cancer treatment within 60 days after diagnosis

» Keloid: what it is and how to treat?

» Kidney stone; know how to avoid

» Know the difference between the symptoms of influenza and dengue

» Know the foods that protect each body part

» Know the risks of dental fad treatments

» Know the signs of Alzheimer's

» Labels of medicines and cosmetics should have allergy risk on alerts

» Lack clarity in agreement that restricts the sale of soft drinks in schools, evaluates Idec

» Lack of exercise weakened the human bone, says study

» Law provides special menu for students with dietary restrictions

» Law requires labels to inform about the presence of lactose in the products

» Law that prohibits schools from selling unhealthy foods is approved

» Learn about foods that help reduce bad breath

» Learn about options for those who want to be a mother, but can not get pregnant - Part I

» Learn about options for those who want to be a mother, but can not get pregnant - Part II

» Learn all about the swine flu

» Learn how to avoid respiratory diseases caused by cold

» Learn how to choose accessories gym to get in shape by summer

» Learn how to fight childhood obesity

» Learn how to identify problems with vision in preschool age

» Learn how to play medicines in the trash

» Learn more about botulism: how to prevent

» Learn the main care that a pregnant woman should have with oral health

» Learn to identify when someone is having a stroke

» Learn to Take Medication Properly

» Learn what are the causes of cramps and learn to avoid them

» Learn what are the main risk factors for Alzheimer's evil

» Learn what the risks of the lack of Vitamin D

» Learn what to avoid at lunch on the beach

» Learn what to eat before bed

» Learn what to eat to keep serotonin and mood

» Learn why using your cell phone before bedtime can disrupt your sleep

» Lens color of sunglasses has no relation to eye protection

» Lenses and sunglasses: Learn the necessary care for eye health

» Light or diet: what is the difference?

» Linguinha test in newborns is now mandatory across the country

» Lists of controlled substances updated

» Little sleep makes the body easy prey to flu, study says

» Living with animals helps prevent and treat diseases and disorders of learning

» Make activity 15 minutes a day gives three more years of life, says study

» Malaria medicine is synthesized in large scale

» Mammography is challenged in study

» Marketing to children: issues and considerations

» Mattress and pillow inadequate cause back pain and shoulder

» May 5: World Day of handwashing

» Mealtime is so important to lose weight and counting calories

» Meat, fish, chicken, milk, eggs or soy? You know how to best take advantage of the various types of protein?

» Medical hand in hand with faith in the Casa do Saber GLOBE

» Medication increases risk of infections

» Medications based on sea water must be registered

» Medicinal plants in the right dose

» Medicine against dengue

» Medicine does not match drink

» Meditation is similar to the result of the remedies for anxiety and depression

» Meet ten benefits of apple for health

» Meet the colors are more favorable to sleep and other activities

» Meet the main villains of food allergy

» Meet the nine sites most contaminated house

» Meet the ten biggest myths ( and truths ) about migraine

» Members of Rio approves law banning smoking in public places

» Men resist the temptation to eat more than women, study suggests

» Men with HIV can have been cured after marrow transplantation

» Mens Health gains more attention, Part I

» Mens Health gains more attention-Part II

» Microcephaly cases reach 3,893 and Fiocruz provides 16,000 records this year

» Migraines are not headaches; understand higher risk of stroke and heart attack

» Migraines can cause permanent damage to the brain

» Migraines can cause permanent damage to the brain

» Minister announces R$ 880 million for construction and expansion of PSUs and basic health units

» Ministry of Health adopts new measures to combat tuberculosis

» Ministry of Health announces agreement to reduce sodium in food

» Ministry of Health confirmed 35 cases of microcephaly in a week

» Ministry of Health extending influenza vaccination until May 10

» Ministry of Health firm over a deal to reduce salt in foods

» Ministry of Health launches campaign to encourage regular donation of blood

» Ministry of Health launches exclusive platform for health promotion

» Ministry of Health makes changes in vaccination schedule

» Ministry of Health recommends condom use for preventing hepatitis C

» Ministry of Health shall prepare list of medicinal plants that could be used by SUS

» Mint can combat diseases caused by lack of sanitation

» Missing donors for transplantation of bone

» Mobile and tablet more harm sleep than TV

» Moderate alcohol consumption can also harm the brain.

