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BMW announces recall


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BMW of Brazil, called on May 10, owners of vehicles MINI Cooper S, Cooper S John Cooper Works Cooper S Countrymannn, Countrymann All4 Cooper S, Cooper S Clubman and Cooper S convertible, manufactured between March 2006 and January 2011 , listed below to attend an authorized dealer to replace the water pump extra turbocharger.
Model                                   Chassis
Cooper S                               T198271 to T198514
Cooper S John Cooper Works    T187287
Countrymann the Cooper S       WK94763 to WK94970
Countrymann the Cooper S       All4 WK66433 to WK66842
Cooper S Clubman                   TY43874
Cooper S Cabrio                      T277533 to T277567
                                            TY49956 to TY49963

In the statement, the company states that this measure is the reason why the possibility of overheating the circuit board water pump, which can cause the melting of its connectors and, in extreme cases, start a fire in the behavior of the engine, which can generate damage to the vehicle occupants. For more information on BMW offers the phone 0800 707 0578 and site
Warning: The recall involves models purchased the dealership or individual and there is no deadline for compliance with the campaign. If consumers have any trouble making the repair / replacement, should look for a body of consumer protection.
The Procon-SP directs consumers about their rights and closely monitors calls such as procedure incorporated into the dynamics of their work. The company must submit the clarifications that may be nescessários, as determined by the Consumer Protection Code, including clear and accurate information about risks to the consumer.
What the law says
The Consumer Protection Code, in Article 10, states: "The vendor can not put in the consumer product or service that you know or should know, are highly harmful or hazardous to health or safety.
§ 1 The supplier of products and services which, after its introduction in the consumer market, is aware of the danger they present, should report it immediately to authorities and to consumers through advertising. "
Another important issue that must be observed by consumers, refers to the requirement of proof that the service was performed, to document that their security should be preserved and passed on, in case of sale. If you have been traded more than once, the current owner will have the same right to a free repair.
As determined by the Joint Ordinance No. 69 of 15/12/2010, the Secretariat of Economic Law and Director of the National Traffic Department, the vehicle is not repaired / inspected within 12 months after the start of the recall campaign, will
information released in the 'comments' next CRLV (Certificate of Registration and Licensing of Vehicles) issued by the transit authority.

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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