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Transit costs up to R$ 7,390 per year to drivers in Rio See how to reduce this spending


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Rio - The Rio, arriving drivers to lose on average about 40 minutes in traffic jams. According to information from the Traffic Engineering Company (CET-Rio), the schedules superpico, a path that could be done in ten minutes you can jump to 50 and spent fuel increases.
It is estimated that with this loss of time drivers spend up to 30% more to fill the tank, experts warn. In one year, the spent fuel can vary between R$ 2,890 and R$ 7,390, according to a survey from Jato Dynamics, automotive company.
To avoid spending even more with congestion routine, the tip is to pay attention to the paths are made frequently. "Escape-peak is the best way to avoid higher fuel consumption. If you can not get away from the rows of cars, the ideal is to have in mind an alternate route to these important moments, "said the manager of business development at Jato Dynamics, Milad Kalume Neto.

In Rio, the most congested roads at peak times are: Brazil Avenue, Red Line, Yellow Line and approaches that connect Barra da Tijuca in the West Zone Zona Sul neighborhoods "There is a lot of work for the city, which makes traffic naturally get slower. However, the biggest problem we face is the growing fleet of 4% per year, "explains Ricardo Lemos, development director of CET-Rio.
Excessive consumption can be avoided
To reduce fuel consumption in the 'walk and' congestion is necessary to reduce the time spent refueling. "Leave the car running while stationary congestion may represent spending one to two liters of fuel per hour, depending on the motor size.
Therefore, the ideal would be off the car when stopped for more than a minute, "explains Amos Lee Harris Junior, director of the University Automotive (Uniauto).

Source: The Day - Online

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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