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» 11 errors which facilitate the cloning of the card on the Internet

» 3G network will only reach the whole country in 2019

» 40% of Internet users do not read terms of use when installing applications

» 4G Auction: Renew yourself concerns over regulatory issues in telecommunications

» 5 products that consumers receive by mistake

» 5 tips to keep your security on social networks

» 6 ways to check the internet if you find the lowest price

» 6 ways to check the internet if you find the lowest price

» 70% of Brazilians want to change broadband provider

» Adoption of civil rights milestone is historic for the internet, says Idec

» Agreement in the Senate drops restrictions on the Internet in elections

» Airports can be without 4G for Confederations Cup

» Alert: Fake email about Enem can steal Internet data

» All About All: website sells personal data and displays up to address on the map

» All the Web: Income Tax takes Brazilian Internet

» All the while now the network

» Anatel approves allocation of frequency used by TV stations for internet 4G

» Anatel now fixed fines of up to R$ 10 million a limit in franchise fixed broadband

» Anatel prevents reduction or broadband court without prior notice

» Anatel promises to end undue interruption of internet in 15 days

» Anatel publishes results of measurements of broadband

» Anatel will use 12 thousand users to assess quality of internet

» Aneel approves access to the Internet through the grid

» Another shop applies blow to consumers all over Brazil

» Another! WhatsApp hit has already affected 1.5 million people

» Anyone who spends time on the web is more productive, study says

» Application "lembrador" helps save money

» Application warns user about winning documents and accounts

» Apps help consumers make more balanced choices and save natural resources

» Apps of the week: eye in children

» Apps of the week: Image Manipulation

» Avoid performing such actions that are not secure on the internet -

» bank account on the Internet: safe care is fundamental

» Bill creates rules for sales sites online

» Bitcoin virtual currency has been gaining ground in the Brazilian trade

» Blocking mobile internet

» Blow by WhatsApp gives false voucher of R $ 500 in fast food network

» Blow on Facebook is 10 000 victims baixarem virus in two days

» Born the National Agency Self-Regulation of Internet

» Brazil already has 30 million Internet multi-screens, says Google

» Brazil climbs six positions in world ranking of connection speed

» Brazil closes the month of July with 78.8 million accesses the internet, says Telebrasil

» Brazil has 1 new broadband access per second, informs Telebrasil

» Brazil is above average in online shopping via smartphones, survey shows

» Brazil spends on average R$ 781 in electronic shopping over the Internet

» Brazilian users are using more mobile devices to watch videos

» Broadband in Brazil is the 2nd most expensive among 15 countries, says survey

» Broadband public can get in three capital

» Care internet loans

» Care to be taken when buying in e-commerce

» Care When using public Wi-Fi

» Care When using public Wi-Fi

» Cat on the internet can generate a fine of up to R$ 10,000, according to Anatel

» Cautions when using public Wi-Fi

» Check out 5 tips for buying products on the internet safely

» Check out the most common scams at the end of the year and escape them

» Check what are the seven sins committed under the label of academies

» Children in the water: all care is just

» Civil Marco Internet

» Civil Marco Internet and Personal Data Protection will the public debate

» Claro, Embratel and Net launches Wi-Fi network in 9 cities in the country

» CNI survey indicates that 74% of Brazilians have never bought the Internet

» collective internet shopping

» Commission approves assistance via the Internet by Procon

» Commission criminalizes disclosure on the Internet of user financial information

» Computers: Learn how to make the most without spending much money

» Consulting the CPF can be made online

» Consumer can register complaints over the internet

» Consumer expects integration between online and offline channels

» Consumer opinion carries more weight with the internet

» Consumer should be careful when taking credit for the web or at ATMs

» Consumer: know what your rights are in online consumption

» Consumer: know what your rights are in the online consumption

» Consumers need to be vigilant to ensure rights in fixed broadband plans

» Consumers receive bricks in place of purchases made over the Internet

» Consumers should be aware of Social Security fraud, which increased 30% this year

» Country already has over 20 million hits on 4G

» Criminals use SMS to steal data from those who access the bank by phone

» Current broadband model will be maintained and Anatel avoids changes

» Customers can open and close current account online, decide CMN

» Cybercafes and lan houses will be required to register users

» Data franchise in fixed Internet: see questions and answers

» Delay and non-delivery are champions of complaints in online shopping

» Did you know that 13% of homes online in Brazil use the internet neighbor

» Does it make sense to pay for what you consume on the fixed internet?

