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SP-DMV warns of fake messages on the Internet


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E-mails that ask citizens to click on links and provide data may contain viruses that damage computers and capture personal information.
The State Traffic Department of São Paulo (Detran.SP) warns of a false email circulating on the internet about alleged violations of citizens registered in the vehicle. The message actually a SPAM (junk mail), induces the driver to click on links that usually contains virus and can infect and damage the computer, and copy personal data such as address, number of documents and passwords to access sites.

The message contains several false information used to confuse Internet users, but allow easily classify email as SPAM. The first is the e-mail address used to send the message (, which does not belong to Detran.SP. Moreover, the text speaks of a system that does not exist, the supposed "Integrated Road and filming (SIER)."

Another misconception is the e-mail saying that the alleged fines are recorded in the "encumbrance" of the vehicle. In fact, the term "lien" exists. But this is the name of information contained in the registration of vehicles purchased through financing, and have not yet been settled. Ie "lien" has nothing to do with record fines.

It is important to clarify that the Detran.SP not send emails with collections of fines or request password update registration. All correspondence from the Department of Motor Vehicles for the citizen as well as notices of infractions that are the responsibility of the organ, are forwarded, by mail, to the address registered to the driver's system Detran.SP.

"When receiving emails with that content, citizen should not open the links, and especially should not provide personal data," warns Daniel Annenberg, coordinator Detran.SP.

Through the Internet, the query points in the Driver's License (CNH), vehicle data or fines liability Detran.SP (only those imposed by military police) can only be done by registered users on the portal www.detran., thus ensuring the security of personal information of citizens and vehicles.

Currently, Detran.SP offers 19 electronic services. To register on the site, the citizen must click on the homepage under "Master User" field located on the right side. After completing the registration form, the user must create a login and password for personal use.

ANOTHER FALSE E-MAIL - Beyond untrue message about collecting fines, circulating on the internet another email with false information about CNH. The text says that those who do not renew the license within 30 days after due date will lose the right to drive, in addition to paying a fine - which is not true.

The Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) provides no deadline for the completion of the renovation of the portfolio, a procedure that can be done at the time the driver wishes. But who is caught driving with document overdue more than 30 days will be fined R $ 191.54 and receive seven points in the chart (very serious offense).

The message also makes two other false alerts. The first says that the driver will be fined if they do not remove the plastic surrounding the fire extinguisher vehicle. The second cites an alleged restriction for drivers who obtained the first CNH (called Driving Permit): they would be unable to travel on highways during the first year of eligibility. The CTB makes no such restrictions.

For questions about services, citizens should contact the Dial Detran.SP by phone: 3322-3333 (Capital and municipalities with DDD 11) or 0300-101-333 (all other cities in the state). The service is conducted Monday through Friday, from 7 to 20 pm, and on Saturdays from 6.30am to 15 hours.

About Detran.SP

The State Traffic Department (Detran.SP) is an agency of the State of São Paulo, linked to the Department of Planning and Regional Development.


Dial Detran.SP

Capital cities and with DDD 11: 3322-3333;

Interior: 0300-101-3333. From Monday to Friday, 7am to 20h, and on Saturdays from 6:30 am to 15h.

Contact Detran.SP

Access the portal

Source: SP DMV

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