» Moderate use of social networking is good for mental health, says Australian research

» More than 1 billion adolescents and youth can lose their hearing, WHO warns

» More than 22 million children worldwide do not receive basic vaccinations in 2011, says WHO

» More than 70% of patients treated in hospital in Rio for attempted suicide have mental

» More than half of Brazilians do not brush their teeth properly

» Morning after pill is used incorrectly, shows research in PE

» Most Brazilians know their cholesterol, says study

» Mouth can influence health outcomes of pregnancy, study says

» MP wants ban use of the project in formol of beauty salons is voted once

» MSG is really a villain?

» My son gnaws fingernail. And now?

» Nail Salons not take measures to prevent hepatitis B

» Nap may improve headache and worsen sleep, says study

» National campaign against hypertension will focus on children and adolescents

» National Immunization Program of the Ministry of Health also does not include vaccines against chickenpox, HPV and influenza

» National Vaccination Campaign against Poliomyelitis in 2012 will begin on Saturday

» Natural techniques against headache

» Nearly a third of the world population is obese or overweight

» Need to drink 2 liters of water a day ? Want you to think so

» Needles against a headache

» Neurosurgeon warning about the importance of helmet use

» New antibiotic can be effective against superbacteria

» New bird flu can be resistant to drugs in humans, says study

» New generation of drugs acting in the treatment of psoriasis

» New indication remedy against prostate cancer postpones chemo

» New medicine against serious type of skin cancer is approved in Brazil

» New president of Anvisa want more flexibility and proximity to the citizen

» New rules are in place for sanitizing

» New technology improves the sound quality of cochlear implants

» New test detects antibodies that attack HIV

» New therapy against AIDS test

» New vaccine stimulates the body to treat cocaine as an intruder

» New vaccines in Brazil calendar includes protection for children

» Newborn screening passes to detect two other diseases

» NGO campaign to publicize treatment for cleft lip

» NHS must ensure high-cost medications to patients

» Nine food to let immunity on high

» No chemical additives is no guarantee of healthy eating, research reveals

» No clinical research, phosphoethanolamine can not be considered medication

» No vaccine in dogs causes thousands of deaths from rabies each year, said OIE

» Not all skin disease is ringworm. Understand the Difference

» Notifications of dengue exceed 18 thousand in three states

» November 10: National Day to Prevent and Fight Deafness - How to preserve hearing?

» NSA Technical Note will discuss plans to monitor prices collective enterprise

» NSA wants to expand list of procedures

» Number of cases of cervical cancer may be higher than estimated by the Inca, says expert

» Number of children with tuberculosis can be 25% higher than estimated

» Number of dengue cases increased in seven states

» Number of diabetic adults have quadrupled in 35 years

» Number of records syphilis in babies grows 34% in 2011, says Health Ministry

» Number of smokers falls 13 % in Rio

» Obesity kills more than hunger: WHO's goal of reducing it by 2020

» OCD is common disorder in children

» Of nicotine gum may increase risk of mouth cancer, study suggests

» Omega-3 is not beneficial to memory, says study

» On World Sight Day, Brazil seeks to prevent blindness

» One in three elderly use more than two drugs per day, study finds

» Only 22% of what is sold in school canteens is nutritious

» Only 40% of women with breast cancer can preserve, study says

» Open your eyes without fear to enjoy the sun

» Operator health plan is required to pay for experimental drug against cancer

» Ophthalmologist alert for eye care during the summer

» Orthopedic launch campaign to reduce accidents involving bicycles

» Osteoporosis: fitness, pilates and jogging prevent and treat the disease that affects the bones

» Outbreaks of meningitis vaccination oblige government to set

» Overconsumption of meat and cheese is as bad as smoking

» Overdid it at Easter? Learn how to detoxify and minimize the damage caused by chocolate eggs

» overuse of nasal decongestant can cause arrhythmia, high blood pressure and even stroke

» Overweight women are at greater risk of complicated delivery, says study

» Pacemaker ultra warns of risk of myocardial

» Pack in warning makes 52% of smokers considered quitting

» Packaging of food substances increase the risk of obesity and diabetes

» Pain in the neck

» Pain without correct treatment can turn chronic

» Paracetamol: how to use?

