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Economic indicators

» 1 in 4 Brazilian was in the red in February

» 10 simple tips to get through the crisis without losing money

» 10 Top Tips to Get Out of Debt and Have a Balanced Life

» 12 simple tips to take better care of your money

» 13th can be used to save the financial lives; see tips

» 15 tips to earn more and live better

» 2014 inflation should be below the target ceiling; IBGE releases data today

» 22.5% of Brazilians do not know what they will do with the 1st installment of the 13th

» 3 tips for organizing finances in 2015

» 36% of consumers shopping for stress relief

» 38% of Brazilians do not control spending, says survey

» 5 tips to escape the accounts and not get in the red early in the new year

» 5 tips to have a good financial health

» 5 wasteful spending that can represent up to 20% of income

» 5 wrong financial choices that you will regret later

» 50% will not buy gifts on Mother's Day, says research ACSP

» 57.1% of families in São Paulo are indebted points FecomercioSP

» 6 things you should do before you get a loan

» 60.2% of Brazilian families began 2013 with debts, says CNC

» 64% of Brazilians can not save

» 7 financial advice that is a true stolen

» 7 steps to save money in a quick way

» 7 tips to get organized financially

» 7 tips to manage your money and overcome the crisis

» 8 tips on how to use payroll loans

» 9 signs that you are blasting your financial life (and must stop now)

» Adjustment maintained, for now

» Advance payment of the 13th salary: financial aid that may be welcome

» After cleaning the name, consumer dreams of buying car, says research

» After the government measures, reduces prices of Toyota Corolla and Hilux line

» After the limit on imports, will help exporters

» After three-month high, consumer confidence retreats 3.0%

» After years of euphoria, middle class consumer is now stagnant

» Airfare drops more, and IPC-S decelerates, shows FGV

» Amount of Brazilian families who declared themselves indebted drops to 63% from July to August

» Analysts raise for the second consecutive week the official estimate of inflation this year

» Analysts reduce to 4.32% official inflation projection of this year

» Aneel reduces adjustment for residential customers Ampla 34.95% to 30.25%

» At the first crisis, class C review your habits

» Bad checks reach 2.04% in 2014, says Serasa

» Balance of funding for vehicles closed in 2013 with a decline of 5.6 %

» Balance of savings in September is R$ 3.5 billion, the 2nd largest of the year

» Base salary of teachers will have adjustments to 7.97% in 2013

» Basic food basket rises in 15 of the 17 capitals of the research Dieese

» Basket in Sao Paulo rises 0.59% in April, says Procon

» Basket is 2.16% more expensive in September, survey shows

» Bean return home for R$ 2

» Beef is cheaper, and inflation by the CPI-S slows

» Beverage sector must increase if Convey Consumer Taxes and Costs

» Beyond 'Cup effect': products and services in Rio went up 143% between the 2010 and 2014 World

» Bill cheaper help bring down inflation in Sao Paulo

» Bill rises less and inflation loses power for a second week

» Bill weighs, but hold high food inflation

» Brazil has 4700 fraud attempts per day, points Serasa

» Brazil opens 2016 with a record 59 million defaulters

» Brazil spends more, but buying fewer products

» Brazilian economy grew 1.9% in the second quarter, says Statistics Institute

» Brazilian economy grows 2.7% in 2011, IBGE shows

» Brazilian GDP falls by 0.8% in the third quarter of 2016

» Brazilian middle class is 54 % of the population

» Brazilian spends R$ 104 per month with mobile account and internet, says SPC

» Brazilian withheld R$ 300 billion in taxes this year

» Brazilians are more conscious time consuming

» Brazilians are more optimistic about the economy

» Brazilians seek more credit in January, shows SERASA

» Brazil's economy grew 2.3% in 2013, indicating SERASA

» Budget planning

» Building material recorded 16.8% drop in sales in September

» Business Success: What items should look for offers

» Buy dollars gradually and avoid credit card solution for those who are for travel until the end of the year

» Capital goods industry accelerated pace in January, says IBGE

» Capture the savings breaks record for September and part of the year

» Card: Credit, debit or debt?

