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Besides the back of the IPI, cars will increase due to adjustment of the steel, said Anfavea


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SÃO PAULO - The end of the IPI exemption and the increase in steel prices should lead the auto industry to raise prices of cars. According to Anfavea president, Jackson Schneider, the automakers and steelmakers are negotiating the adjustment of raw material, which should cause the price increase to consumers because the value is passed.

He said sales for the purpose of exemption from the IPI, are expected to fall from the second half of this month and May.
In the first 15 days this month, according to the president of Anfavea also produced cars will be sold free of IPI that are in stock.

Industry and utilities, according to the entity, have sufficient stock to 18 days of sales, what is considered low by Schneider, who was already anticipating the purchase by the consumer, to enjoy tax exemption.

Despite forecasts of declining sales, Anfavea maintains growth forecast of 8% for the year 2010.

- Of course there is an effect by increasing the tax burden and its future transfer prices. This should happen from the second half of April and May, with some sort of market downturn, but the general economic conditions, with respect to the projected growth of GDP, increasing the number of jobs and wages and index of consumer confidence, lead us to an optimistic view of recovery.
The market should sell 3.4 million units in 2010 - said Schneider.

If it depends on the auto industry, he said, there is no demand inflation.
The president of Anfavea said that the rates of adjustment of prices in the sector remained below the inflation rate in recent years.

- We have served thus as moderating factor, down, growth in inflation.
The automotive industry will not serve as the impact of this decision to raise interest rates to control inflation of demand - he said.

Source: Portal do Jornal O Globo

This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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