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Insurance package with extra services goes up to 83% more expensive


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Greater variation was identified among insurance plans residential Porto Seguro, according to a survey of Protest

Susep states that there is no requirement on minimum to be offered in plans 'basic'
RIO - Packages insurance automotive and residential services with extras can go up to 83% more expensive than most basic plans, according to a survey by the Brazilian Consumer Defense (Protest). Research shows that factors such as 24-hour assistance, right to choose professionals outside of the provider network and in the case of protection for cars, availability winch at greater distances, are the main reasons for the difference in costs.
The biggest difference between packets, the same insurer, was observed in the insurance portfolio of residential Porto Seguro. To raise the price, the profile Protest considered as an apartment usual in Recreio, West Zone of Rio, and R$ 180,000 for local content. For a customer like this, the plan "Essential Free" leaves for R$ 413.84 per year. Already the plan "Premium Free Choice" costs R$ 756.60, according to the survey.
Despite the difference pointed out by Protest The company considers that the most appropriate comparison would be between the plans' Essential Free "and" Premium ", which have in common the limitation referenced by the network company. In the case of "Free Choice", the customer is free to choose any service and be reimbursed - so it is more expensive. According to Porto Seguro, this plan top "represents about 1% of the business."
The insurer explains that each packet is assembled according to specific customer needs:

"Thinking in terms of services, we use names that are close to the needs of each client, so we have the 'Essential' to meet the client where he needs both a basic situation, emergency or disaster. The 'Comfort' that offers the convenience and security to meet needs of the assets of the residence. Finally the 'Premium' to ensure beyond what is essential and important also for the convenience of everyday situations. "

The company also has the largest variation between their packages Automotive. The plan "Car + Home Basic" costs R$ 2,648.19 per year, while the "More Women - Free Choice" is hired for R$ 3,846.86 annually. The profile set by the association to quote auto insurance was a 42 year old woman, a resident of Barra da Tijuca in Rio, with 13 years of portfolio, and driving a Gol 1.0 Total Flex four door.

Residential up to 36% more expensive with extras
The second major change in the prices of residential packages occurs in Maritime Insurance. For the same flat profile, the company offers a basic plan of R$ 374.38 per year, and an advanced, R$ 509.68 per year difference of 36%. For the Superintendent of Marine, Adilson Silva Raul, everything should go into account when choosing your plan.
- As with all consumer relationship, the customer must evaluate the cost-benefit ratio was adequate to its reality and necessity. For example, the type of use, the profession, have more than one car to use, the existence of other drivers and the risk that your vehicle is exposed must be reported to the broker, as a consultant to give guidance on what the market offers the more appropriate within the mentioned features - directs the executive.

According SulAmérica, whose prices for auto insurance vary from R $ 1,739.92 ("Plan 2") to R $ 2,111.51 (the "Plan 4"), the main factors that define the need to hire a package Extra services are the availability of 24-hour assistance and squeal with greater autonomy for rescues (the most expensive plan has free mileage).
"There are profiles that usually travel a lot and because of that, have a free kilometers for towing service is important and to have met this demand, it is necessary to hire the plan A24H 4. Already profiles that travel less and make little use of the services offered by the insurer, the plan to hire enough 2 count and basic services Assistance ", replied in writing to the company.

Porto Seguro, Maritime and SulAmérica were companies that had greater variation between the packages offered, all above average, according to the Protest, variation was 9% in the automotive insurance and 20% in residential. In all, the survey found more than 30 quotes in eight companies in the market.

Less variation
Unlike the average observed in the study, some companies offer packages and similar. Bradesco Seguros, for example, the difference between the packages auto insurance is 2%. In residential plans, the variation is 8%.

In the case of automobiles, the cheapest package, priced in the market for Protest and confirmed by the company, now out of a high value - R $ 2,125.57, the second largest, behind Porto Seguro. The most expensive is R $ 2,137.33. The difference between the two is basically the distance limit to the winch, 400 Km in the more expensive and the cheaper 100 Km. Asked about the similarity between the prices, the company said it "encourages the insured to enhanced services."

The Tokio Marine also features ranging from 2% among automotive plans, according to the survey of Protest. The cheapest costs R $ 1,735.80 and more expensive, R$ 1,771.97.
The company also states that seeks to align prices to encourage the adoption of more sophisticated packages. The most expensive package, the firm has six additional services over the cheaper.
"We encourage the sale of more complete and therefore offer the VIP plan with very competitive prices," the company said.

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