» E-commerce must provide CNPJ, phone and physical address

» Ecommerce still requires patience and time customer

» Eight states receive quality meter fixed broadband

» Election reform is passed in the House, see what changes

» Electronic commerce is an alternative for businesses of small entrepreneurs

» E-Mail: new scenario calls for unification of services

» Encryption in WhatsApp: understand what changes to the consumer

» Exchange of experience on the Internet is influential at the time of purchase, survey shows

» False Facebook page tries to trick the Brazil Bank customers

» FCC warns of fake application ninth digit

» Febraban recommends attention with emails of unknown

» Febraban warns of scams end of year

» Federal Police will create a database of DNA to fight crime

» Fiocruz researchers launch quality label for health sites

» Five apps to help you in control of the budget

» Five things you should always try to buy online

» Five tips to buy tickets on websites and ensure the fun

» Fraud in online grow 14 347% in ten years. Learn how to prevent

» Free training in information technology

» Get tips for purchasing products in online stores safely

» Get tips to surf the Internet safely

» Goodbye to the book until the end of this semester

» Google: Brazilian Internet should continue to grow above the world

» Government launches new public consultation on rules for the internet in the country

» Government of Brazil distributes books to schools tackle the bullying

» Government wants to relieve 3G Modem to expand Internet access

» Government will use software against hate crimes on the Internet

» Growing number of Brazilians connected to the internet at high speed

» Growth Turbine cloud unwanted messages

» Guide with tips for writing Enem is already on the internet

» Here's how to identify whether a website is reliable to buy

» Here's how to prevent fraud in online shopping

» High demand in order to increase year wait for purchases made on the Internet

» House approves ban on fixed broadband limit

» How to avoid pitfalls when buying over the Internet

» How to get rid of the bloatware on your PC and smartphone

» How to protect profiles on social networks from intruders and hackers

» IBOPE: 62.3 million Brazilians with internet access.

» Idec notifies course about possible data traffic discrimination Pokémon GO

» In a year, mobile broadband grew 110.4%, according to research

» In April, more than 86% of people who bought the network were satisfied

» In e-commerce sales grow 29% in 2012, moving R$ 24 billion

» In less than a week, price of white fell to 12.5% in web

» Insecurity prevents low-income consumers to buy the Internet

» Internet access network data remains the dominant problem of operators

» Internet relationships improved from 82% of Brazilians

» Internet shopping is no longer just the usual young

» Internet: attacks aimed at banking take place from phishing

» Is it safe to buy food online? Get tips

» It was no internet signal? It is your right to be reimbursed by the time offline

» Kassab goes back and says there will be no changes to the broadband model

» Lack internet in schools, but children in Brazil leading access via mobile devices