» Cheap flights and petrol help slow inflation in January, says IBGE

» Check 7 extremely toxic habits with money you must leave now

» Children's Day is to generate an 8% increase in sales of Rio de Janeiro, according to research

» Cigarettes and drugs rise in inflation prior official

» Cigarettes and drugs weigh and inflation is low income to 0.73%

» Class C is the fastest growing in the country: check the profile of this portion of the population

» Class C is the most optimistic economic situation, says ACSP

» Class C will consume R$ 1.35 tri during the crisis, says institute

» Classes A and B are the fastest growing firms in crisis

» CNDL: July consumer takes to pay bills

» Cod, olive oil and wine go up by 30% at Easter 2016, says FGV

» Collection of taxes yields 6.55% in June

» Committee continues projected increase in gasoline by 5% this year

» Compare the profitability of savings with other applications

» Consortium: Understand the rules that buying mode

» Construction cost rises 0.24% in October, according to FGV

» Consumer avoids further indebtedness

» Consumer celebrates fall in the dollar and buy more

» Consumer confidence fell in October and reaches worst level in history

» Consumer confidence grows in March , says FGV

» Consumer confidence has improved slightly in July

» Consumer Confidence Index fell for the third consecutive month

» Consumer confidence indicator falls to record low

» Consumer confidence rises for sixth consecutive month, says FGV

» Consumer credit is expected to grow from April, says Serasa

» Consumer credit should grow 13.9% this year, according Febraban

» Consumer credit should only accelerate in 2013 - Serasa Experian

» Consumer default falls for the seventh month in a row, says Boa Vista SCPC

» Consumer defaults follow falling in 2013

» Consumer defaults follow falling in 2013

» consumer delinquencies grows 4.9% in July compared to June, says Boa Vista SCPC

» Consumer demand for credit grows 1% in 2015, says Serasa

» Consumer demand for credit grows 3.2% in first half

» Consumer demand for credit grows 3.5% in July, says Serasa Experian

» Consumer leverages years of early settlements, but with caution

» Consumer price advance in the last week of January

» Consumer prices have slight drop in the last week of August

» Consumer prices recede and purchase intent increases

» Consumer prices rise less the elderly, says FGV

» Consumer risk getting defaulted rises in Q2

» Consumer Search for credit grows more than 10% in June, says Serasa

» Consumers are still cautious to go shopping, says economist CNC

» Consumers became more optimistic in October, indicates CNI survey

» Consumers expect inflation 10% this year, according to FGV

» Consumers expect inflation of 11.1% in 12 months from March, says FGV

» consumer's intention to purchase items of value drops by half in a year

» Consumption in Brazil is at its limit, says expert

» Consumption of electricity in the country grew by 1.8% in September 2012 compared to the same month of 2011, says survey

» Copom maintains forecast of zero adjustment for gasoline this year

» Cost of living of the middle class rises in June

» Creativity is output to circumvent most expensive dishes; warm option is

» Credit card interest rates may fall by half with new rules

» Credit grows and delinquency falls for the first time since March

» Crisis affects collection of taxes linked to production

» Crisis at the base of the pyramid

» Crisis hits private pensions

» Curitiba is more drop in the price of food

» Daily hotel will cost more

» Default and high inflation do business in the country to stagnate in May

» Default grows in the Northeast in 2015, aims indicator

» Default of enterprises increases 16.5% in first half

» Defaults consumer begins the year with a decline of 1.5%

» Delinquency on credit market remains at the highest level of the historical series

