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Smoking more expensive life insurance


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Healthy lifestyles increasingly weigh on the scale of insurance companies to determine the prices of their products


Rio - Even if you have good health, maintain unhealthy habits makes insurance much more expensive life. It was shown that a simulation made by BB and Mapfre group exclusively for iG, confirmed by expert consultants in the segment.

Insurers have put on the scale that calculates the risk profile not only pre-existing disease or family history of disease to price their products, but also - and especially - behaviors that increase the chances of becoming ill. Prices - awards - can be between 5% and 30% higher for those who smoke, drink and do not engage in exercise regularly.

BB Mapfre and simulated as a life insurance for clients at the same age, sex and health cost, but with very different habits of life. A woman 30 years old, single, smoking and sedentary pay 10% more for the woman you plan Mapfre Vida - which covers death, disability and diagnosis of breast cancer - compared to a customer of the same age, but who does not drink, not smoking and physical activity practices.

30 year old woman who smokes pays R $ 86.88 more per year in insurance than non-smokers with similar characteristics
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The monthly prize of R $ 72.43 paid by smokers would fall to $ 65.16 USD for other consumer - a savings of R $ 86.88 per year. Considering that the life insurance is often paid for many years and even decades, the cumulative discount would rise to £ 434 in five years and £ 1300 in 15 years.

The managing partner of Fortlife Consulting, Marcelo Rea, who works with companies specializing in life insurance, says the main insurance segment are previous analyzes of health status of the client, submitting to a medical check-up before hiring the individual policy.

Depending on the sum insured, they may order blood, urine and even EKGs, says the executive. "These insurers usually divide customers between smokers and nonsmokers. Even with health in good condition, the prize gets to be 30% higher for those who smoke, "Rea says.

The consultant notes that even if the client has a history of high blood pressure, but can prove that controls the disease and takes care of their own health, can be classified as healthy individual and get a good discount from the insurer.

"For those who stopped smoking after contracting the insurance, some companies allow the customer to requalify through a reassessment. He can earn a good discount on the premium, "says executive Fortlife.

Life insurance is not investment

The financial planner from the Money Academy, Mauro Calil, remember that life insurance, although ensure financial peace of mind for the family in a case, can not be considered an investment.

If insurance is too expensive, can compensate replace it with a pension plan, says Calil, since it has already accumulated a good book. "Ideally, you have already calculated a value that can be redeemed at any time by the beneficiaries in case of death or disability."

For this, one must already have saved the amount for many years, the planner suggests. Who is still young and does not have enough reserve in life insurance find the best alternative to ensure resources for your family, recommends Calil.

Rea, the Forlife, notes that the ideal place to hire a life insurance time is not when you already see a health risk, for example. "You do not buy insurance when you want, but when you can. Nobody wakes up in the mood to buy, but the best time is when you are young and healthy, "he says.

To Calil, life insurance is recommended not only for those who raised a family, but also for those who made a very long funding, as real estate debt. "It's a way to guarantee payment if the holder of the funding comes to rest."

Source: The Day - Online

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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