» Paraná eases use of Tamiflu against swine flu

» Paraná yields easing in the use of Tamiflu - Part I

» Paraná yields easing in the use of Tamiflu - Part II

» Parents have a fundamental role in the adoption of healthy habits of children, says expert

» Parents should be alert to prevent child dehydration during summer

» Parents should redouble their childcare on warmer days

» Passive smoking causes irreversible damage to the arteries of children, says study

» Patients with heart problems are unaware of the types of fat that are good for health

» Pay attention to cleaning your cutting board!

» Pediatrician warns: anti-inflammatory drugs are not harmless remedies

» Pediatricians give tips on how to protect children from zika

» Pediatricians give tips on how to protect children from zika

» People are less calm risk of dementia, says study

» Pepsico will have to pay R$ 420 000 per Toddynho with detergent

» Pesticides that affects fetuses and embryos is banned from the Brazilian agricultural market

» Pets are scientifically proven role in the welfare of the owners

» Pharmacies suspends discounts on drugs because of the high dollar

» Physical exercise for elderly reduces trip to the doctor, research indicates

» Physical exercise helps teens quit smoking

» Piercings in the mouth

» Pink October campaign recalls the importance of preventing breast cancer

» Plants that adorn the streets and gardens can cause poisoning

» Plastic bottle carries a health risk for baby

» Plastic bottles have more germs dog bowl

» Playing video games can slow and reverse "mental decay"

» Poisoning of children by drugs: where to store the medicine safely

» Poisoning of children by drugs: where to store the medicine safely

» Poisoning of children by drugs: where to store the medicine safely

» poisonings in children: importance and prevention

» Pollution from cars quadruple risk of death

» Pollution increases risk of developing autoimmune disease

» Poor memory or attention? Learn the differences and see how to improve

» Poor transport can cause health problems

» Popular Pharmacy Wins New Rules to Avoid Fraud

» Population is fat, but market still has not adapted

» Post-market surveillance is a strategy for safer medicines

» Posttraumatic stress disorder is reflected throughout the body, says expert

» Pregnant woman can pass will? The 5 biggest myths of nutrition in pregnancy

» Prevention and care are the greatest weapons against Influenza A (H1N1)

» Prevention and care are the greatest weapons against Influenza A (H1N1)

» Prices of medicines can be adjusted up to 5.83%

» Prices of medicines can drop 11% on average

» Private schools in the country have healthy cafeteria

» Probiotic foods need to be fermented to take effect

» Processed meat consumption increases cancer risk by 18%, says WHO

» Procon is overdue vaccines in clinical in Rio de Janeiro

» Procon prohibited water distribution company in Rio

» Product is suspended by ANVISA for causing damage to health

» Products with GM ingredients should bring this information on the label

» Program sends condoms to young shy

» Project requires blood glucose testing in emergency

» Project to combat allergy conducts free testing throughout the state population

» Promoting healthy eating habits

» Proper diet and care guarantee pike

» Proposal regulates cleaning of 3D glasses in cinema

» Proposal regulates cleaning of 3D glasses in cinemas

» Proposed rule changes to drug labeling

» Proqualis prepares special about the World Day of Hand Hygiene

» Psoriasis and the unfamiliarity

» Psychologists can not practice acupuncture, decides STJ

» Questions and Answers about Yellow Fever

» Quitting smoking fattening, but benefits the heart remain

» Rapid test for HIV should be sold in pharmacies from February

» Rapid test to diagnose new flu arrives in Brazil

» Recurrence of depression

» Red meat consumption may increase risk of Alzheimer's

» Red Stripe: Anvisa summons institutions to integrate workgroup

» Reduce intake of alcohol reduces coronary heart disease

» Reducing red meat decreases mortality, research indicates

» Regular pelvic exam takes 92% chance of curing cancer

» Remedies may be up to 7.70% next month

» Remedy for cholesterol prevents cancer in heart transplant

» Remedy party or ingested with milk has changed effect

» Remedy promises to reduce level of alcohol dependence in 61%

» Remedy up to 55% more account

» Repellent electric racket: see what works in combating Aedes aegypti

» Research aims to create the 'exercise pill'

» Research discovers how to stimulate the production of liver cells

» Research on new drug for cancer treatment receive incentives from the federal government

» Research points out risks of the process of growing tobacco

» Research related to childhood obesity time children remain in front of the TV

» Research reveals that 34.1 % of young Brazilians do not use condoms

» Research shows causes of mental disorders caused by workplace

» Research shows that 44% of men have never been to the urologist

» Research shows that a fifth of people who take HIV in Emilio Ribas gives up the result

» Research shows that grape, soybean prevent hypertension

» Research shows that pregnant feet get bigger forever

» Research: Industrialized shakes burn muscles and not fats

» Researchers develop rapid test to identify dengue

» Researchers develop sunscreen that fights wrinkles and sagging

» Researchers found toxic metals in lipsticks sold in the U.S.