» Demand for Consumer Credit

» Demand for credit falls by 3.9% in September, shows Serasa

» Devolução de cheques atinge menor taxa em um ano

» Diffusion indicator of the IPC-S reaches 72.35% in December

» Dilma announces relief on TV's product basket

» Doctor Bufunfa advises on investments

» Economist capixaba gives tips to organize your home budget and out of the red

» Economists urge caution and planning of the extra spending year-end

» Education and food are IPCA-15 sharp slowing in March

» Education and transport more expensive life of São Paulo

» Eight truths about money that can change your life

» Electricity bill and bus ticket wallet and IPC-S rises to 1.28%

» Electricity consumption fell 0.9% in March

» Energy consumption grew in August, but has not recovered to 2008 levels

» Energy consumption in the country grows 8.4% in July

» Energy consumption increases again after five months in fall

» Enhancement of drug influence retail prices in SP and RJ

» Estimate for inflation in 2009 remains at 4.3%

» Even after intervention of BC, dollar rises and remains at R$ 2.38

» Exemption of IR in the 14th wage will benefit 800,000 workers

» Expanded retail sales fall 5% in one year

» expansion of housing credit rises debt of family

» Expenditure on food and housing weigh more in the pocket in October

» Expenses have high communication services in June with higher rate of cell

» Expert gives tips to manage finances during unemployment

» Experts advise how to negotiate rent values

» Falling interest rates charged by the market, after seven months of high

» Families increase intention to acquire financing in March

» Families meant 42 % of spending on culture to phone

» Family with average income has comfortable life but with tight belt

» February records official inflation of 0.69 %

» FecomercioSP provides real decrease of 1% in e-commerce in May

» FGV: classes A, B and C feel more the effects of the crisis

» FGV: Consumer confidence was stable in September

» FGV: IPC-S shows high inflation in 5 of 7 capital

» FGV: low-income inflation slows in September

» Financial Consultant gives tips to avoid spending the school holidays

» Financial planning: check out these tips to keep your bills on time

» Five of the seven capital cities surveyed recorded an increase in CPI inflation-S

» Five of the seven state capitals FGV have lower inflation

» Fixed telephone should stay cheaper and gasoline more expensive this year, estimates BC

» Food and clothing drive high inflation measured by CPI-S

» Food and higher rents push inflation

» Food and housing prices have put pressure and lower drop

» Food and influence prior accelerate inflation January

» Food away from home is 5.62% more expensive in 2009, pointing IBGE

» Food basket is more expensive in 15 of 18 state capitals

» Food drives high IPC-S in the first week of October, according to FGV

» Food for price increase to consumers São Paulo in March

» Food gives respite to the consumer's pocket

» Food inflation falls and pulls down the overall result

» Food prices have the biggest increase in 14 years, says IBGE

» Food prices will rise 10% with high dollar

» Food weigh less and CPI inflation-S yields, says FGV

» Food weigh more, and IPC-S accelerates in November, says FGV

» For 52% of Brazilians, action in the crisis was good or excellent

» For retailers, installment sales at Easter must have 1st drop in 6 years

» Fuel can endear up to 15% in 2013, says expert

» Gasoline rises less, and inflation by the CPI-S loses strength in previous March

» GDP has to fall 3.6% in the 4th quarter, the highest since 1996

» Get tips to avoid falling into credit card temptation

» Go up the number of households defaulting in March, says CNC

» Government adjusts in 5.56 % benefits paid by Social Security

» Government creates barrier to halt imports to Brazil

» Government package of measures includes tax relief for the National Broadband Plan

» Government proposes minimum wage 6.6 % higher for 2014 to R$ 722.90

» Government provides a minimum wage of R$ 667 for 2013

» Government studies lengthen IPI reduced to white goods and furniture until December, says source

» Growing number of households with computers with Internet access, IBGE reports

» Half of consumers already stocking products on sale

» Half of São Paulo families are in debt, says Fecomercio

» Health goes up more, but food prevent high inflation in Brazil

» Health plan pushed inflation to seniors in 2008

» health plans lose 617,000 customers in three months

» Here are four tips to make the control of personal finances

» Here's how to start 2016 in blue

» High corn price more expensive chicken

» High cost of construction accelerates to 0.39% in January - FGV

» High inflation? 12 tips for not blowing the month of the budget (and even save)

» Holidays can be costly to the economy

» Household consumption grows and drives the wholesale segment, according to research

» Household consumption has biggest drop since 1997

» Household consumption pulls GDP in 2012, but suffers tightening with inflation

» Household spending grows 5% in 2012 and the number of customers increases by 3%

» Housing slowdown pulled the IPC-S in August

» How small lifestyle changes help in personal finance

» How to ensure a future without scares after the changes in the rules of retirement

» How to prepare for a peaceful retirement with investments?

