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» ' Via Crucis ' for qualification committee makes Alerj trigger driving schools in Justice

» 15000 Kawasaki Ninja 250R motorcycles go through recall

» 5% addition of ethanol to gasoline can cost R$ 125 to more consumer

» After prohibition, São Paulo saves lives for 4 weeks

» After TEC Rio government also investigate irregularities in the single ticket

» Air Travel

» Airline ticket shall charge according to the weight of the passenger and his luggage

» Airlines are preparing to install controversial ticketing system

» Airlines May Lower Tickets in Hours Off Peak Times

» Airlines will allow ticket reschedule due to strike

» Alcohol fuel is identified as ethanol

» Alcohol is more expensive in Brazil

» Alcohol maintains advantage over petrol

» allowance subway will cost R$ 3.70 to the Single Ticket

» ANAC 148 points indications of irregularities in company Noar

» Anac decide in March on pricing freedom in international flights

» ANAC Extends Deadline for proposals for privatization of airports

» Anac or more stringent rules against delays in flights

» Anac plans to release air to charge baby passage

» ANAC proposes new rules for airline baggage

» Anfavea wants to strengthen leasing to heat vehicle sales in the country

» Apps and cooperatives compete for passengers and taxi drivers

» Apps of the week: I'll taxi

» Ask questions about how to care for tires

» At United, obese need to buy two tickets

» Autoescolas be required to make night driving lesson

» Automakers and dealers keep studying discount

» Automakers will distribute booklet to promote use of ethanol

» Aviation: reduction in the fleet should not become more expensive airfare

» Back IPI leads race to stores

» Besides the back of the IPI, cars will increase due to adjustment of the steel, said Anfavea

» Bill provides tax exemption for bikes, says study

» BMW announces recall

» Boarding rates are more expensive at public airports

» Bombardier Recreational vehicle engines is Recall Roadster Spyder RT

» Brazil will raise ethanol blend in gasoline by June 2013, says ANP

» Brazilian capitals record increase in bus fares since the end of 2014

» Brazilian electric car will be reduced IPI

» Bus stops should be more informative

» Buy the bike with interest of 1%

» Car brakes are certified by INMETRO

» Car or public transportation, what is more worthwhile in big cities?

» Car sales in 2014 have worst performance in 12 years

» Care not to have large losses in times of flooding

» Cars cost much more expensive in Brazil than abroad

» Cars: lack of information on energy efficiency can harm consumers

» Cars: paralysis of the electronic survey should generate consumer harm

» Cars: the IPI low runs until August 31

» Change does not pay for alcohol gasoline in nine states and the Distrito Federal

» Cheapest car insurance becomes effective in June

» Cheapest petrol

» Check out the list of Inmetro showing cars 'drink' less fuel

» Ciretran-SP promotes practical test for cars and bikes every day of the week in August

» CNH suspended prison can Parana

» Commission shall adopt rules to recall vehicles

» Companies with delayed flights may lose right to use airports

» Consumer confidence can make sale of cars dropped in 2009, says consultancy

» Consumer demand for used cars will grow back in the country

» Consumers can also find cars with lower IPI

» Consumption of fuel hit record in 2008, with emphasis on alcohol

» Cost to ride and keep the car grows 0.8 % in January

» Credit line is well received by the sector of car resales

» Crisis increases price of car insurance

» Cycle parking controlled by smartphone

» Dafra convene recall of motorcycles Super 100

» Deadline for mandatory installation of vehicle tracking is extended

» Dealers have waiting lines for new car

» Demand for domestic air travel fell 0.6% in August

» Denatran postpone for 90 days the mandatory use of the new extinguisher

» Denatran will end with a reduced time interval of the signals in 69% of sparrows in Rio

» Detran of São Paulo will monitor the emission of pollutants by 2.5 million vehicles

» Detran SP-November is the month of the license plates of vehicles with final 9

» Detrans suspend emissions CNHs until Monday

» DMV - RJ is sued for poor service delivery

» DMV / RS promotes International Congress of Traffic

» DMV-RJ, E Fetranspor Sest / Senat unite to form and train bus drivers

» DPVAT puts price on body parts

» Driver can now select letters and numbers of license plates 0km

» Driving schools in Rio have not yet simulator and new students may not take the wallet

» Driving simulator can make driving schools in Rio prices rise by 25 % from January

» Each Brazilian paid, on average, R$ 145.75 in property taxes in 2013

» Ends today deadline to abate IPVA with Nota Fiscal Paulista

» Ends today the total reduction of the IPI for cars

» Ethanol fuel is competitive in 21 states

» Ethanol is already more profitable than gasoline in some stations of Rio

» Ethanol is not advantageous in any state in the country

» Experts list the rights of drivers of vehicles on the roads

» Failure in the concessions of airports airline industry leaves no statistics

» Fill the car in the North Zone of Rio cheaper than in South Zone

» Find out which are the most economical cars in Brazi

» Fine for those who park in spaces reserved increases 140%

» Fine for those who use the phone at the wheel will rise from the grave average in November: R $ 293.47