» Researchers from the bird flu transmissible between mammals suspend studies

» Researchers gain control of type 1 diabetes through stem cells

» Researchers gain control of type 1 diabetes through stem cells

» Researchers test drug that can reverse symptoms of autism

» Rio de Janeiro intensifies campaign against smoking

» Rio launches campaign against self-medication

» Rio Municipal Health Department extends vaccination against flu on Tuesday (6)

» Rio will distribute booklet to alert parents about junk food

» RJ: D-Day against dengue will be held on Tuesday

» Rumors of H1N1 vaccine are irresponsible, says Health Ministry

» Salt iodization will change in Brazil

» São Paulo promotes childhood immunization in megacampanha Saturday

» São Paulo will test the little ears in public

» Sauna helps combat flu, say scientists

» Save toothbrushes in collective containers carries health risks

» Science has discovered the benefits of the electronic cigarette

» Scientists begin human trials of HIV vaccine

» Scientists create embryo healthy from three donors

» Scientists create technique for detecting Alzheimer before symptoms

» Scientists develop "bionic eye" to cure blindness

» Scientists develop new male contraceptive

» Scientists find unexpected link between autism and cancer

» Scientists get first evidence that alcohol increases risk of cancer

» Search denies that marijuana has benefits against multiple sclerosis

» Search Tips supposed protective role of nicotine against Alzheimer

» See 5 focuses of the Aedes aegypti you do not know, but can avoid

» Senacon guides consumers on choosing and using repellents

» Senate approves end of the check-deposit requirement for medical

» Senate committee drops veto appetite suppressants

» Seniors who spend too much time watching TV lose muscle strength

» Serious reaction by the use of contrast occurs in 0.01% of cases, says doctor

» Shops must offer places for hand hygiene in MS

» Since 2009, Brazil is the largest consumer of the world's pesticides

» Six facts about HIV, AIDS and STIs

» Six habits that can ruin your teeth

» Six million Brazilian women have endometriosis but did not know the problem

» Six tips to combat prostate problems

» Six ways to live longer

» Skipping breakfast can increase the risk of heart disease

» Sleep apnea during pregnancy can harm the health of mother and baby, says expert

» Sleep deprivation may cause phagocytosis of brain cells, says Italian research

» SLEEP: Research shows how poor sleep impairs the relationship of a couple

» Sleeping too little - or a lot - increases the chance of developing heart disease, obesity and diabetes

» Smoke from diesel engines is carcinogenic, says WHO

» Smokefree law is in force in Sao Paulo since midnight

» Smoke-free policies do not reach those living in poverty

» Smokers die ten years earlier than the rest of the population

» Smoking is linked to 80% of cancers of the lung and larynx in Brazil

» Smoking is the cause of 95% of cases of oral cancer

» Smoking policy avoids 7.5 million deaths in 41 countries in three years

» Smoking, physical inactivity and alcohol increase the risk of stroke

» Snoring can cause more heart attacks than smoking or obesity

» Soaps intimate female: their use requires care, says expert

» Society analgesic

» Sodium excess risk: Learn which foods you should avoid

» Soft drink with less sugar is healthier?

» Soft drinks increase risk of depression

» Solar filter prevents the production of vitamin D, but no worries

» Sore throat may be just a sign of more serious disease in the region

» Soups warm, nourish and even help with weight loss

» SP: AIDS cases among young people increased 21.5% in seven years

» Special diet helps the recovery of patients with cancer

» Spending too much time on the internet can bring health risks, see tips

» Starts selling in Brazil biologic drug against lupus

» State Institute reference brain is stroke

» Stem cells are altered if stored for long

» STF decide this is the fourth Viagra could be distributed free

» Stop eating carbs at night does not help you lose weight, says doctor

» Strabismus untreated can cause irreversible vision loss

» Strengthening primary health care can reduce TB cases

» Stress in adolescence increases risk of mental disorder in adulthood

» Stressful jobs can leave women unlucky in love

» Stroke is the leading cause of death in the country, says Health Ministry

» Students return to school after an outbreak of hepatitis A in schools of Rio de Janeiro

