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Five tips to get it right when choosing car insurance


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Councils are Febraban, which revamped its portal Financial Education

Insurance is a contract in which the car owner pays an amount (the premium) to the insurer so that it runs a risk in its place. In case of accident (a hit, for example), the insurer will indemnify the insured. The higher the risk that the vehicle and driver provide the insurer is more expensive the premium.

In financial education portal of the Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) in recently redesigned in celebration of its third anniversary, you can find tips to help you choose the most suitable insurance needs and your pocket. Check out.

Hire a broker

You can get an insurance broker or a bank. Even if the broker is reliable or indicated by colleagues, make a good price research with at least three different. This is because the fees can vary according to the contract price and the broker's commission directly affects the amount of your policy (contract between the insured and the insurer, which contains the details of the coverage).

Discover his profile

You use the car for work during the week or just to stroll on the weekend? Your car is parked in the garage of their home or in the street? Only you will use the car or will divide direction with another person?

Time to provide information to the insurance broker about their habits, be faithful to reality. These are information that will form your driver profile and will set the value of the policy. If you declare, for example, that only you drive the vehicle, and an accident happen to your child at the wheel, the insurer may deny coverage of damage.


Before closing a contract, make sure your broker is registered with the Superintendency of Private Insurance (SUSEP). That way, you're more protected knowing that your registration information is in the hands of trusted professionals.

Attention to products and services offered by insurers. Currently these plans usually offer extra services like electrician, plumber and locksmith, discount broker, and free parking. Even if the convenience is attractive, verify that these services will be useful for your day to day. If not, discard the plan for not regret the final price of your insurance.

Stay tuned to the deductible amount, which represents the portion of the loss which must be borne by the insured per claim. Thus, if the amount of the loss does not exceed the deductible, the insurer will not indemnify the insured.

Remove all doubt

Check carefully the details of the services chosen and the policy of your insurance. Do not forget to ask about the payment terms. Some insurers parcelam up to 10x without interest, but others limit the amount of installments and may even charge interest if you want piecemeal.

Time to get to the price of insurance takes into account gender and age of the driver, an item that accounts on average for about 20% of the total premium of the insurance, safety equipment the car (10%); the address of the driver (10%), and model of the car (60%).

Eyeing the tracker

Being a safety equipment which makes it easier to locate stolen vehicles, the insurer's risk decreases and consequently the price of insurance.
If the insurer does not provide the tracker, see if you can do the installation on their own and get some discount.

Source: The Globe - Online

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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