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» 10 steps to organize finances in the event of unemployment

» 2013 had new rules for domestic workers; recall

» 40% penalty for maids

» A new research shows that the country has 2.5 million entrepreneurs

» All charges 20% more expensive

» Almost 40% plan to resign in Sao Paulo

» Ask your questions about how to apply for unemployment insurance -

» Benefits for servers

» Bill provides for mandatory distribution of profits to employees

» Boss will spend more than R$ 7,000 per year with the new law of domestic

» Brazil closes 2012 with an unemployment rate of 5.5%, a record low

» Brazil records highest wage difference between men and women in the world

» Brazil: employment and unemployment grow together, says expert

» Career: What is the difference between junior, full, senior and master?

» Cef gets paid on Thursday allowance of PIS / Pasep

» CEF opens jobs in Europe to meet Brazilians who want to withdraw FGTS

» Cef paid today allowance of R$ 678 a worker birthday in October

» CEF sets rules for portability of credit with FGTS

» Census will open more than 33 thousand jobs

» Chances of temporary employment increase with the end of year

» Check the rules for moving FGTS

» Christmas should create 130 thousand jobs of temporary

» CLT can be changed to allow short-term work in Cup

» comes out official model contract for domestic

» Commission approves mandatory workshops to follow ABNT

» Companies are now seeking staff for the holidays

» Counsel answered questions about labor actions

» Daily Journal publishes the increase in unemployment insurance-Monday

» Deadlines affect 24% of deliveries, says ECT

» Delay in unemployment

» Despite the crisis, there are areas that are still hiring

» Dieese defends journey of 40 hours per week

» Dilma announces bill of domestic 1st

» Domestic workers celebrate expansion of rights

» Domestic workers seek qualification

» Employer wrong about this job or abandoned to hire? Know what to do

» Extra hour of domestic starts counting from this Tuesday

» Failure to record domestic yields fine from August

» Five rights of corporate health plan user after leaving the job

» Food sector has a greater number of concessions for unemployment

» Foreign language is increasingly required in competitions

» Formal employment record high in February, says Lupi

» Franchising sector is showing a good deal

» Government extends scope of unemployment insurance

» Government wants to maintain employment in smaller automakers to extend IPI

» Grows fear of unemployment and life satisfaction falls

» Holidays Thursday and Friday also apply to the domestic

» Home of PEC can generate wave of layoffs in the country

» Home of the PEC is approved in the first round in the Senate

» Home: In ten years, the number of laborers increases, while the salaried shrinks

» House approves expansion of benefits for domestic workers

» If it is right, you have to pay, says Minister on the domestic FGTS

» ILO wants global campaign for the prevention of accidents at work

» ILO: 12.6% of young people were unemployed worldwide in 2012

» In crisis, franchise is synonymous with opportunity

» In the wave of unemployment, fire scammers with fake e-mail resume

» Industrial employment is the biggest drop since October 2003, says IBGE

» Industry interrupted cuts and starts to hire

» Institute says domestic layoffs have already begun, but trade union says it is alarmism

» Know when you can use the FGTS

» Labor justice gives nod to creation of bank hours for domestic

» Law of the entrepreneur should take 320 thousand of informality

» Layoffs increase as domestic opinion on regulation is postponed

» Lojas Americanas pay R$ 250,000 for slave labor

» Looting the PIS is released to workers born in March

» Loss of employment is also the moment of opportunity

» Lunch outside the house in Curitiba is the fourth cheapest in the country

» Minimum wage full 75 years with the highest purchase price

» Minimum wage is set at R$ 788

» Minimum wage to cover expenses should be R$ 2,748.22, says Dieese

» Mobile applications and social networks help to find jobs

» More impetus for dismissed

» More than 700 thousand workers has not withdrew the PIS, informs Box

» New document for termination of employment contract becomes effective today

» New high unemployment leads to 8.5% in February, shows IBGE

» New rule may make the cost of dismissing domestic double

» No cull of INSS domestic income tax

» No experience? Learn what to put in the curriculum for first job

» Occupational accidents causing 3 thousand deaths per year in Brazil

» Overtime is good for the pocket and bad for the brain, says study

» Partnership Ipem / Pr and UEL allows installation of laboratory to test tailored

» Payment of insurance-unemployment rises up to 7 months

» PEC of the household will be doomed in the Senate on Wednesday

» Portal is to help entrepreneurs get out of informality

» Productive sector critical package to keep jobs in Paraná

» Professional misconduct to the area of technology

» Project reduces expenses for hiring domestic workers

» Proposal allows payment of the 13th salary on the anniversary of the employee

» Proposal hour bank concerned union domestic

» Public speaking is the greatest fear of young people in job interviews

» Pull on unemployment insurance-bad idea, experts say

» Questions and standard contract for domestic workers

» Regional floor only next month will not be set

» Regional Floor: adjustment of 10% to two million workers goes into effect on Monday

» Retired Column: Union will get a job for the 3rd age

» Salary bonus: more than a million workers have not drew benefit, will run through June 28

» Salary bonuses get paid

» Salary of men was 25.3 % higher than that of women in 2012 , says IBGE

» Self-employed 260 jobs will pay taxes in a simplified

» Senac RJ opens 600 jobs program that will train in hospitality

» Senate committee approves regulation of labor rights of domestic

» Senate committee approves spending to transportation voucher is every employer's

» Senate committee examines bill that exempts 13th salary Income Tax

» Smokefree law already difficult job for smoking

» Success in business : How to Minimize Risk

» System allows regularize schedules domestics

» Temporary work contracts may already have last nine months

» Textile industry needs skilled workers

» The 10 attitudes that hinder more at work

» To escape the wave of layoffs, protect their jobs

» Tourism should hire fewer temporary this summer, estimates CNC

» Trade predicts falling sales and signings at Christmas

» Understand who is entitled to unemployment insurance-extended - Part I

» Understand who is entitled to unemployment insurance-extended - Part II

» Understand who is entitled to unemployment insurance-extended - Part III

» Unemployment in metropolitan São Paulo grows to 10.9% in 2012

» Unemployment insurance has lower adjustment in 2013

» Valley-culture of R$ 50 for those earning up to R$ 3,390

» Volunteering is also a way to enter the labor market

» Was fired? Learn what your rights

» Who pays the bill

» Women now represent 42 % of the workforce

» Worker earns average salary of R$ 1,792 in the country, says IBGE

» Worker spends on average U.S. $ 16.26 to eat away from home

» Workers and servers can draw PIS-Pasep from tomorrow

» Workers will have R$ 50 to use in culture

» Young is what suffers most from unemployment

» Others clippings

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