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» 1% of the population is on track to have more than half the world's wealth, says study

» 10 consumer trends for 2015

» 10 reasons why you should not put your car on the road

» 10 tips on how to reduce food waste

» 2016 IR rules should leave only after carnival, says IRS

» 35% of Brazilians expect prosperity in 2015, says Ibope

» 4 tips to extend the life of your notebook

» 4 tips to save on printing time

» 44% of Brazilians see proper care as synonymous with respect for the consumer

» 5 questions and answers you need to know about food stamps

» 5 tips for choosing the ideal TV for your home

» 5 tips on how to talk about money with a child

» 5 Tips to become a conscious consumer

» 5 tips to increase your phone's battery life

» 5 tips to increase your phone's battery life

» 5 tips to see that their children do not leave your wallet in red

» 6 new rules that can affect your life in 2015

» 6 new rules that can affect your life in 2015

» 7 tips for heating your home this cold

» 8 tips to detach materials and save goods

» 8 ways to give good gifts without hurting your pocket

» 80% of Brazilians do not want lower taxes; understand

» 81% of Brazilians believe that brands are not honest

» 83% of teens spend all your money in the short term, says survey

» 9 tips to store food properly in the fridge

» A day without meat makes a difference

» Access to information: ANVISA is more transparent

» Accessibility is a challenge for people with disabilities across the country

» Accessories for cars are the most purchased products on the Internet

» Admissions Enem reach a record 9.5 million, up 21.8 %

» Advertising on mobile phones will grow 70 % in coming years

» Aging requires changes in products

» Alana Institute promotes Week Without Screens

» Aligning education and health strategy is Curitiba against illiteracy

» All Brazilian channels of cable TV will have national production by 2013

» Allowance : ask questions about this tool for financial education

» Allowance also teaches parents to deal with money

» Almost a month of the start of the term, see 7 Tips for IR 2013

» American universities offer more than one hundred free online courses

» Anatel change regulation on operators codes

» Anatel will consult the population on fixed broadband franchise accession

» Ancine postpones deadline for quota Brazilian channels on Pay TV

» ANEEL fine the CHESF for delay in transmission

» Aneel approves bid auction of transmission lines

» Anvisa prohibits marketing of liquid alcohol with more than 54 º GL

» ANVISA provides clarification on the complaint area Toxicology

» Anvisa repealing Resolution on changes in cigarette packaging

» Application calculates how much save up for retirement, for you to live well

» Application shows how much you pay tax on your purchases

» Approved greater punishment for those who deny emergency medical

» Around 70 thousand pirated CDs and DVDs are seized in the center of Curitiba

» Assists offer funeral plans from R$ 0.99 per month

» Attention to picaretagem: consumers must be firm in defending their rights

» Audit shows flaws in teacher

» Autism Day: bill provides early diagnosis at daycare

» Average monthly spending with pet may vary almost 2,000%

» Bankruptcy filings rise in the second half, points Serasa Experian

» Banks have different opening hours at the end of the year

» BC campaigns against false ballot

» BH Chamber approves PL proposes delivery of goods by appointment

» Bill wants to unify the country dates back to the vestibular

» Black youth are at greater risk of dying than white

» Book shows that means of production in the country belong to 6% of the population

» Brazil has 1 new broadband access per second, informs Telebrasil

» Brazil has nearly 13 million illiterate; figure dropped only 1% in three years, according to research

» Brazil is among the biggest beer drinkers in the world, see the ranking

» Brazil is the 5th most expensive Big Mac in the world, according to American magazine

» Brazil is the country where fastest growing consumer of beauty products

» Brazil will host in 2013 international meeting on child labor

» Brazilian barrier to toys is attacked

» Brazilian takes to think about saving for retirement

» Brazilians abroad can prove to teaching certification

» Brazilians are spending more on the Cup, says research

» Brazilians have paid R$ 200 billion in taxes in 2013

» Brazilians have paid R$ 300 billion in taxes in 2013

» Brazilians have saved 7.4 billion coins

» Brazilians living abroad will have permanent channel with the federal government

