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IPEM SP-33% disapprove of cronotacógrafos monitored in roads and businesses in the first quarter


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Considered the "black box" of trucks, buses and other vehicles capable of carrying more than 4.536kg or above 10 passengers - in the case of the collective - the tachograph is essential to highway safety.

However, from January to April this year, during surveillance operations on highways and businesses throughout the State, the Office of Weights and Measures of the State of São Paulo (SP-IPEM) reproved 427 (32.8%) of the 1300 devices examined, is the lack of seal and label Inmetro, or by certified check being beaten or even nonexistent. During this period, were covered cargo vehicles, transport of dangerous goods and school buses and groups.
"The figures show that most drivers are inattentive, which is quite serious, because in addition to assessment, the driver exposes others to risks when their equipment is not calibrated," says José Tadeu Rodrigues Penteado, superintendent of the IPEM-SP . The tachograph records data such as distance, breakpoints, respect speed limits and driving time without stops.
Owners of trucks or businesses that do not have the verification certificate valid tachograph are fined and have ten days to file a defense to the IPEM-SP. The fine ranges from R$ 100 to R$ 1.5 million, doubling in recidivism.


The tachograph chart contains a disc of paper or tape must be changed every 24 hours to seven days.

To obtain the certificate of verification required to transport cargo and passengers, the vehicle owner must seal the equipment in a workshop authorized by the manufacturer and accredited by Inmetro. Then, it must undergo testing by an authorized federal agency that examines whether the instrument meets the requirements of the regulation.

Then the post-SP sends the IPEM report on this analysis and the discs of the "chrono" for metrological tests are made. In the case of approval, the verification certificate is issued and is valid for two years throughout the country.

Check the list of accredited workshops and accredited posts.

Source: SP-IPEM

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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