» Flagrant : children ride school buses without safety

» Flex-fuel vehicles account for 89.6% of car sales

» Flooding: Protect yourself and learn how to recover your car

» For CNH, new drivers will undergo psychological tests

» Ford Focus 2.0l convene the recall

» Four more care to ensure traffic safety

» Free pass? Gratuity of public transport worldwide

» Free rate has not reduced prices for tickets between South American countries, experts say

» Fuel consumption in Brazil this year is expected to grow 5.6%

» Gasoline and diesel are already more expensive in the gas stations of Rio

» Gasoline is 60% more expensive in Brazil than in the rest of the world

» Gasoline is more expensive at the pumps

» GM do Brasil convene recall of vehicles and S10 Blazer

» Goal indemnify passengers for delays in Argentina

» Government announces plan to increase supply of sugar cane for ethanol production

» Government can increase mixing alcohol with gasoline this year, says Minister Lobao

» Government extending the IPI reduction of cars by the end of December

» Government has taken decision to raise gas prices

» Government is considering permission for use of diesel in cars, said Lobao

» Government launches Renave, which will reduce bureaucracy in the sale of cars

» Government projected 5% increase for gasoline

» Government reduces IPI and announced other measures to encourage the sale of vehicles

» Government wants contingency plan for airports for the holidays

» Government will only readjust gasoline in 2013

» Helmet is not hat

» High steel and IPI should make cars more expensive

» Honda announces recall of motorcycle

» House of Representatives approves changes in airport charges

» I hit the car, and now? Learn what to do after an accident in 5 steps

» In the last month without IPI, sales rise 7%

» In two months, 9 capital increase bus price; see rates

» Increased consumption of gasoline affects Brazil's environmental goals

» Increased gasoline should lead consumers to migrate to ethanol

» Increases recalls vehicles

» Index points accessibility aspects to be improved at airports

» Infraero explain in the House schedule of works to improve airports

» Inmetro intensifies supervision of manufacture and import of auto parts

» Inspection run prioritizes security environment and ignores

» Institute for Quality Automotive safety tips for car trips

» International flight will be cheaper

» IPCA-15: price of tickets is high in January

» IPEM SP-33% disapprove of cronotacógrafos monitored in roads and businesses in the first quarter

» IPEM-RJ participates in "Operation Volcano" two vehicles had irregular and companies were fined

» IPEM-SP condemns 26% of 470 monitored in operation cronotacógrafos

» IPEM-SP participates in "Operation Helmet" and rebukes 17.9% of the products inspected

» IPEM-SP premiere collector in the use of verification of taximeters

» IPEM-SP scans more than 79,000 cronotacógrafos in 2012

» IPI 2013: gradual increase is already costing, see calendar for vehicles

» IPI car discount will be passed when finished, but not entirely, says expert

» IPVA cars with plates end six expire on the 15th day

» IPVA in Rio should get up to 10% cheaper for popular cars

» IPVA vehicles with end plate 6 may be paid up to this farm

» IPVA: payment due without discount quota only wins 14th

» It was on the floor? What to do

» Justice maintains obligation of companies warning users about problems on flights