» Brazilians living in Argentina may receive retirement in pesos

» Brazilians prefer telecommunications services separately

» Breach of confidentiality of data provided by law shall be investigated

» Breaking the taboo: the importance of talking about money

» Bunkers are an alternative to courseware

» Bus SP can earn payment system via mobile

» C class youth have higher education, internet connection and are less conservative

» Cade approves sale of phone company Vivo towers to American Tower

» CAIXA launches call for selection of development projects and citizenship

» Camera tries to undo requirement simulators in driving schools

» Camex approves reduction of import duty for new products

» Can I deduct English class in IR? See answers to these and other questions

» Cards Enem 2012 are now available on the internet

» Cargo theft is not the responsibility of ECT

» CCJ Senate approves bill to reserve 50% of places in universities for students from public

» Chamber extinguished penalty of 10% of the FGTS in unfair dismissal

» Changes in the rules of FGTS have yet to be reflected in the Senate, says Levy

» Check out the factors that force the present statement IR

» Check out tips on how to save energy with electric shower

» Check when it is advantageous to ask the new retirement

» Checkmate in the classroom

» Children and condos: what is the limit of one and the other?

» Children need to talk about money

» Children victims of abuse have a higher risk of adult obesity

» Children's advertising Idec warning about merchandising made by children on Youtube

» Childrens Day average spending in the malls should be up to R$ 100

» Children's Day: INMETRO gives tips on child safety

» Choosing the baby's crib? Learn how

» Christmas calls for care with electrical installations

» Christmas gifts will be for the last time

» Christmas tree without danger

» Civil society considers withdrawing support for the Civil Rights Framework Internet

» Claro and Vivo buy the two main plots of the fourth generation of mobile phones

» Claro, Oi, TIM and Vivo sell 4G internet from April 2013

» CNDE seeks increased access of children to daycare centers and preschools

» CNJ releases gay marriage registries

» Colleges violate ordinance that requires prices of courses

» Commission approves create unique wagon for women in SP

» Commission approves preferred seating in shopping malls

» Commission approves the installation of anti-skid strips on stairs and ramps

» Commission meeting that will regulate orthothanasia

» Company will pay moral damages to the victim of toxic waste dumped in the open

» Consortium of plastic surgery began to be sold

» Consumer can consult CPF free on the Internet

» Contests: how to find their place in the public sector

» Convened the first call Sisutec have until today to file

» Coordinator presents text on division of royalties

» Country closes May with 275.45 million mobile phones. In Pernambuco are 12.6 million

» Course for Pregnant Women, is it worth investing?

» Court decides in favor of Nextel, which returns to sell phones to individuals

» Creches hi-tech proliferate in Rio and can cost over R$ 2000 per month

» Customer will have to indemnify supermarket cashier after offend her in discussion

» Damage by flooding may be the state's responsibility

» Deadline for contributing citizens with government transparency plan is extended until 05/12

» Deadline for sending the IR statement ending on 30

» Deadline for submission of ITR ended, but the taxpayer must file declarations

» Deadline for submission of the statement IR 2016 starts on March 1

» Declaring savings in income tax in 2016

» Delivered the IR? See if dropped in the fine mesh and how to correct errors

» Desaposentação: Justice can vote exchange benefit on Wednesday

» Did not negotiate? Justice is the output

» Dilma announces increase in funds for agriculture business and family

» Dilma can sanction law that legalizes abortion

» Dilma sanctions law regulating retirement disabled person

» Dilma vetoes bill that reduced domestic contribution to the INSS

» discharge receipt should be issued until the end of the month

» Disclosure of Ideb at the entrance of the school divides opinions

» Disconnect the plug electronics

» Discover how to preserve the tissues and make your clothes last longer

» Dogs and cats have passport for domestic and international travel

» Donate organs is to continue contributing to society after death, says doctor José Osmar Medina Pestana

