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Travel insurance is not synonymous with tranquility


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Before packing, tourist should know details and limitations of the policy to avoid surprises

White hospital in Rio de Janeiro where the husband is still hospitalized. Three months of struggle in Germany PHOTO: Paula Giolito

RIO - A trip is usually synonymous with dream. People count the days for that moment. But that was not always the plan works. Hiring an insurance or a travel assistance plan aims to circumvent problems that can arise when you are away from home. Who closes such a package not to use it. But there is always the imponderable. So it's time to close the contract is to be alert, especially to details to avoid any surprises.

For the couple Lutterbach White and Luiz Fabriani the dream turned into a nightmare trip to Europe. She, interior designer of 53 years, and he, medical psychoanalyst of 67, left the river on March 25, to spend 17 days in the Old Continent. But ended up staying nearly three months in Germany, since the third day trip Fabriani had a heart attack. Once he felt bad, White contacted the Travel Insurance Mapfre - hired at the time of purchase of airline tickets - which sent a doctor to the hotel. Once there, she concluded that the state of his health was serious and determined its removal to a hospital. He was having a heart attack and was transferred to a university hospital in Mainz, where he was operated for placing quadruple bypass.

Having a travel insurance helped reassure White, at first. But after the surgery, she knew that the treatment would not be covered because it is pre-existing disease. The architect, however, says that when the couple arrived in Germany was colder than expected and that doctors explained that sudden drop in temperature can cause a sudden heart attack on anyone. Desperate, she turned to Brazil and was advised to go to court.
- After the favorable decision of the judge, the insurer again contact and said it would pay € 30 000. But the drama did not end there. After eight days in Mainz, my husband was transferred to a rehabilitation facility in Frankenthal. There was a cardiologist, treatment was inadequate and the state of his health worsened. Only after I got a Brazilian cardiologist who spoke English to guide doctors in Germany.
Loan to return to Brazil

Almost three months after leaving Brazil, Fabriani improved and was cleared by doctors to return to Brazil in an ICU air. The insurer, however, did not authorize the repatriation, although provided in the policy. The couple then borrowed money from a relative to pay shipping: R$ 230,000. On Nov. 13, the day after completing 21 years of marriage, they returned to Rio Fabriani, however, went straight to a hospital, where he remains hospitalized. In Germany, an account was open for more than € 100 000.
- With a court judgment rendered, the director of the hospital, where a note had been glued in front of the bed stating that we could not be released without the payment of the bill, released our return.

According to the couple's lawyer, Rodrigo Lacombe, the insurer sold an inappropriate product to your customers, it is she who has information about the cost of a medical event for people in their 50s or 60s

When in doubt, look for the insurer
The Brazil Assistance, Mapfre group company responsible for travel insurance, says that was available to Fabriani and his family in the care of all requests. The company also says it met the coverage provided in the certificate of service to the trip.

According to the lawyer José Alfredo Lion, the consumer who may feel aggrieved to pursue legal action against those who made the sale. He explains that there is the principle of joint liability between who is selling the product and the insurer. In addition, we recommend sending a complaint to the Insurance Superintendence (Susep), which oversees the sector:

- If a travel agent or representative of the credit card pledge a thousand things not listed in the policy, it can be terminated by it. Even if the promise is verbal. It is very important before signing a contract, check the coverage provided in the policy. This document must be delivered by whom offers insurance. The customer should demand it.

Attention to the policy is what recommends Solange Beatriz Mendes, executive director of the National Confederation of General Insurance:

- Many problems are the result of misinformation. The person you think you are entitled to something that was not planned.

A description of the services provided, however, also deserves special attention, whether in contract or in the guide delivered by travel agencies.

- In case of doubt, it is recommended that consumers look for the insurer. It must be clear that the manager of credit cards, travel agent or tour operator are just intermediaries selling. They may not have all the information the traveler needs - Lion stands.

Susep clarifies that travel insurance is to assure the insured during travel period predetermined at least basic coverage for accidental death and / or permanent total or partial disability by accident. Other coverages may be offered, provided they are related to travel - as a cancellation and lost luggage. And he says that, according to current legislation, the coverage of medical expenses reimbursement, hospital and dental appointments can only be offered for events arising from personal injury. "An insurer can not provide insurance covering reimbursement of medical expenses resulting from illness."

According to the lawyer Flávio Siqueira Junior, the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Defense (IDEC), the travel insurance reimburses expenses that are envisaged in the policy that will be presented along with the contract. Already assistance-trip partner network to provide that use of the services offered in the contract.

- It's in the contract that the person can identify what type of service offered, so the importance of reading. It is important to check which service best fits the profile of the consumer and mainly to investigate what risks are not covered by insurance or assistance-trip - says.

Roberto Roman, executive director of the travel assistance company-Ace Travel, remember that the longer the ride, the greater the risks:

- At some point, there will be an accident: a cold, a malaise. The older the person, the greater should be the cover. Also, if you practice a sport, please and choose a specific plan. Pregnancy, for example, should be informed. Pre-existing diseases are covered, but differentiated.

Another aspect to be considered is the value of protection. Although, the minimum for an overseas trip is US$ 30 000 per person, with payment of US$ 30 rate, on average, may be more advantageous to spend a little more. Insurance covering up to US$ 100,000, for example, will cost about US$ 90.
Already one travel assistance coverage of US$ 1 million for ten days out of US$ 216, US$ 60 000 costs US$ 105 and US$ 25 thousand to US$ 86.

Source: The Globe - Online

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