» How to save at the supermarket

» How to start planning with the new values ​​of IPVA and IPTU

» How to take the 13th salary in the best way

» IBGE IPCA accelerates to 0.24% in September

» IBGE: industrial production fell in 11 of 14 areas surveyed

» IGP-M closes in March with more severe deflation since 2003

» IGP-M stops following falls and rises 0.42% in September

» IMF says real weakness is positive for the Brazilian economy

» Imports 72.2% of entrepreneurs do not want to raise prices

» In a year, consumers pay 27% more for fresh produce in São Paulo

» In April, the basic food basket is more expensive in four of the five regions of Brazil, said Fipe

» In Brazil, tomato is more expensive than in the U.S. and Europe

» In crisis, part of social improvements begin to be reversed, says FGV

» In fall, fix residential rental accompanies inflation

» In São Paulo, basket costs 50% of the minimum wage; Aracaju, 33%

» In the crisis, growing concern about financial education of children and youth

» In the crisis, learn to replace food 'classic' and discover tips to save on purchases

» In the first week of May, IPC-S increases in all state capitals

» In times of economic squeeze, cheaper brands gain traction in the market

» Income Tax 2013: exempt can be up to R$ 368 to receive refund

» Increase number of indebted consumers in January

» Index adjusting rent advances 6.65% in 12 months

» Index cost of living slows in August

» Index that modifies rent and energy has to fall 0.36% in the second of the month prior

» Index that modifies rent deflation is more pronounced since 2005

» Index to readjust rent rises 0.22% in the second prior January

» Index to reset rental has inflation of 0.65% in December

» Index used in the adjustment of the rent has strong slowdown in high

» Index used to adjust rents close to August 6th consecutive fall, says Foundation

» Industrial output falls 13.4% in first half

» Industrial production has increased since fall 1995

» Industrial production in Brazil stagnates in August

» Industrial production increased in 9 of 14 regions in January, says IBGE

» Industrial production rises 2.3% in January, says IBGE

» Industry confidence rises 1.3% in February

» Industry increased in 8 of 14 regions surveyed in March, says Statistics Institute

» Industry should grow a little in March

» Industry strong step in the brake

» Inflation accelerates to rent in February, but less than expected

» Inflation adjusted that rents is at 0.45% in the 2nd preliminary, says FGV

» Inflation back to 0.20% in March, according to IBGE

» Inflation construction yields to 0.23% in November, says FGV

» Inflation CPI S-high six stops in a row and slows

» Inflation drops to 0.57% in October, says FGV

» Inflation eats the favorite dish of Brazilian

» Inflation fell in January to 0.55 %

» Inflation for families with lower income rises to 0.56% in November

» Inflation for seniors is 9.6% in the last 12 months

» Inflation is lower for low-income high since September 2008

» Inflation makes up class change habits

» Inflation of rent has increase of 0.95%

» Inflation of the rent gains strength in early January, says FGV

» Inflation of the rent is up 6.67% at 12 months, says FGV

» Inflation retreats rent on the 1st of the year prior

» Inflation rises in December and closed 2012 with a high of 5.84%

» Inflation seniors advancing 5.82% in 2012, shows FGV

» Inflation this year is expected to exceed 2012

» INSS beneficiaries represent 37% of those who will benefit from the 13th, according Dieese

» Intent of household consumption decreased in August, says CNC

» IPCA slows to 0.15% in August

» IPC-record high of 0.84% in the 3rd week of October

» IPC-rises 0.64% in the 3rd quadrissemana November, according to research

» IPC-S accelerates and reaches highest level since June 2008

» IPC-S increases to 0.44% in the last week in August, according to FGV

» IPC-S rises in five of seven state capitals

» IRPF 2014: Declaring IR without being obliged can ensure extra income

» IRS will refund IR deducted 1989-1995

» It is not time to move on savings

» Judgment about the correctness FGTS be held in April

» Know the differences between the main rates of inflation

» Learn how and when to start teaching financial education to their children

» Learn how to plan, ceases to be an individual and become a saver

» Level of consumer defaults should drop this semester

» Logs should be killed

» Low income families had inflation of 6.9% in 2012

» Low income inflation 'is up 10.4% over the past 12 months

» Lula analyzes move in savings

» Lula says panic in society led to the fall in consumption

» Mantega says government will not take new measures to stimulate the economy this year