» Driver's license will change from July 2015

» Drivers will receive letters warning the expiration of CNH

» Eight tips on deadlines for saving documents

» Electricity bill: relisting of low income until the 30th

» Electronics need ventilation

» Enem 2012: Learn how to succeed in writing

» Enem 2013: DPU wants candidate may appeal the proof writing

» Enem 2013: MEC 50% increase in number of brokers writing

» Enem 2013: understand the new rules of writing correction

» Enem 2014 results will be announced next Tuesday

» Enem may become mandatory for high school students

» ENEM note comes out on Friday, 8th, and enrollment in the Sisu opens on Monday

» Ensure safe return of expenditure on celebration of marriage

» Establishment prohibit breastfeeding will be fined in Rio

» Even with the exemption for PCs, with the Law of Good, grew revenues 70%

» Exchange benefit can be linked to other proposals

» Exemption for broadband is published in the Government

» Expense school is full deduction

» Expenses newspapers and magazines accounted for 52.3% of the total spent on reading

» Explosion and fire cases in electric skateboard are increasingly common

» Fall in fine mesh? See what you do to get out of the mouth of the lion

» False rumor about Bolsa Família beneficiaries leads to sacarem R$ 152 million in a weekend

» Featured in ProUni must certify this information until Friday

» Federal and private schools must go to court against quotas in universities

» Federal courts in RS suspends Sisu; MEC says it will appeal

» Federal Universities of Rio hold strike and graduate does not begin in the second half

» Fierce war between smokers and nonsmokers

» Fies extends MEC to master's, doctoral and technical degrees

» Financial condition is a requirement to start relationship

» Find out how long to keep documents

» Fiocruz and public and private entities promoted social and cultural action in violent region of Rio de Janeiro

» Firefighters guidance on use of fireworks

» Five Tips to Avoid Domestic Fires

» Food became more expensive by 1.4% in September, says FAO

» Food production must increase 70% by 2050

» Food, all right

» For Brazilians, smartphone and tablet improve the quality of life

» Free wireless connection in educational institutions arrives in Brazil

» From left: adapted utensils make life easier for lefties

» Future doctors should work SUS to receive diploma

» Gambiarras: abundance creates new needs for consumer goods

» Gas hose house that exploded was overdue for more than 10 years

» Gay couple gets earful after 'peck' in the restaurant and will be compensated at R$ 20,000

» Gay couples win right to use IVF

» Gilberto Braga: Christmas crisis and creativity

» Government and mobile operators start testing the free Internet by 0800

» Government bans prize draw on social networks without authorization

» Government increases by 21 % the number of vacancies for Sisutec

» Government launches program that promotes the entry of people with disabilities in the labor market

» Government postpones vote on new rules of retirement

» Government wants to promote the blackout of analog TV in over a thousand cities until 2016 to release the 700 MHz band to mobile

» Grants will be adjusted in post 10% from July

» Guide: Ask questions about the 4G technology

» Guidelines for anyone thinking of doing an exchange

» Half price: the prices blamed for shows and events?

» Half-price new law has from Tuesday

» Happy marriages more fattening, U.S. research suggests

» Have you tried to relieve himself in M.A.N.J.A?

» He suffered fraud, theft, kidnapping? The bank has to pay the damage on the card?

» Here's how to find your Android in case of loss or theft

» Hi and Portugal Telecom advance in fusion

» Higher education schools ask MEC review changes in Fies

» Holders of the National Consumer and Cade took possession

» House approves deadline for primary education teachers completing graduate

» House approves lower age for withdrawal of PIS / Pasep for 60 years

» House approves proposal to reverse the debt private colleges in scholarships

» House approves rules for water conservation in public buildings

» How and when to start teaching financial education to their children

» How to avoid accidents on the playground

» How to give pocket money to their children and teach children how to handle money

» Hyundai will sponsor scholarships Science without Frontiers

» Idec launches website on urban mobility

» ILO: Bolsa Família contributes to reducing child labor

» Imports are up to 10% cheaper

» Improvement of education contributes to a decrease in informal work

» Impunity challenges combating violence against women in Brazil

» In each age group, which children and young people should know about money?

