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Procon-RJ opens investigation against four trucking companies


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The Procon-RJ, attached to the State Department of Consumer Protection and Defense, opened on Tuesday (28/07), preliminary investigation proceedings to determine the responsibility of four trucking companies. All of them will be investigated about incidents reported in the media that jeopardized the lives of thousands of passengers. Businesses are Operating Consortium BRT, the Express Pegasus, the Auto Traffic Bangu and Traffic Top Rio.

The Consortium BRT will have to provide information on a death by trampling on Olimpio station in Santa Cruz; on the problem presented on a bus in the Balcony sales season, leaving passengers without transport; and the presence of cockroaches in BRT vehicles. Already Express Pegasus should explain the fire in two lines of their collective, occurred in the days 29/06 and on 03/07.

The Autoviação Bangu be convened to explain the poor maintenance conditions reported about a collective line 391 (Padre Miguel x Tiradentes Square), where there was a hole in the floor, wires being used to secure the air box, in addition to caps the loose air conditioning, which could fall on passengers. The Traffic Top Rio will be summoned to explain why the driver of the vehicle was talking on a cell phone while driving, breaking both the Consumer Protection Code and the Brazilian Traffic Code, endangering the lives of passengers.

Article 22 of the Consumer Protection Code provides that the concessionaires or licensees utility companies are required to provide adequate, efficient, safe, and as the essential, contínuos.As companies will have 15 days to present response of receipt the notification and shall inform the causes of incidents and other data to determine irregularities.

Company Paranapuan remains with six buses interdicted

Also on Tuesday, the State Procon returned to the garage Transport Paranapuan, on Governor's Island. The local authority was called again by the company to desinterditar five buses that had been sealed on the last day 14, during an action of Operation Russian Roulette. Of the 11 who were still bus interdicted, five were released but the other six remain circular prevented, since they do not have problems are solved documentation.

In all, the State Procon had interdicted on 14 this month, 26 of 35 buses inspected in the garage Paranapuan. On Monday, day 20/07, eight vehicles had been released by Procon, leaving the other 11 who were interdicted with irregular documentation. Of these, five were released on Tuesday for the passenger service.

This year, the State Procon already banned 165 buses, including 21 sealed by Operation Russian Roulette, early on Tuesday in the garage of the company Via Class River in Anchieta.

Source: Procon-RJ


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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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