» Study analyzes chemotherapy resistance

» Study dismounts thesis that high good cholesterol protects heart

» Study links asthma and allergies to ADHD

» Study links soda, cookies and snacks to bowel cancer

» Study reveals teen peer pressure to start drinking

» Study shows contamination in hotels villains. TV Controls lead the list

» Study shows how sleep little fattening

» Study shows that pollution reduces male fertility

» Study warns of contamination in the use of biometrics and risk groups

» Sugar is the most dangerous drug of our time, says expert

» Summer increases risk of candidiasis, know and understand the reasons

» Summer, mosquitoes and insecticides: this combination requires care

» Sunbathe ends with insomnia and may even prevent cancer

» Sunscreen: Choose the correct protection factor!

» Sunscreen: Dermatologists charge price drop of the product determined by law

» Supplement of vitamins can hamper the beneficial effects of exercise

» Supplementation with folic acid is mandatory before and during pregnancy, says expert

» Supplements of vitamins may even do harm, studies show

» Survey Reveals poor distribution of doctors in the country

» Survey: 54 % of teenagers use condoms always

» Survey: 80 % of people with glaucoma seek treatment after suffering irreversible damage

» SUS expands to offer treatments to quit smoking

» SUS incorporates four remedies for treatment of hepatitis C

» SUS low for 16 years minimum age for bariatric surgery

» SUS reduces from 21 to 18 years the minimum age for sex change surgery

» SUS units may have a maximum of 30 days for service

» SUS users will have access to medical genetics

» SUS will distribute two new drugs against hepatitis C

» SUS will have to start cancer treatment 60 days after diagnosis, according to project

» SUS will open 50 beds in private practice to vent the state hospital in western Rio

» Suspended lots of medication for heart attack and stroke

» Sweetener is bad: understand why it can be your diet villain

» Sweets and drinks diets harm your teeth as much as the products with sugar

» Swine flu - see the tips of the WHO

» Swine flu immunization next month

» Tai chi chuan is hope as therapy for stroke

» Take care of your body during the hot days

» Taking medicine for nothing? Care, can be very dangerous!

» Tamiflu: the risks of the medication against H1N1 without

» Team of scientists discover new molecules to treat cancer

» Temperature changes affect the health of children

» Temporão says that Brazil is prepared to fight swine flu

» Ten indispensable food for children

» Test of little eyes can avoid 80% of blindness

» Text messaging on cell help to quit smoking, says study

» The dangerous chemical cocktail that live in the dust of your home

» The five worst foods for your health

» The flu symptoms are stronger and fever of 38.5 degrees can pass

» The health risks of domestic cosmetics

» The higher fat intake, increased drowsiness during the day, the study concludes

» The importance of linguinha test for breastfeeding

» The importance of preventive screening

» The patient may take more than one medicine at the same time?

» The public hospitals will be breast-reduction surgery

» The risk of doubt

» The Secrets of Longevity: See Tips to Keep the Brain Young and Healthy

» The sponge also deserves a cleaning

» The ten most common mistakes when it comes to oral health

» The ten most contaminated places in the house

» The villains of the child table

» There is no difference between diets high or low in fat

» There is no medicine to circumvent Prohibition

» Thinness in excess surprise consumers

» Three asthma medications will be distributed free

» Three in ten babies under two years taking soft drinks, says IBGE

» Three months after warning about benzene in soft drinks factory's formulas

» Tinnitus affects 278 million people, but curable

» Tips to make your home really clean

» Tobacco is the second cause of death worldwide, says WHO

» Tomato consumption is linked to lower risk of stroke, says expert

» Toothbrush: what you should know when buying your

» Toys with lead bring serious risk to the health of children

» Traffic safety is no joke: use the potty

» Training improves the hearing of elderly

» Transmitted by the same mosquito of dengue, Chikungunya scares the country in 2014

» Transparency and ethics in debate by the health sector

» Travelers should be very careful

» Two out of every three seniors have vitamin D deficiency, study reveals

» Two-thirds of women did not bind HPV to cancer, says study

» Understand the dangers of artificial sweeteners

» Understand the difference between zika, dengue and chikungunya

» Understand the risks of the dye used in food

» Understand what are the stones formation causes gallbladder

» University hospitals begin campaign for cataract surgeries

» Use hand dryer in the bathroom? Beware, it transmits to the H1N1

» Use of lens and glasses prescription required

» Use of spices in place of salt makes healthier meals

» Use of various medications requires more care

» Use of vitamins do not help prevent prostate cancer, studies show

» Using the air conditioning and air conditioners in winter

» Vaccination against polio will be in September

» Vaccination campaign against influenza is extended until June 1

» Vaccination campaign against influenza will be between 15 and 26 April.

