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Air Travel

Source: Consumer Portal 19/5/2009

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You may be wondering if it is too early to think of vacation in July, but according to Flavia Pascual, Relationship Manager with User ANAC, "as a rule, purchase airfare tickets in advance allows the consumer lower prices . Besides the purchase of tickets, some decisions and care must be taken that the holidays are just fun. Check out the tips.

Before air travel.

Every journey begins with the booking and purchasing air tickets. Plan for quiet flight schedules, because if you make any changes after the purchase, may be restricted from the company. Factors such as differences between various types of fares, including promotional procedures of each company and the availability of flights may hinder the desired changes.

A good way to avoid problems is to read the Contract of Carriage by purchasing your ticket. Although many people do not know, to buy an airline ticket you name the company with a contract, usually on the front page of the company. If there is or can not access it, complain to the company, for receiving the contract of carriage is a right of the passenger.

Documents required for travel

Domestic Flights

Passengers should have at hand an identity document with photo (RG issued by the Public of the State or the Federal District, an identity card issued by the Ministries and Agencies Subordinate to the presidency, Driver's License or Work Permit) 

International Flights

The first step is to have a valid passport. The next step is to verify the country of destination requires a visa. Remember that because of some agreements between Brazil and other countries, besides the passport, the RG is also considered valid for trips. The member countries of Mercosur, in accordance with the law MERCOSUR / GMC / RES no. 44/94, accept this document. However, Flávia Pascual emphasizes that the agreement will provide some explicit information about visas. The manager of ANAC urges passengers to contact airlines, which have specific information about the documentation required for entry into the countries where they operate.

Some countries will need other documents such as vaccination records. The material institutional ANAC Health on board, "says the following in relation to vaccines:

"Anvisa directs the passenger to keep up with the immunization schedule of the National Immunization Program of the Ministry of Health

Depending on the destination of the passenger, some measures can be taken in advance, for example, be vaccinated against yellow fever. This vaccine is mandatory for entry into some countries and should be taken at least ten days prior to shipment.

The vaccination should be recorded in the International Certificate of Vaccination, issued by the posts of the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency - Anvisa, present in Brazilian airports. If the passenger has any medical problems that contraindicate vaccination, should consult a doctor to request the certificate and present it in one of the posts to issue an International Certificate of Vaccination Exemption.

As a preventive measure, we recommend the use of additional vaccines, especially in cases of passengers who move to another country, such as MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), dT (diphtheria and tetanus) and hepatitis B. The shift to endemic areas, it is recommended, even those of polio, influenza and meningococcal meningitis.

Warning: "Find out about the place of destination in order to know if there is a need for vaccinations."

The manager of ANAC remember, too, that has Anvisa guidance centers for travelers, which can be accessed via the following link:

Learn what and how to resolve any problems that may occur at the time of vigem air.

Primer ID Flyer - National Agency of Civil Aviation - ANAC
Passenger's Guide booklet - National Agency of Civil Aviation - ANAC
Interview with:
Flavia Elena Pena Pascual
Technical Manager of Relationship with Users
Executive Air Services and Relationship with Users National Agency of Civil Aviation - ANAC 

This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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