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TAM indemnifies after passing cat disappears in flight


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Cat was missing for nine hours, and TAM was ordered Photo: Michel Filho / O Globo

TAM S / A was ordered to pay R$ 5,000 in damages to passenger who did not find the pet cat after landing the plane that traveled. The animal was missing for nine hours, but was later located.

The customer bought a ticket on the airline to conduct a Santiago trip from Chile to Porto Alegre, with connection in São Paulo, and hired the specific services of transport of animals. At the time of connection, verified that the pet has not landed the flight. The passenger asked mascot location information to employees, but did not receive objective news.

In his defense, TAM Linhas Aereas S / A said he did not commit any illegal act and provided lodging for the passenger until it was found the pet. In addition, the connection has been rescheduled flight.

The court in the District of Porto Alegre, has determined that the company should pay R$ 1,000 for the customer. The owner of the animal appealed to the Court of Rio Grande do Sul, asking for a higher amount for moral damages, and judges sentenced the company to pay R$ 5000.

According to the judge, "the disappearance of the pet cat for more than nine hours when the takeoff of the flight that departed from Santiago bound for Porto Alegre, with connection in Sao Paulo, generated anguish and suffering, setting moral damage and the duty to indemnify. "

Sought, TAM said it "will manifest itself in the case file."

Company also lost dog

Last year, the company also lost a dog before a flight at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paulo, which has not returned to be found. At the time, the owner of the pet said a company official arrived to offer a new puppy to replace Mel, that was gone.

Honey, a half-breed mutt with boxer, travel to Salvador, Bahia. In the plane, the passenger was informed that the dog had run away, but that the searches would only be started in the next day because it was too dark and would not find it. Also according to an employee of TAM, Mel would be delivered directly to the home of the client, in Bahia.

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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