» Vaccination campaign against polio should continue in states that did not meet goal

» Vaccination campaign against polio should continue in states that did not meet goal

» Vaccine prevents Alzheimer's

» Vaccine reduces by 85% the number of cases of hemorrhagic dengue

» Varicella or Chickenpox: attention to symptoms!

» Vegetable consumption and physical inactivity among Brazilians rise, study says

» Vegetarians have healthier hearts: study

» Viagra can help combat obesity

» Viagra is ineffective for treating heart failure, study says

» Victims of rare diseases live with the lack of specialists and the high cost of treatment

» Vitamin B-like substance reduces the risk of schizophrenia

» Vitamin D can prevent cancer deaths and cardiovascular diseases

» Vitamin E accelerates recovery ex-smoker

» Vitamins are hope to protect the eyes, says study

» vivavoz warning about the dangers of drugs

» Volume is heavy for headphones; learn to use safely

» Volunteers to test dengue vaccine begins to be recruited

» Walking an hour a day reduces risk of breast cancer

» Warning to parents: difficulty reading and writing can be dyslexia

» Watch out when buying your glasses

» Watch TV before bedtime reduces sleep quality of children

» Watches are made ​​aware of the reprocessing company

» Waxing increases risk of infection

» Weakness may be a sign of anemia, hormonal problems and depression

» What do you know about osteoporosis?

» What happens to the body when you stop drinking water?

» What is known and what remains to know about the relationship between zika viruses and microcephaly

» What is social jet lag and how can it affect your health

» What is the best sunscreen to wear in summer?

» What is the maximum time we can go without taking a shower? Doctors respond

» What is the role of Vitamin D in our body?

» What preventive exams really worth doing?

» What to do when poisoning occurs with the child?

» What to eat (and what to avoid) to sleep well

» When I know that the time to replace the dish sponge?

» When the child can already swallow pills?

» WHO blames advertising for the increase in childhood obesity

» WHO fight against glamorization of smoking in the movies

» Who fly the stove? To health, it is important

» Who has sex regularly seems to be younger, says expert

» WHO recommends daily exercise for the population over 18 years

» WHO says that just one dose yellow fever

» WHO warns that more resources are needed to combat malaria

» Why is it so irresistible to eat a sweet after lunch?

» Wide variations in temperature are triggers for respiratory diseases in children

» With 1.4 million cases in Brazil, dengue hits record

» With low inventory, summon mothers milk banks for donations

» With school started, nutritionist gives tips for healthy snacks in schools

» With simple actions, pregnant women can decrease discomfort at bedtime

» Without appropriate legislation, Brazil is vulnerable to epidemics, says researcher

» Without complications, most patients overcomes flu

» Without exaggeration, alcoholic drinks offer nutrients and help prevent diseases

» Women and entities in defense of humanized childbirth promote walking in Rio

» Women are more sensitive to drugs than men

» Women need more sleep to maintain good humor

» Women who breastfeed have less risk of spills

» Women who stop smoking before age 30 get 10 more years of life, research reveals

» Women with migraine suffer more than men, says study

» Women with silicone implants and brands PIP Rofil can go to court, says consultant

» World Health Day - time to make a difference now

» World Health Day 2016

» World No Tobacco Day: Government is concerned with tobacco growers

» Wrong use of smartphone causes neck pain; See how to avoid

» Xerostomia: understand what is behind the 'dry mouth'

» Years after heart attack should not be interrupted

» You freeze food? Does it make the right manner?

» You know how to choose your toothbrush?

» You know what they are and what they are antibiotics?

» You may be thawing your food the wrong way long ago

» Your child can not drink milk? See what's allergy and food intolerance

» Zika is a global public health emergency

» Zika tests will be mandatory for health plans starting this week

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