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Fine for those who use the phone at the wheel will rise from the grave average in November: R $ 293.47


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All violations will be adjusted; repeat the breathalyzer will pay up to R$ 5,869.40



Using the phone at the wheel will most serious penalty the CTB

From November this year, the driver caught with mobile at the wheel, either on a call or simply handling the phone, receive very serious penalty. The punishment, which was considered average, suffer a readjustment of 344.7% in value, from R$ 85.13 to R$ 293.47. The changes in the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB), sanctioned by President Dilma Rousseff, was published yesterday (Thursday, 5) in the Official Gazette.

In addition to the fine and its classification enhancement, the measure adopted the term "handling the cell", which shall contain the rules defined by CTB. Thus, in addition to talking on the phone, the driver caught typing messages or accessing applications (such as social networking) will also be penalized. The new values (see below) are worth in about 180 days, since the senção was approved on Thursday. But until then, the National Traffic Council (Contran) can make changes.

Repeat the breathalyzer: up to R$ 5,869.40

The use of mobile at the wheel is just one of the rules that have been hardened by the CTB. From November, the penalties for offenders in traffic will come accompanied by fines beyond "salty". The driver who refuse to take the breathalyzer test, for example, may pay up to R $ 2,934.70 fine - very serious offense with 10 times multiplier. In the case of repeat offenders (less than one year), the figure could rise to incredible R $ 5,869.40.

The new roof will also be applied to drivers who are caught in cracks disputes, conducting improper overtaking in rodovisas and also to park in spaces for the disabled and / or elderly. Another offense that will be considered is the most serious of public roads blockade. Drivers who are caught breaking, disrupting or restricting traffic will be penalized with a multiplier of 20 times the fine amount.


Check out the adjustments in fines values will come into force in November: 

minor offense - from R $ 53.20 to R $ 88.38 (+ 66%)

average offense - from R $ 85.13 to R $ 130.16 (+ 52%)

serious offense - from R $ 127.69 to R $ 195.23 (+ 52%)

very serious offense - from R $ 191.54 to R $ 293.47 (+ 53%)


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