» Know the codes of tires help the driver to choose certain

» Label shall convey to the consumer data on more energy efficient cars

» Last day for the licensing of vehicles with end plate 8

» Learn how to use the brake-engine car

» Lighthouse down highways: understand what changes the new legislation

» Liter of alcohol in Rio cost less than R$ 2 next year

» Lobao says it would be fair increase of 6 % ​​for gasoline

» Looking to buy a car? Know that care has to not lose the discount IPI

» Lula sanctioned the law that requires the dual front airbags in cars

» Maintenance car rises more than inflation

» Middle class discovers the armored

» Mitsubishi Outlander is a recall of 511 problem with brake

» More safety on roads: INMETRO will make brakes for trucks

» National Traffic Council regulates the use of tracking chips for cars

» New cars go on sale cheapest

» New chief promises Infraero airports chilled in Rio

» New simulator mandatory for driving schools

» Number of armored vehicles in Brazil increases, survey shows

» Operation "Way to School" condemns 31% of school transportation vehicles

» Operation of Procon-RJ survey gas stations

» Operation on holiday supervises the use of seat belts

» Operation Procon seizes 22 bus companies in garages

» Over 4 million users of Single Ticket intercity will have to re-register

» Passengers insist on not using seat belts

» Passengers may be free of charge shipping at regional airports

» Percentage of alcohol in gasoline rises to 25% on Wednesday

» Petrobras back to talking about price increases in gasoline to the consumer

» Petrobras diesel rises by 4% to the final consumer

» Petrobras may reduce fuel prices if oil price stays current

» Petrobras platform gas leak

» Petrol maintains advantage over ethanol

» Pilots beginners should have sense

» Plane tickets: check out tips to spend less

» Planning, maintenance and responsibility: secrets to travel well by car

» Possible adjustment toll cause protest

» President of Petrobras indicated it will be difficult to reduce fuel prices

» Price 0KM car has already fallen 5.31% since the fall of the IPI

» Price of CNG may fall more to the consumer in Rio

» Price of domestic flights rose by 0.84% ​​in 2012

» Price of ethanol rises in 13 states, says government

» Price of new car fell 5.57% with the reduction of the IPI in 2012

» Prices of alcohol and gasoline go up 2 % at the beginning of the year

» Prices of new cars and used up falls in January

» Procon and Inmeq conduct surveillance operation in the capital's airport

» Procon-ES guides who will travel on holiday

» Procon-RJ maintains ban on 19 buses of Transport Paranapuan

» Procon-RJ opens investigation against four trucking companies

» Project bans sale of used parts from dismantled cars

» Project makes it mandatory for equipment manually trigger car window

» Project requires removal of airline passengers without air circulation

» Project that makes airbags mandatory, by Azeredo, following presidential sanction for

» Propietarios vehicle with plate end 9 has until the 30th to make the licensing, informs DMV-SP

» Proportional toll the stretch run begins to assert in the 2nd half

» Prosecutor asks ANP less polluting fuel set for 2012

» Protection greater account

» PSA is recalling 206 cars and Peugeot 207 and Citroen C3

» Public transportation may rise less next adjustment

» Query charges and restrictions of vehicles is the new service

» Rates for interstate buses have readjust nearly 7 %

» Recall: almost 80 thousand vehicles in three months

» Recalls of cars increased 130% in 2015

» Reduction of IPI goes for car already sold and not delivered

» Reflective plates are already available in Sao Paulo

» Relief to the pocket of drivers

» Research shows cars difficult to reverse

» Risk becomes mandatory recall

» Risk of loss of steering control leads to call Chrysler recall of RAM pickup

» Row of 30 days for a new car

» Sale of vehicles reaches best first quarter in history

» Sales of cars increased by 10% in February, say resales Rio

» Sales of vehicles should fall in the 2nd half, say automakers

» Sales of vehicles should fall in the 2nd half, say automakers

» See how to request compensation for traffic accidents

» See the guide IPVA 2014

» See the value of IPVA 2013 Paulista ten best selling cars in November

» See tips for anyone looking to sell a used car

» SP taxis will have to accept cards and can carry bicycles

» SP-DMV warns of fake messages on the Internet

» Spent on public transportation rises more than 30% poor and 15% falls for rich

» Stations have adopted the term to designate ethanol hydrous

» Stay tuned to 7 parts of your car that can cause serious accident

» Steppe: 5 maintenance tips to keep the spare tire on day

» Supply with alcohol is beneficial in 17 States

» Supply with petrol worth more than the pain with alcohol

» Swap gasoline by alcohol does not pay in seven states

» Swap gasoline by alcohol does not pay in seven states

» System facilitates record, but rejects Detran

» TAM indemnifies after passing cat disappears in flight

» Tax should be reduced by only 1.25% the price of motorcycles

» Taxi drivers are not allowed to see customers phone in Easy Taxi

» Taxi: application usage grows and robs passengers of cooperatives

» Taximeters: leaving dates of survey

» Taxis adapted for people with wheel chair start to move in Sao Paulo

» Taxis are now required to accept card in São Paulo

» The older the vehicle and lower the time, the higher the rate of financing the purchase of a car

» Ticket prices will rise in November, says ANAC

» To compete with airlines, bus companies invest in promotions

» Toll on the BR-050 begins to be charged in the coming days

» Tool denounced irregularities in the transport

» Traffic Department Extends Deadline for inspection of cars with plates final 5 and 6

» Traffic fines : meet the terms and conditions for use

» Transit costs up to R$ 7,390 per year to drivers in Rio See how to reduce this spending

» Using the motion of the car until the engine wears the limit

» Vacations: Is it necessary to continue paying school transport?

» Vehicle fire extinguishers must be replaced from January 1

» Vehicle production rises 8.8% in July and sales may hit new record in August

» Vehicle sales fall 8.44% in August, says Fenabrave

» Vehicle sales fell 1.5% in 1st half, says Fenabrave

» Vehicle sales in July should be the best of the series, said Mantega

» Victims of traffic accidents may seek compulsory insurance DPVAT the post office, avoiding intermediaries

» What are the problems that can happen in hours of air travel?

» What is the importance of alignment and balancing for tires?

» Will postpone the car swap? Here's how to extend the life of your

» With around the IPI, used car will be more attractive to the consumer

» With IPI reduced consumer inflation rental yields

» With IPI smaller car sales hit record in July

» With prices high, ethanol consumption plummets

» Year begins with the end of the IPI reduction for cars

» Young used car financing exceeds 0Km models

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