» Market already provides zero economic growth for Brazil this year

» Market estimates and forecasts GDP higher new high interest this week

» Market estimates inflation above the target ceiling in 2015

» Market improves projection for GDP in 2009 and 2010

» Meal away from home costs an average of R $ 30.48, says research

» Meal outside the home is 8.02% more expensive in 12 months, pointing IBGE

» Meal outside the home is 8.72% more expensive in 12 months, pointing IBGE

» Meals away from home is one of the main villains in inflation in January

» Middle class moves 58 % of credit in Brazil

» Minimum of R $ 506 from January

» Minimum wage in 2013 is increased by R$ 4 going to R$ 674.95

» Minimum wage will rise to $ 506 in 2010, ensures Bernardo

» Minister signals no extension of IPI to the white line

» Money makes the most conservative people, says research

» Monthly survey estimates cheapest basket in 10 capital

» More moderate pace of consumption and good prospects for investments in the Brazilian economy, provides BC

» Most consumers will use thirteenth to pay debts

» National consumption of electricity increased 4.1% in August

» National Index of Consumer Prices rises 0.47% in June, points IBGE

» National pet industry grows 16.4% and sales of R$ 14.2 billion in 2012

» Nearly 40% of adults are in default of entries

» New habits, old problems, inflation in 2013 is less than a week 1993

» Not sure fit the worksheet to control spending? See and learn about some options

» Note Carioca: Rio Taxpayers have 30 days to register property and get discount up to 100% in property tax

» Number of consumers wishing to buy durable goods grows 16.7%

» Official inflation accelerates to 0.86% in January, shows IBGE

» Official inflation is the lowest since August 2006

» official inflation starts year on a high, ranging from 1.27% in January

» Operational issues impede access to credit

» Optimism of the Brazilian back to the levels before the crisis, says CNI

» Parcel of new car should compromise at most 30% of income, warns expert

» Part of the upper class wants to be seen as middle class, says survey

» Pay automobile taxes to view is more worthwhile of what repay IPTU

» Percentage of non-performing families grows in March, survey shows

» Planning: You must be part of your financial goals

» Potential consumption in the country rose 14.98%

» President of Petrobras says decision on drop in prices is political and economic

» Preview inflation accelerates and also bursts goal in April

» Preview inflation accelerates to 0.70 % in February , driven by increases in schools

» Preview inflation accelerates to 0.70 % in February , driven by increases in schools

» Preview of the official inflation is the most in eight months, IBGE shows

» Price increases is felt by 69% of people, says study Fiesp

» Price of basic food basket rises 1% in São Paulo costing on average R$ 309, according Dieese

» Price of basic food falls in 14 of the 18 state capitals surveyed by Dieese

» Price of basic increases in October in nine capitals, according Dieese

» Price of basket of São Paulo rises 1.94% and stands at R$ 371.86 in October, according to research

» Price of fruits and vegetables breaks down

» Price of gasoline depends on the impact on Petrobras, says Lula

» Price of lemon and it almost triples IPC-S start in September on high

» Price of the basket falls in 13 of the 18 capitals surveyed by the Dieese

» Prices are lower drop in SP, RJ and BH

» Prices fall in products that had reduced ICMS

» Prices fell less than expected

» Prices for the low-income population rose nearly 5 % in 2013

» Prices in education and slow down inflation in Brazil is at 0.27% in February

» Prices in São Paulo in 2008 to close 6.16% higher, says Fipe

» Prices of ecommerce increased 1.35% in January

» Prices of food and clothes will rise

» Prices of fruits, vegetables and fish lose strength in Ceagesp in March

» Prices of petrol, gas and telephone are stable this year, says Copom

» Prices of petrol, gas and telephone are stable this year, says Copom

» Prices of potato, tomato and onion soar 50% in 2012, according to research

» Prices up there changing the Brazilian consumer habit

» Property Price must rise less in 2013

» Pulled by education, inflation rises to 0.69% in February

» Rate of inflation which resets rents falls 0.53% in the prior April 1st, says FGV

» Rate to fall back to the consumer and is at its lowest level since 1995

» Rates higher for business can be offset by limits on individual

» Real estate price falls for second consecutive month

» Real estate prices have increase of 6.7% in 2014, points FipeZap

» Receive restitution in recent batch is advantageous, says study

» Received the 13th salary? See what to do with the money

» Recife closes in July with higher inflation in the capital

» Reduced estimate of market expansion in 2009 and sees a 11.75% interest

» Reduction of ICMS leads to savings of 2.4% to consumers

» Reduction of IPI helps retail sales

» Rent inflation more than doubles in January, says FGV

» Rent inflation retreats in January

» Rent inflation slows to 0.15% in April, says FGV

» Rent of inflation proceeds almost 1% in March, says FGV

» Rent: increasing the number of tenants and owners who do contract review

» Rent: Inflation accelerates in the 2nd of the month prior

» Rental contracts have lower annual adjustment

» Rental index falls in November and cumulative rate is 7.12%

» Research finds high of 2.22% in the basket of the São Paulo

» Research indicates that 53.6% of Brazilians intend to gift someone for Christmas