» In the World Cup, the stadium is that fans should watch the advertising rules of FIFA

» Inclusion of the 9th digit cost R$ 300 million for operators, says FCC

» Income Tax: see if you are in the third batch of refund

» Income transfer program strengthens women's citizenship

» Inep discloses school grades assessed in Enem 2013

» Inep questionnaire will apply to candidates absent in Enem

» Inequality falls 9% in the country in ten years, says IBGE

» Inmetro opens registration for handbags Pronametro until 01/12

» INSS deposits on Thursday last batch of review by the ceiling to 29 thousand insured

» INSS medical expertise rule changes for disability benefits

» INSS retirees and pensioners will receive readjustment to extract from Tuesday

» International Condom Day is celebrated today

» Into force 18 years ago, Traffic Code does not contemplate smartphones and applications

» IR term ends in a week; look at 10 items that can be deducted

» IRS publishes standard on relief

» It is difficult to pay the bills? Analyze your spending to save without suffering

» Justice free IR serious disease carrier

» Justice's decision to divide opinion owners

» Keeping up is as important as studying

» Know 5 tips to sell your used at the best price

» Lamps that last up to 20 years are already reality

» Last batch of the income tax refund will be paid later this month

» Law prohibits exhibition and sale of animals in shop windows and cages

» Law punishes establishment prohibit mother breastfeeding her child in SP

» Learn how the swine flu outbreak could affect the sectors of the economy

» Learn how to increase the limit of your credit card

» Learn how to innovate to celebrate the Day of Sex

» Learn how to prepare yourself for the tests of vestibular

» Learn how to save time to choose the wedding invitation

» Learn simple ways to solve technological problems - Part I

» Learn simple ways to solve technological problems - Part II

» Learn what to do with the advance of the 13th, which will be released next month by the INSS

» Leave rules for declaration of income tax in 2014

» Lecture In Sao Paulo Compulsory Certification Details To School Items

» Leisure is 1 item budget cut consumer in times of crisis

» Lenovo purchased CCE to be a leader in the Brazilian PC in three years

» Lifetime greater demands new policies for old age

» List of most ethical companies in the world have two Brazilian

» Live TV is released in the bus from Sao Paulo

» Lula threat import computers for schools

» Luxury Market Growth in Brazil

» Manifestations caused losses of up to 50 % of sales in trade

» Marco Civil Internet: Molon transfers power to regulate net neutrality for president

» MEC alters rules for redistribution of unfilled vacancies of FIES

» MEC and ONG signed an agreement to send students to top universities

» MEC announces first cutoff scores Sisu

» MEC announces new list of courses with higher rated bad

» MEC announces result of Sisu 2016. Check

» MEC awaiting replenishment plan for classes missed during the strike

» MEC discusses evaluation for medical residencies

» MEC extending enrollment of students approved in the second call Sisu

» MEC held blitz against abusive adjustment at colleges participating in the Fies

» MEC launches video classes platform for Enem 2016

» MEC opens registration for the first edition of ProUni 2014

» MEC rules changes ProUni and Fies

» MEC wants "pact" with states to improve school

» MEC will develop a common curriculum for basic schools in Brazil

» MEC will have R$ 80 million to finance programs and projects related to university

» Meet seven myths and truths about soft drinks

» Meet some benefits to those who donate blood

» Meet the educational game "Health Surveillance in Mass Events"

» MEPs call for end of basic telephone subscription

» Mercadante promises to present plan to overhaul school in April

» Micro and small business owners have three more days to order differential tax regime

» Microsoft is not responsible for the content of emails sent by its users

» Ministry will trigger the sending of PF to investigate the docket entrepreneur

» Missed the deadline IR 2014? Learn what should be done

» MIT and Harvard create platform free courses on the Internet

» Mobile addiction disrupts family and work life

» Mobile now allows withdrawals distance and authorize bank transactions

» Model helps drive innovation in the service sector

» Money is one of the greatest enemies of the couples

» Monthly average of colleges rises after 11 years

» More than 14,000 families lose scholarship for poor school attendance of children

» More than 14,000 products are seized during New Year's Eve in Rio

» More than 5 million Brazilians have declared the income tax in 2016

» More than 580 000 students will do Enade this Sunday, second the Inep

» Most slum dwellers are middle class, says survey

» MPs approve 40% limit of half-price tickets in cinema, theater and concerts

» MPs approve decriminalization of community radios

» Municipality of Duque de Caxias is fined nearly R$ 2 million a lack of garbage collection

