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Mafia of insurance - DPVAT

by Danilo Santana - Brazilian Writer

This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.


The insurance was created in order to compensate victims in cases of injuries caused by motor vehicles in road - INSURANCE DPVAT.

All people fatalities or injuries from accidents involving motor vehicles, are entitled to indemnification under this type of insurance that is paid by the owners in a mandatory way.

It is absolutely important if the driver of the vehicle was up with the payment of insurance, if left, it was not identified, it has no financial resources to compensate the victims and even less or not at fault was the accident.

In any event, no matter the situation, the value of insurance shall be paid to the victim, or their relatives in case of death, as has the Law

It is public and notorious that there is much, a mafia organization that aims to secure the receipt of this form of illegal, in order to ensure that its members are locupletem at the expense of less advantaged people, in most cases completely hiposuficientes, both in regard to their social and economic conditions.

Accordingly, based on cases received by different organs of consumer protection, it was found that there are "agents of funeral professionals and law" involved in the system.

The procedure adopted by these "agents" will start when they become aware of the death of a victim, yet the site of the accident, or the hospital where he was referred for care, or where is observed the arrival of the body of a victim in Medical Legal Institute.

For this, there are suspicions that other people involved so indirect as "informants", being paid for this purpose.

It is worth emphasizing that these "officers" only engage in crime after analyzing in detail the economic and cultural conditions of those victims, or will only continue the criminal act, should find that they are illiterate, ignorant and / or economically weak. The justification for this requirement is due to the way of operationalizing the plot.

As soon as the mob is aware of the accident, their "agents" immediately go in search of relatives of the victim. This time, before applying the coup, they offer all kinds of help, showing prestabilidade, solidarity and emotion.

Moreover, relatives of the victim, completely upset by pain, sometimes even despair at not having to bear the expenses of the burial of the accident, is delivering the very lucky.

So, are led by "agents" to the establishment which operates a funeral services company, are informed that the expenses with the wake and burial will be paid by the insurance company and that they should await the arrival of the "lawyer" of the company to better focus them.

The "lawyer" in turn, leads to error victims, claiming that requires an attorney to promote the commitment of providing funeral services and that their fees will be deducted from DPVAT insurance, to be both, deliver the documents to them personal and monitor the "agents" to the registry to obtain the death certificate and the IML - Instituto Médico Legal - to release the body of the victim.

Convinced that the whole procedure should be followed, those responsible for the victim, without any real knowledge of the situation, ultimately be harmed so irremediable by authors and co-author of the farce, they are in many cases do not receive any amount as insurance or, in other cases, receive less than a third of the actual value that the insurance DPVAT actually paid to your attorney, if a lawyer.

Hundreds of undue receipts on the payment of insurance DPVAT are already in police to open investigations and investigation of crimes committed by consumption of these "officers", that is expected also illegal under criminal law, but Furthermore, there are thousands of people are severely injured and even know how and where to complain or seek their rights.

It is crucial that the government disclose the rights of victims of accidents, caused by motor vehicles and their relatives, and more, which is also well publicized that there is no need to hire lawyer to receive these loans and, finally, that the family the victim should seek the funeral service of your choice and you never stop being captured by the action of marginal slick specialist.

This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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