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» 10 Tips for Using well the credit card and not fall into debt

» 2 out of 10 Brazilians have some purchase on installment plan

» 34% of consumers have committed income on debt

» 36.6 % of defaulting back to default after a year, says SERASA

» 4 in 10 borrowers unable to pay debts, reveals research

» 41% of Brazilians who buy on impulse are delinquent, says SPC Brazil

» 47% of delinquent unaware of the exact amount of your monthly income, study finds

» 5 Ways to autossabotar your finances

» 64.3% of households had debts in May, says CNC

» 73% of consumers do not know for sure what is to be debt

» After credit hangover, consumer must avoid loan

» Among the indebted, 74.2% have credit card debts

» arrears of internet and pay TV are the most paid after recovery of creditors shows SPC Brazil

» As a debt of R$ 2000 evolves into 5 types of loans

» Bad debt reaches 38.9% of the adult population

» Bad financial habits are major cause of default

» Banks will reschedule debts of workers to lose wages

» Boa Vista event confirms credit recovery in eight cities

» Brazil has 59.5 million customers a bad name, says research SPC

» Brazilian families are more cautious, but debt increases in May

» Brazilians reach higher level of indebtedness of the last ten years

» Campaign 2013: Eliminate your Debt and Reclaim Your Credit has discounts of up to 50%

» Campaign credit recovery benefit 1.7 million consumers

» Card shops and villains loans are in default

» Commission rejects limit of 30 % of monthly income for debts

» Complaining Advance: How repay debt

» Consumer delinquency rises almost 6% in the 1st quarter 2016

» Consumer should be careful when it comes to renegotiate debt, economist guides

» Consumers are more current on their debts, says President of ACSP

» Credit default facilitated raises

» Credit recovery via SMS is 30% of assertiveness

» Deadline to renew the contract Fies is extended until August 31

» Deadline trade to split breaks record

» Debt average Brazilian rises and reaches R$ 5,400, says research

» Debt in Brazil is the lowest in five years

» Debt on credit card folds in just eight months

» Debt on credit card hits record in the country, says BC

» Debt? Defaulters should organize the budget and run new debt

» Debts at Christmas last year left 17% of Brazilians a bad name, says SPC Brazil

» Debts not payable

» Debts of up to $ 100 account for more than half the default

» Default by check reaches the highest level since 1991

» Default falls 13.16% in August

» Default fell in April, with fewer checks returned

» Default grows among people of higher income, research shows

» Default in July is the largest series of Central Bank

» Default rate in Brazil is within the world average

» Default rises and is the highest since October 2000, says BC

» Default with booklets is already higher than with credit cards

» Default: 41% of the population is negativada

» Defaulting companies have the lowest growth

» Defaulting consumer is the lowest for the month of January in three years

» Defaulting prioritizes health insurance and rent and fails to pay loans

» Defaults fell 1.5% in January, pointing Serasa

» Directing Supplier: debt collection

» Doctor Bufunfa: goods spouse can be used to pay debt

» Dollar high care who shopped with international card

» Enjoy the "Feirão Cleans Name" to pay off your debt

» Experts recommend using thirteenth to pay debts

» Experts urge care in hiring payroll loan

» Failure of the companies rose almost 30% in the year, says Professionals

» Failure of the individual rises from 2007

» Fees included in installment credit more expensive purchases financed

» Finance maintains consortium right to withhold the letter of credit bad credit

» Five tips to stay out of debt

» Growing demand Procon to negotiate debt

» Growing number of defaulted debt and between November and December

» Growing number of parents who can not afford school children

» Heir bears debts? Understand pending monetary deceased

» Here's how to reset your debts until Christmas; expert guides

» How much you spend on entering the negative in large banks

» I could not pay the credit card? See 8 tips to renegotiate debt

» I have many debts in payroll loans. What to do?

» I owe the bank. My salary can be blocked?

» Idec launches online research on debt renegotiation. Join!

» Idec launches online research on debt renegotiation. Join!

» Increases debt with credit card

» Increases household debt in March

» Indebted households grow but default decreases

» Indebtedness: after all, who's to blame?

» Insured with a minimum income of up accounted for 53.3% of payroll

» Issuing checks without funds decreases in Brazil

» It has debts? Here's what to pay first

» Know what to do in time to renegotiate debt

» Law establishes schedules for indebted companies charge by phone

» Learn how to calculate credit card debt

» Low-income families concentrated almost 60% of defaults in SP

» Men are the majority when it comes to renegotiate debts with banks

» Middle class: a growing category of debt

» Minimum card payment can increase debt by more than 7 times the end of the year

» More than half of Brazilians are indebted

» Most Brazilians committed 10% of their income on debt

» Most Brazilians do not know how to

» New habits, old problems Pressured by inflation and high consumption, Brazil is indebted more

» New rule aims to prevent over-indebtedness

» Number of delinquent because of the financing of car increases 50%

» Number of indebted households falls in June, shows CNC

» Opportunities to "clear his name" and some tips of Procon-SP

» Organizing the budget to eliminate debts

» Pay off debt is difficult

» Payroll loans should have stricter rules

» Percentage of delinquent families in the country rises to 22.4%, CNC says

» Percentage of indebted households is the second consecutive monthly decline

» Pledge the weight of gold

» Price high amounts of debt families, says FecomercioSP

» Procon Goiás intermedia over 600 debt renegotiations in November

» Procon help negotiate debts and reduce them by 80%

» Procon specialist and take questions from netizens on payment of debts

» Procon-BA the task force helps negotiate debts with the banks until October 9

» Procon-ES provides guidance on debt portability

» Property tax debt of the Rio 2011 90 000 taxpayers can be subdivided in up to 84 times

» Proposed rules on loan payroll updates

» Protect heavily in debt Brazilians can become law

» Public Defender and Rioprevidência have free services for those who want to get out of the red

» Recurrence of default after debt negotiation reaches 56.4 %

» Renegotiated debt and not paid; what do I do now?

» Research shows that Brazil does not know recognize that you are in debt

» Residents of the Brazilian favelas are more indebted, says research

» Retired to exchange loan for savings

» See the list that cause people to become indebted

» Serasa is new salvage yard for consumer clear his name

» Serasa points increase of Brazilians who seek credit

» Serasa showed a decrease of issuing a check without funds in August

» Serasa: defaults of firms drops 17% in February

» Shops, banks and dealers to give 80% discount for those who pay off debts before Christmas

» Six out of ten households are indebted, CNC shows

» SP has more than 1.7 million indebted households in November

» Special debts: it is forbidden piecemeal card

» Special on debt: family Cardoso uses the 13th to pay debts

» Special on debt: how to renegotiate their loans

» Special on debts: car sales helped balance the books

» Spending on credit cards increased

» Spun around to be used because of the crisis

» STJ defines thesis on repetitive enrollment in delinquent registration

» Students can not pay student loans

» Students have until the 30th to terminate the contract Fies

» Success in finance: Changing habits is fundamental measure

» Super Indebtedness: Six Tips to Get Out of Red

» Survey shows consumer profiles defaulting in Brazil

» Term expansion boosts payroll

» The Check

» The rights of the debtor consumer

» Tips for you to pay off debts

» Tips on how to escape from debts

» Tips to pay the bills start year

» Titles protested consumers grow 19.4 % in January

» Unemployment is the reason for the delay accounts for 31% of consumers

» When indicated to maintain an investment, even with debt?

» When the debt may lead the bank to pawn my goods?

» You are in debt? See how to get out of this situation and it will go

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