» Natalina Decoration Safety

» New app helps to combat car theft

» New Code of Ethics prohibits physician to prescribe medication to earn commission

» New high school curriculum may be inspired by the Enem

» New rules increase general aviation security

» New technique improves identification of infants

» Nine tips to improve the performance of your washing machine

» Nine Tips to prevent child consumerism

» Noisy neighbor? See when noise should or should not be tolerated

» Notary want to approve adjustment of 50% in costs

» Number of consumer units of energy increased 47% in the last 11 years

» Number of essays Enem canceled in 2011 rises by 168%, says MEC

» Number of phones in the month reached 268.4 million, with 85.3 million mobile broadband

» OAB enter this month with the correction action to change the IR table

» Objects in the crib can be the biggest enemy of babies at bedtime

» Oil change: 8 tips to avoid making mistakes when touching the lubricant

» One in eight people suffer from chronic hunger in the world

» Open registration for the Enem arrested and internal units socieducativas

» Operation Focus to Combat Crimes Against Public Health and the Treasury makes seizure of R$ 1 million in pirated goods

» Operators and Procon-RS discuss term adjustment of conduct

» Oreillons of 14 states will make free calls to mobile

» Over 200,000 essays Enem were canceled by escape the topic

» Over 70% of public schools have no library

» Package of government promises to put 330 thousand teachers in college

» Pamphlets in BH is prohibited and gives fine of R$ 2,705.90

» Passport for dogs and cats begin to be issued in the country

» Pay debt is more important goal for Brazil to lose weight, says SPC

» Pay TV market grows 31% in a year, says Anatel

» Paying salary to yourself is great way to get my money saved

» Pay-TV subscribers to reach 14.5 million in June

» People choose better when the goal is pleasure

» Petrobras offers training courses for technicians in the oil and gas

» Petrobras will invest R$ 320 million in scholarships

» Phones can be a key in emergencies; know tricks and guidelines

» Physicians spend less credibility in the obese patients

» Piracy is to be judged by state court

» Plans for airport concessions, roads and ports will have new settings

» Police are triggered after customer discover fake automatic box

» Policyholders can already see the INSS benefits with adjustment of 6.2%

» Policyholders start receiving Social Security today second installment of the thirteenth

» Positivo will have five cellphone models in stores in Brazil in November

» Pranks on the evidence can eliminate candidates

» Prepaid Cellular is present in 82.5 % of Brazilian homes

» Preparation for the 2014 contests should start now

» President Dilma sanctions Budget Guidelines Law, 2013

» Preventive maintenance extends life of appliances

» Priority seating, a right of people with disabilities

» Private institutions can not charge for 1st degree pathway, says Justice

» Private school in Mexico City is ordered to pay R$ 20,000 for driving autistic child

» Procel Stamp Eletrobras turns 20

» Procon enters lawsuits against doctors and health plans

» Procon publishes original research price of books for the college entrance examination in 2017

» Procon Santos will list 25 main targets of complaints

» Procon-RJ again prohibited the Bar of Chicos and autua 16 other establishments in Maracanã

» Procon-RJ asks explanations of Light on transformer explosion

» Procon-RJ autua dealership electricity accident that killed four

» Procon-RJ autua Shopping Tijuca by ceiling fall

» Procon-SP guides: Vacation courses

» Project creates rules for marketing of alcohol use homemade

» Project seeks to exempt 13 th salary of Income Tax

» Pronasci opens offensive against piracy

» Pronatec offers vacancies that were not filled in Sisutec

» proper maintenance helps prevent clogging in the kitchen sink

» Proposal makes it mandatory for wheelchair booth

» proposal that requires qualification of journalists creates polemic in the Senate

» Prosecutors responsible for keeping abusive Google Social Networking

» ProUni opens registration for more than 144 thousand scholarships

» ProUni: approved on 2nd call to Friday have information to prove

» ProUni: Registration for remaining vacancies starting this 2nd

» Prouni: Students can check bags available

» Public Defender will mediate agreements with INSS

» Public Ministry of Rio makes anti-bullying campaign in schools

» Public schools receive digital books from 2015

» Pupils suffer Fies constraints for failure to pay

» Pyramid: dream of easy money ends in injury and lawsuit

» Pyramids : Recipe makes comb in associated networks in Natal

» Query the fifth batch of refund of income tax comes out on Wednesday

» radius clause, inserted into shopping center contracts, is not abusive

» Readership in Brazil is growing over 150% in ten years but is still small second

