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Price of domestic flights rose by 0.84% ​​in 2012


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The average domestic airfare real, 2012 was R $ 294.83

The average domestic airfare real, 2012 was R $ 294.83, value 0.84% higher than in 2011, R $ 292.38. The figure, which represents the consolidated value last year, was released on Friday, 23, by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency).

The elevation is recorded after three consecutive years of decrease, the agency highlights. In comparison with 2002, the value was 42.77% lower than the average air fare of R $ 515.17 recorded that year. ANAC has just completed the calculation of rates for the fourth quarter of last year and, with it, the value reported consolidated 2012.

Despite the high rates of domestic airlines in 2012 compared to 2011, the passenger paid less than half that paid ten years ago to fly out Anac. Last year, the majority of seats (65%) was marketed with prices below R $ 300, while in 2002 this percentage was only 23%. Rates below R $ 100 accounted for 13% in 2012, but in 2002 the percentage of seats sold below this value was virtually nil.

The average domestic airfare is an indicator that represents the average amount paid by the passenger on a trip, due to the provision of air transport services. The indicator is calculated using the weighted average domestic air fares sold and the corresponding amounts of seats sold.


In a statement, the agency points out that the increase observed in 2012 occurred at a time when rising costs impact the airline industry and the industry that led to the implementation of adjustments in the structure of service provision and rates against the adverse scenario.

According to ANAC, this scenario was characterized by a number of factors, including the slowing economy and the demand for air transport, the high price of oil and the appreciation of the dollar against the real - that directly impact the fuel costs, leasing, maintenance and aircraft insurance.

- These costs accounted for more than half of total costs and expenses of flight industry in 2012.

According to ANAC, in view of the negative financial results presented by the sector since 2011, the adjustments of supply and tariffs that have been conducted by the industry itself represent an adaptation to the new environment, aiming to restore profitability and ensure continuity and security

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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