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Number of insurance claims grows in Brazil


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In the last 12 years the number of prosecution of moral damages has grown almost 500 times , is indicating the data released by the Supreme Court . The increase reflects the awareness of Brazilian society about their rights and duties associated with the concept of responsibility .

Currently the compensation for moral damages discussed in Civil Justice , are given for the breach of any obligation . According to the lawyer Bruna Tavares , compensation claims that most knock at the doors of the judiciary are those related to delays in projects of construction and undue negative in the organs of credit protection .
" People sell their goods , provided that your new property will be completed within the period specified in the contract , therefore , end up suffering various other damages in your life , due to the contractual default of the contractor ," said the lawyer .

Bruna also reveals that the compensation is appropriate in situations where the consumer feels aggrieved by the poor service provided by banks , airlines , educational institutions , and in case of misuse of the image of another person for profit.

Other trivial cases in law firms are in relation to bullying from work . Compensation claims that more is true in labor processes are one in which the employee acquires some illness caused by activities that exercises such as repetitive movements , spinal problems , for carrying weight and typical accidents that usually occur in injury caused to the machinery of companies.

According to the law , it is proved that the accident or illness was acquired by reason of work , the company may be ordered to reimburse the physical and psychological damages of the employee.

Source : Uol - Modern Consumer

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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