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Maintenance car rises more than inflation

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Paulo Darcie

Some expenditure reached twice the increase of the Index of Cost of Living in the past 12 months

Keeping a car is becoming more expensive. In the past 12 months, prices of services and products related to car maintenance had significant increases larger than inflation.

The parts have risen, according to the Index of Cost of Living (ICV) of Dieese, 7.35% since August last year, almost the same level of maintenance workshops, which rose 7.77% in the period. These two increases are about twice the inflation during the same period, which reached 3.77%.

According to the consultant for the automotive market ADK, Paul Sari Gulcu, parts prices should not rise. "As the production of the automakers is regular and they are buying a lot, it makes sense to raise prices to profit on the retail," he says. "But it depends on the details of each product and industry," he adds. "The rise in car parks is influenced by the end of the Blue Zone in some areas of the city," he says. The parking lots were 4.11% more expensive in the period, and cleaning services, 13.12%.

The president of the Association of Retail Trade Parts and Accessories for Vehicles in the State of São Paulo (SINCOPEÇAS), Francisco de la Torre, see the replacement tax, which took effect earlier this year for the sector, the biggest reason for the escalation of prices. "The increase is significant, it is almost double the inflation, and could be more if the demand had not been withdrawn by the financial crisis, which forced manufacturers to pass on the increase not to sell," he says.

The replacement tax offsets for a single taxpayer (usually industry) responsibility to collect any sales tax, the entire supply chain, since it leaves the factory to the end consumer. For this, the tax is levied on top of a presumed final price, and how much each company in the chain of production was added to the value of the goods. These numbers are projected by the Treasury from market research.

Fixed and variable costs

In addition to paying the vehicle, it is essential that anyone who buys a car put in its budget for expenses that the car will bring. They are, according to finance professor at the Faculty Trevisan, Alcides Leite, fixed costs - as with IPVA, insurance and regular maintenance - and variables such as tolls, fuel, repairs and even fines.

"The monthly expenditure on a car are around 1% of the vehicle," said Leite, noting that the higher the price of the car, usually more expensive insurance, and maintenance IPVA.

De La Torre alert for the attention that should be taken when buying parts. According to him, the strong inflow of imported items in the domestic market in recent years has also marks the coming of a lower commitment to price, quality and safety.

"It's not a rule, but usually the stores that care about good service, employee training and good visual presentation tend to be more careful with the choice of the number of suppliers," he says.

Source: Jornal da Tarde

This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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