» Last days to do some Christmas shopping online and receiving the gift in time

» Law of e- commerce: after two months, there are still violations

» Learn how to measure the speed of your mobile's Internet

» Learn how to recognize a fake phone for sale on the web

» Learn how to recognize a fake smartphone for sale on the web

» Learn how to spend less fuel leveraging technology to your Cell

» Learn to fight spam that arrives via SMS

» Made purchases of smartphones grow 25% in a year

» malicious websites selling fake tickets for the Olympic Games in Rio

» Meet 25 applications that help consumers save

» Microentrepreneurs indicate 10 applications to improve the work routine

» Microsoft will retire Windows Live Messenger, says site

» Ministry of Justice is aware of e-commerce

» Ministry of Justice recommends that recalls being disclosed on social networks

» Misuse of money and purchase card fraud are the main suffered the web

» Mobile and tablet are only means of access 11.5% of homes, says IBGE

» Mobile App lets you choose numbers and play the lottery by phone

» Mobile becomes the primary means of Internet access in Brazil

» Mobile broadband is growing 30 % per year, but digital divide persists

» Mobile is fashionable also to save money, research shows

» Mobile is new ally card industry

» Mobile is the primary means of Internet access in Brazil, IBGE shows

» Mobile marketing and consumer privacy

» Mobility redefines shopping habits in Brazil and in the world

» Movies from the Internet R$ 0.50

» NET client is the victim of false billet coup attempt

» NET is the new leader in residential broadband in Brazil

» New campaign of Akatu combat the waste of food

» New rules make e-commerce safer

» New safety booklet for web includes cellular

» Note 13 tips to protect your passwords

» Oi expands offering broadband internet with popular prices

» On the beach, is always an eye on children

» Operators are prohibited from blocking mobile internet in Sergipe

» Operators change rule and block internet over use on mobile

» Operators should advertise only the speed of the internet that can deliver, says Procon-SP

» Operators will cut internet access when client franchise end

» Over 50 million Brazilians access the Internet from home or work

» Paying for parking by mobile shopping is already possible in São Paulo

» PC sales in 2nd quarter grows 29%

» Plan broadband internet is progressing slowly

» Post Office warns of fake email delivery charges, which may contain viruses

» Prices of products in e-commerce are 7.67% cheaper in 12 months

» Procon Carioca launches application for complaints

» Procon São Caetano guides on online shopping

» Procon-MG warns about fake shopping sites

» Procon-RJ launches mobile app for claims record

» Procon-SP: List of sites that should be avoided reaches 500 mark suppliers

» Project extends the database of pedophiles throughout the country

» Project prohibits fixed broadband traffic limit

» Proposed changes ICMS rules for internet sales

» Retail adopts payment with use of tablet in stores

» Rio had the highest rate of attempted fraud in online commerce in the Southeast in 2013

» Rio is the state's best-selling semi-new and used on the Internet

» Rio Olympics increases the risk of stroke by internet

» Safe Online: the convenience that can turn a headache

» São Paulo, Pará and Federal District create Internet free of VAT

» Saving is the main motivator of online shopping in Brazil, says research

» See how much navigate the phone

» See who visited your profile: Famous blow comes to WhatsApp

» Senacon warning consumers about a security breach on the internet ( the Heartbleed )

» Senate approves regulation of e-commerce

» Seven care when purchasing medicines over the Internet

» Seven reasons why you lose the fear of buying on the Internet

» Shopping online is affected by lack of security, not by crisis

» Shopping online should grow by 25% and exceed U.S. $ 10 billion

» Shopping payment via smartphone arrives in Brazil

» Signal failure causes users does not move during calls

» Simple measures help save the preparation

» Six tips for buying foreign sites safely

» Solange Amaral: For more about the e-commerce

» STF ministers close hearings and WhatsApp case follows for decision

» Students can no longer enter phone in school RS

» Success on purchases: price requirement, know ponder

» Success: Know the rules before online

» Summer has increased surveillance for boats

» Telecommunications industry will receive more resources to improving the internet

» Teles longer intend to circumvent network neutrality

» The Brazilian consumer is not super, is hyper

» The Internet in the classroom - Part I

» The Internet in the classroom - Part II

» The precautions to be observed in online shopping

» Three strategies that online stores use for you to buy

» Tips on using social media when it comes to complain about a product or service

» Tips to buy online without error

» Tips to save time shopping online

» Tips to stay safe when shopping by phone

» Use of residential broadband has grown 24% a year

» Users still do not feel safe to make payments through the Internet

» virtual scam pretends to be WhatsApp to steal credit card data

» Website helps consumers file complaints against companies on the Internet

» WhatsApp crashes on some phones from June

» Others clippings

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