» Real turns 20 in circulation with loss of 80% of its value

» Recipe does call " strip doubts " Income Tax in Sao Paulo

» Reduce the age of criminal responsibility is a "certificate of failure of the social protection system in the country", says expert

» Registration for Sisu mid-year start on Monday

» Registration for Sisutec start from this Monday

» Registration for the Enem 2013

» Registration for the ProUni are open

» Registration for the Sisu are open and continue until Thursday

» Research examines effective ways to improve intelligence of children

» Research shows need for more resources for reporting crimes

» Researcher and professor of the cup in question impacts the economy

» Researchers developed the PR system which translates Braille

» Restaurants will receive grades for hygiene during the World Cup

» Retirement Plans from R$ 50 to help ensure kids' college

» Retirement with 100% of the benefit only with 49 years of contribution

» Revenue consultation opens on Tuesday the 5th batch of Income Tax

» Revenue opens consultation with the last batch of IR refund

» Revenue opens on Wednesday query the last batch of IR 2015

» Revenue paid fifth batch of refunds IR 2013

» Revenue paid today refunds last batch IR 2014

» Revenue releases on Tuesday consulting the 4th IR lot

» Revenue releases payment of the first batch of IR refunds

» Revenue today paid restitution of the second batch of IR

» Revenue will send warning letter error on IR

» Review law may require individual water meter in buildings

» Rio reports record donation of organs

» Rio state law punishes discrimination committed by companies

» Safety in the complex Alemão and Penha, Rio, shall be made by the UPPs

» Sale of family agriculture products will be made by internet

» Sale of smartphones with two chips increases 680% in a year in Brazil

» Sales on Black Friday increased 76% and surpasses R$ 1.5 billion

» Same-sex couples can claim a partner as a dependent on income tax

» Sanctioned with vetoes bill that exchange debt for college scholarships

» Says the global population is more affected by the high price of food which in crisis

» School holidays: trips and tours in, avoid the lack of financial

» School may turn student defaults in the middle of the school year, provides design

» Schools of Rio will have weeks to combat bullying

» Science Without Borders has awarded 18,000 scholarships

» Science Without Borders opens sandwich selection for graduation in 11 countries

» Security: your house hides some dangers to children

» See 35 income who do not have income tax discounted

» See 7 kinds of secret friend to save on Christmas presents

» See 9 answers ever wanted to know about your phone's battery

» See list of 10 products that may be worth buying a used

» See what care is needed with baby clothes

» See what to do with your note Enem 2014

» Senate approves basic text of the new Civil Procedure Code

» Senate approves exchanging debt by university scholarship

» Seven mistakes of the parents when the children begin to eat alone

» Shall enter into force law that punishes with imprisonment the sale of alcohol to minors

» Shopping on Children's Day

» Shopping São Paulo indemnify accident with child on escalator

» Simple recipe starts charging the National

» Simplify your financial life with these 8 steps

» Sisu 2013.2: Unirio announces third call from the waiting list

» Sisu will offer 129,200 jobs in over 3700 higher education courses

» Sisu: deadline for registration is tomorrow's second call

» Sisutec Registration open from March 17

» Sites and applications help discover each phone operator

» Size S, M or G? End of confusion in sight

» Smartphone sales worldwide rise 20.3% in the third quarter of this year

» Social Security benefits of revision 2.3 mi; 454,000 receive larger values

» Social Security extracts releases the second installment of the 13th salary

» Some care for your mobile phone does not heat up and catch

» SP: property tax will be on average 24 % more expensive in 2014

» SPC launches service to facilitate the search for documents

» Spreadsheet of expenses: why should you make today

» Stage banking study 25% of the Brazilian university

» Standing work is trend, say well-being at work enthusiasts

» Student shareholder with incomes of less than 1.5 minimum wage will purse tells Government

» Student who has failed to Enade for legitimate reasons may request exemption until January 24

» Students can now enroll in Sisu

» Students may extend student loans within two semesters

» Students receive scholarships this month graduate with values ​​adjusted

» Students who want to increase the term Fies have until December 31 to request

» Students who want to increase the term Fies have until December 31 to request

» Study establishes a direct relationship between wealth and happiness

» Study shows substance improves memory in guinea

» Studying abroad is a reality of class C

» Success in finance: Social Security or private?

