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» 13. Shall come before, with interest of 2% to 4%

» 55% of credit card users are unaware of interest charged

» After a steady month, overdraft and personal loan rates dropped

» After the decision of the Monetary Policy Committee, CEF and BB make further cuts in interest rates

» After using the credit line cheaper, Brazil enters the special

» Analysts believe Copom keep Selic at 10.75%

» Anefac: card interest drop below 10% for 1st time since 1995

» Average interest rate begins to fall

» Average interest rate for an individual rises in January, shows Anefac

» Average interest rate for an individual rises in January, shows Anefac

» Bank interest income is the highest in 20 years, reports research Procon

» Bank interest of individuals now back at pre-crisis

» Bank of Brazil announces further reduction in interest

» Bank of Brazil lowers mortgage rates to over 17%

» Bank reduces interest rate to 18 lines of credit

» Bank retreat and approach of minimal historical

» Banks are beginning to offer advance of the 13th salary

» Banks lower interest rates to build or renovate

» Banks reduce interest rates after the consumer's decision Copom

» Banks reduce interest rates after the consumer's decision Copom

» Banks reduce special interest of the check, says BC

» Banks with best interest mortgage

» Basic interest rate to reach 10.38% at the end of this year

» BC facilitates access to table of average interest rates of banks

» BC reduces Selic rate to 11.25% per year

» BC sees high inflation in 2015, but indicates thrift in high interest

» BC: person of interest closes 2012 at lowest in 18 years

» Bradesco announced further cuts in interest rates

» Bulletin directs consumers in the hiring credit

» Central Bank announces prime rate

» Central Bank begins meeting today to set new benchmark interest rate

» Central Bank releases the internet ranking table with the bank interest

» Central Bank releases the internet ranking table with the bank interest

» Check special type of loan is most often used to close the month, despite the high interest

» Check the interest is the largest in 20 years and the card exceeds 410% per annum

» Check the special interest falls followed by the third month, says Procon

» Clients turn to the portability of credit after interest rate reductions

» Consumer benefits from maintaining the Selic, says Anefac

» Consumer interest in 2012 did not follow the Selic fall, says Procon-SP

» Consumer interest reaches 140% in 2015, says Anefac

» Consumer interest rises in April after four months of decline, says survey

» Consumer interest Set New Record

» Consumers who pay off their debts may have discounted advance

» Consumption should grow and interest is high near the end

» Copom maintains monetary tightening and rising benchmark interest rate to 12.25% pa

» Copom maintains stability perspective the price of gasoline this year

» Copom should reduce Selic for the seventh straight time

» Credit card interest rate hits record 395.3% annually

» Credit card interest rates go up and accumulate almost 380% in 2015

» Cut in interest rates steady was necessary, says RJ-Fecomércio

» Depending on the sector, interest rate of installment sales reaches 8.94% per month

» Discontent with interest the BB accelerates change in ranking

» Early IR return is a risk

» Fall in interest of the financing may delay delivery of the property

» Farra credit card to spare? See 4 steps to get rid of the interest

» Good time to leave the choke

» Government low-interest credit for retirees in discount sheet

» Here's how to get away from the rotating cards interest

» High basic interest rates more expensive car finance in R$ 400

» Income from savings can be coupled to the Selic

» Increased the basic interest rate makes saving more advantageous

» Interest cards reach 399.84% per year

» Interest frozen, saving high

» Interest gains on interest rate limitations

» Interest of the check and the loan are stable in March, says Procon

» Interest on loan and overdraft follow stable, says Procon

» Interest on loan for the 9th time rises and reaches 97.16 % pa

» Interest on overdraft fell in 2012

» Interest on overdraft hardly varies in April, says Procon-SP

» Interest on school fees can be charged from the due date, determines STJ

» Interest person retreats and closes 2012 at lowest in 18 years

» Interest rate for individual falls to lowest level since 1995

» Interest rate is maintained at 11 % per year and saves the profitability of savings

» Interest rate of banks rises in January and reaches its highest level since 2012

» Interest rate personal loan is slightly higher in July, says Procon-SP

» Interest rate survey

» Interest rates are double the amount of personal credit, survey shows

» Interest rates fall to record level

» Interest rates rise for 5th straight month and hit its highest level in almost one year

» Interest should fall one point

» Interest to consumers and businesses are the smallest since 1995

» Interest to consumers to rise again in January

» Interest to individuals is the largest since August 2012, says Anefac

» Interest-free abuse for citizens

» Ipea advocates reducing the Selic to 7% by the end of the year

» IR drop in savings prevents most of the interest of homeowners

» Keep many cards at high interest rates of time is a trap

» Learn how to escape the high interest debts

» Learn how to get away from high credit card interest

» Learn how to seek redress in court against unauthorized charges for services in financing contracts

» Learn where to invest in an era of lower interest rates

» Lower interest rate can release $ 160 billion to corporations, says study

» Lula seeks to protect high limit savings

» Mantega study confirms return of savings to reduce

» Market expects rising interest rates already in January

» Markets expect maintenance of the base interest rate at 7.25% pa

» Moment of caution overdraft fees and loans turn to climb

» Moto a higher interest account

» MP de Goiás indicates irregularities in the collection of interest Fiès

» New leaves benchmark interest rate car financing, home appliances and more expensive overdraft

» New limit the interest rate on loan payroll will be voted on Tuesday

» No looting funds, tax will not be reduced

» Overdraft and loan interest rates stable at the beginning of the year

» Overdraft goes up to 50% more expensive than loan.

» Overdraft interest rate shows slight increase in December

» Overdraft interest rates increased again in December, shows Procon

» Overdraft money is more expensive on the market, says economist

» Payroll drives high consumer credit in February, says CNC

» Payroll loans can be up to R$ 107 cheaper if waiver is approved IOF

» Plan to make the cuts in interest rates

» Positive Credit does not make good payer get rid of high interest

» Procon-SP alert consumers about the new interest rates

» Project that creates positive consumer may register a vote in the fourth

» Rapporteur MP analyzes of facilities for borrowers to exchange bank

» Reduction of banks led Selic not to charge less than customers, research shows

» Revolving credit card interest closes 2015 431.4%, according to BC

» Santander announced a reduction in interest rates

» Senate approves MP amending the rules of the profitability of savings accounts

» Special interest of the check up again in March, tells BC

» Supreme Court sets date for interest

» Tips to negotiate interest rates and pay less

» To escape the debt and arrange accounts, avoid credit for negated

» Total interest on purchase payments in 15 times gets to be 8% of the product value

» Understand the changes in investments

» Understand the effect of low of 0.25 percentage points in the Selic rate in the consumer's pocket

» With the decrease of 0.5 pp in the Selic interest to the consumer are at 113.79% per year

» With uncertainty in interest, postpone purchases

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