» Research of BC maintains GDP growth at 2.5 %

» Research shows that Brazil spends more on beauty than on education

» Retail sales are down 7.8%, says IBGE

» Retail sales fall 6.9% in August, the largest drop since 2003

» Retail sales recede 1.8% in September, pointing Serasa

» Retail sales rise, but slightly lower than expected

» Revenue publishes standards RFI on earnings abroad

» Sale of retail trade grows 1% in October

» Sales at Easter have worst result since 2007, says Serasa Experian

» Sales of trade grows 1.4% in January, says IBGE

» Sales through consortia in the country increased 1.9% in 2015

» Saving for payment of debt interest comes to R$ 12.398 billion

» Savings closes 2014 with lower uptake since 2011

» savings withdrawals in January are the largest ever recorded

» Savings yields less than inflation, and the result is the worst since 2003

» Seven Strategies to protect themselves from rising inflation

» Shopping Month End

» Singles with no children give check flying. understand

» Situation of Brazilian roads affect the wholesale distributor, says association

» Six tips to save without punishing

» Southeast registers increase in delinquencies with checks, says Telecheque

» Spent on drinks at the carnival beats inflation

» Stock or securities popularize: Learn rules and limits for purchase

» Study says that Brazilians do not know how to use bad credit and saver

» Success in finance: adequate facilities to save

» Success in finance: Economics also requires discipline

» Success in Finance: Financial Reeducation help in crisis

» Success in Finance: Folia with planning

» Success in Finance: How to make my money go?

» Success in Finance: How to save in times of inflation

» Success on purchases: Alternatives to a cheaper supper

» Supermarket weighs more for the poor

» Supermarkets have high of 4% in sales in February

» Taxpayer is paying more IR says Sindifisco

» Teach entrepreneurs : it's possible to have financial independence in adolescence

» Teach entrepreneurs: it's possible to have financial independence in adolescence

» Ten tips on credit card

» The 4 best saving tips for you to follow the day-to-day

» The pros and cons of making a consortium

» The rent is high inflation of 0.26% in February

» The seven sins of credit cards

» Tips for investing in the country of the future

» Tips to avoid having the name negated by helping others

» To hold down inflation, the government will give relief to health plans

» Tomato makes food basket more expensive in most of the country

» Trade records high sales

» Traders are less optimistic

» Transport and education shoot the IPC-C1 January

» Turnover in industry fell 10.9% in two months, the biggest decline since 2003

» TV and sound car are the main means of information about offers

» Undisciplined in everyday life have less financial control, says study

» Updated - Brazil's economy fell 0.5 % in third quarter

» Use the crisis to their advantage and realize dreams of consumption in 2009

» User default is high of 16.4% in the semester

» Vegetables and legumes give relief in pocket

» Vehicle sales fell 31.4% in January

» Vehicle sales grow 17.7% from September to October, shows Fenabrave

» Volume of bad checks falls in April

» Weekly inflation rises in five state capitals FGV

» Weekly inflation slows in four of the seven state capitals FGV

» What is the best investment for 2015?

» What to do before the new high dollar?

» What to do with the money from the income tax refund?

» Where the high prices weighed (and relieved) in his pocket in January

» With cheaper cars, PGI-M shows deflation in the second prior to January

» With cigarettes more expensive, official inflation rate more than doubles in April

» With falling sales rise after IPI, industry ask new tax cut

» With food more expensive, inflation rent rises in the previous January 2nd

» With increased pressure from food prices, IPCA closes 0.52% in March, above the market expectation

» Women's income grows 83% in 10 years, but men still lead

» Worth paying property taxes and property tax discount in sight, experts say

» You are in the red? See 5 steps to pay off your debts

» You can not save money? See 12 tips to turn investor in 2015

» You control your credit card or it controlling you?

» Others clippings

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