» Success in Shopping: Do not be prejudice thrift stores

» Success in Shopping: Enjoy the good deals

» Success on purchases: How to please the children without spending too much

» Summer time: simple measures alleviate the effects of the change, which mainly affects sleep

» Sustainable Consumption: Learn how a bazaar trade

» Take care of your elderly cat and identify the signs of aging

» Taxpayers can now request the CPF Internet

» TCU points irregularities in university hospitals

» Teachers are federal universities stoppage on Wednesday

» Teachers begin to resume classes in federal institutions

» Telephone operators, Judiciary and Anatel will lead to a proposal for improving government services

» Ten thousand people with disabilities begin to have social assessment for granting special retirement

» Text-based LDO approved by the commission expects a minimum of R$ 667.75

» The challenge for companies is to create memorable experiences

» The classroom with new formats in digital times

» The coup to you won in the telephone industry

» The dream of the diploma is now closer

» This week, more than 5 million applicants know the note Enem

» Ticket orders already exceed total capacity of stadiums

» Time is the new currency

» Tips for leather sofa (or not) last

» Tips for taking good care of your pet

» Tips to care for your mobile device

» To curb overweight, government MG vai pay for youth academy

» Today is the last day to join the waiting list Sisu

» Total taxes paid by Brazilians reach R$ 1.2 trillion in 2012, according to survey

» Trade in services are economic alternatives and humanized the world of money

» travel guidelines for children and adolescents

» TST suspends decision forced BASF and Shell to pay R$ 1.1 billion by contamination of a plant

» TV channel for babies ran abusive and deceptive advertising

» UN: countries repudiate violence against LGBT people

» Undergraduate closer to reality and students with more opportunities

» Understand how Enem note is used in Sisu

» Understand what is planned obsolescence

» UNESCO approves Gay Kit for Brazilian children in schools

» University Portal provides free access to books collected in vestibular

» Use of money growing in the country, while possession of card falls

» Use of public telephone booths in Sao Goncalo quadrupled after operator released free calls to fixed

» Use of tablets by children can impair language development

» Useless before 10 in the morning? You can be a "person B"

» Using smartphone can save up to US$ 12 billion, says research

» USP falls in global ranking of universities

» Vacant poor will be isolated

» Vaccination campaign for children under 5 is extended in Sao Paulo

» Value of post-graduate falls 55% in 18 years, according to research

» Vestibular will have to have an ambulance and medical staff in Rio

» Veterinary hospitals will have to offer ambulance, says council

» Vocational guidance helps youth to choose the ideal course

» Waste threatens global food security, says World Bank

» What you should know not to waste your FGTS

» WhatsApp may be blocked again in a higher court

» When parents make all the difference - Part I

» When parents make all the difference - Part II

» When parents make all the difference - Part III

» When the crisis arrives, the output is cut

» Why do you have a false sense that your cell phone is vibrating?

» With game face, 3D app for tablets replaces textbook in Rio

» With more than 240,000 disabled met, Apae fear extinction

» With review of life expectancy, retirement falls

» Without effective prevention and prosecution, crack advance in capital and medium sized Brazilian cities

» Without interest, the couple leaves school

» Worker loses up to 18% when replacing their food stamps for cash

» Workers in public schools come out on strike in April

» World Cup 2014: Primer on rights Protest guides fans during the event

» World Cup: Applications for qualification courses are extended

» You know exactly how much you earn?

» You may be thawing their food the wrong way for a long time

» You want to use the phone for longer? Watch these 7 tips

» Young people prefer to wait financial stability before leaving the parental home

» Others clippings

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