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New chief promises Infraero airports chilled in Rio


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Responsible for Galeao and Santos Dumont wants less waiting for luggage 
Voyager uses the range to cool off in Santos Dumont


RIO - After two blackouts at Galeao Airport and the air conditioning Santos Dumont have been at least five days without work, Infraero has new superintendent in Rio de Janeiro, as reported Ancelmo Gois in his column yesterday. André Luís Marques de Barros replaces Abib Ferreira Junior as the new regional superintendent in the state with the ultimate goal of ending the heat faced by passengers. For this, wants to invest in more cooling equipment to make the maximum temperature at 23 ° C in the terminal until early 2014. And you want to reduce the waiting time for luggage on the mats. 

- The number one concern is the climate in the Galleon and the Santos Dumont and reducing the waiting time on the mats. The idea is that the first is on the mat in luggage up to eight minutes after landing - says Barros. 

The new superintendent returns to Rio after serving as responsible for Galleon between November 2009 and April 2011. At the time, also faced difficulties in cooling and even made hiring emergency rent machines for air conditioning. Technicians of the Court of Audit (TCU) showed a overpricing of R$ 306,000 in the operation, but he was acquitted by the plenary of TCU. 

- The emergency response plan blackouts is now solved. And we will work to that next summer there are no surprises or at Santos Dumont or the Galleon - said.

Among the first measures, Barros has expanded from 14 to 30 the number of cabins Federal Police on shipment of the Galleon and increased from nine to 14 the total number of buses to take passengers from the terminal to the aircraft.

Source: The Globe - Online

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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