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Aviation: reduction in the fleet should not become more expensive airfare


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SAO PAULO - Even with the reduction of aircraft and reduced crew, the price of airline tickets should not undergo adjustments.

Depending on the forecast of lower demand this year, TAM said it should end 2012 with 157 aircraft instead of 159. In addition, the company will reduce the domestic fleet in seven narrow body aircraft (just a corridor of movement), and not just four, as was announced last year.

The company said several factors contributed to the revised estimate of growth, as the uncertainties surrounding the global economy, with a backdrop of volatility.

According to the air, the strategy must not impair the values for the consumer. "The TAM works with the concept of 'revenue management', which allows us to offer the most appropriate tariff for each customer profile, from one who seeks a good promotional discount even what he has pressing engagements and may need to travel at any time, with maximum ease. What drives the price of the company is the demand of each customer profile, "it said in a statement.

Maintaining the competitiveness
Gol said already reduced around 80 flights and laid off 131 crew members, to ensure a workforce compatible with operational needs.

However, the company said it will maintain the service to 63 domestic destinations and 13 international make up its sleeve, without readjusting rates. "Business travelers and tourists, who schedule their trips in advance, continue taking advantage of attractive prices in the company's route network. We continuously work to reduce costs and pass on this reduction to our customers.
We are committed to offer prices competitive with those charged by interstate bus companies in our destinations, "he said in a statement.

Source: MSN News

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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