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Term life insurance is inexpensive but requires caution when hiring


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Ensure the sustenance of the family in case of death care less Brazilian than having a car stolen : the personal insurance - which includes personal accident and life - represents 31 % of the market , against 40 % of the car , according to Susep ( Superintendence of Private Insurance ) , 2012 . Already the cost of hiring a life insurance policy is much smaller than the car . According to research from the Protest , the monthly amount can vary from R$ 16 to R$ 213 depending on age . The price also varies among insurers and capital employed

The affordable , however, can not be closed only requirement for a contract. Before making life insurance , you need to have extra attention to byproducts of the plan . There is a risk of paying for unnecessary coverage or getting discovered in specific situations , the researcher warns of Protest , Gisele Rodrigues .

According to Susep , insurance people increased by 14.3 % among all insurers in 2012 , following trend of previous years . The director of life insurance of BB / Mapfre , which owns 19.6 % of this market , Benedict Zanzini , attributes the increase to the higher purchasing power of the middle class , which now aspire for family protection .

"Consumers looking for life insurance is predominantly male , married with children , and usually has more than 30 years," says the executive . Persons unmarried or younger tend to seek more insurance personal accident , which exclude death , according Zanzini . " the younger , the lower the perceived need to have life insurance ," he says .

Renato Spadafora , director of operations , which sells insurance over the internet , says that life insurance is much sought after by people with small children or infants , regardless of sex . " By having a descendant , the individual is sensitive to the desire to ensure a standard of living in their absence ," analyzes .

Already people with children who have won financial independence usually transfer the concern for the spouse observes Spadafora .

Estimated price of life insurance by age

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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