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» 5 rights that you think you have in home insurance

» Address makes it safe to drive 40% more expensive

» Amount billed by mistake by an insurer must be returned in double

» Car insurance go up 11% in the year; see the highest increases

» Car insurance should be 10 % more expensive

» Circular published by Susep aims to combat irregularities in insurance

» Commission approves law that allows choice of workshop per insured

» Consumer rights in hiring the automotive insurance

» Consumer rights in hiring the automotive insurance

» Covers embedded in pension funds can reduce retirement

» Damage in vandalism may not be covered by insurance

» Did you have insurance on your account without you asking? This is illegal

» Educational insurance guarantees the tuition days

» Elements of Insurance Contract

» Five tips to get it right when choosing car insurance

» Insurance for accidents at work could have reduced

» Insurance for cars that uses used parts is still unknown

» Insurance package with extra services goes up to 83% more expensive

» Insurance retaken Caution and prices may Up in 2015

» Insurance should cover some of the damage caused by rains in Rio

» Insurance: the main concerns of consumers

» Insurer is ordered to compensate beneficiaries for denying the insurance payment by administrative means

» Insurers are fined by the government in more than R$ 1.5 million

» Insurers cars promise discounts if you drive in Big Brother

» Justice condemns Allianz Insurance for cancellation and unilateral change of contracts

» Life insurance cheaper in Brazil

» Life insurance covers from serious illness to temporary disability

» Life insurance partnership

» List of automobile insurance suffers 10% increase

» Mafia of insurance - DPVAT

» Ministry of Justice fine retailers at R$ 28 million for mis-selling insurance

» More than half of suspected fraud in life insurance remains unsolved

» Number of insurance claims grows in Brazil

» Pay less who is more prudent

» Rights of those who have insurance

» See the insurers that offer the best prices and insurance

» Six tips to make the auto insurance claim

» Smoking more expensive life insurance

» Susep cancels registration of insurance brokers in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina

» Term life insurance is inexpensive but requires caution when hiring

» Third vehicle loan does not automatically result in the loss of insurance coverage

» Tips for you to save on travel insurance

» Travel insurance is not synonymous with tranquility

» You will make sure your car? Understand how the franchise works

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