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Address makes it safe to drive 40% more expensive


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Soraia Abreu Pedrozo

The price of insurance of a vehicle is set at about 60% by your zip code overnight. In other words, the place where you live is crucial to complete the value of the policy. Depending on the region, according to Plinio Biscaro, a partner in a brokerage of St. Andrew, the cost can be between 30% and 40% more expensive than the normal price.

Generally the more expensive places that are safe in their surroundings colleges, churches, bars, restaurants and high concentration of trade.
"These are neighborhoods with a lot of movement of people and high flow of cars, which may even influence the probability of collisions," says Maria Zambelli, a partner of a broker of San Bernardo.

In Grande ABC, Maria points such as places of central and Rudge Ramos São Bernardo. "There are four universities: Methodist, Uniban, Unip and Maud, and their parking lots are not enough for the students, who park their vehicles on the streets. The thieves know that students are attending classes for some time and are slow to return,
so they become easy target, "he explains.

Survey conducted by CNSeg (National Confederation of Enterprises of General Insurance, Pension Plans and Life, Health and capitalization) showed that, of 10 cities in São Paulo where there was a higher rate of theft in the first half, three are in the Greater ABC : São Bernardo (in 3rd place with 2830 robbery and theft), Santo André (4th place, with 2830 cases recorded) and Diadema (in seventh place with 1629.)
Capital led the rankings.

To get an idea of price variation of policy from one city to another - although the CEP would prevail - a Fiat Punto 1.8, Year 2008 exits insured for R$ 2.191 in Santo André, R$ 2.204 in St. Bernard, R$
2.248 in São Caetano, Diadema R$ 2.395 and R$ 2.594 in Sao Paulo.

MODELS - Another item that has much to compose the price of the policy is the model of the car.
"In the region, depending on the type of car, whether it is more or less targeted for theft, the value can endear between 3% and 20%," says Maria.

Among the most stolen are the Volkswagen Gol, Fiat Palio and Fiat Uno Mille.
"It varies with the loss ratio models, also measured by the number of police reports," explains Biscaro.

So much from one year to another, the value of the policy may increase or decrease according to the number of vehicle thefts.

Profile of the driver also helps to establish value

The profile of the car driver is another point that count for much in shaping the price of insurance. As Davi Inacio dos Santos, a partner in a brokerage Diadema, explains, drivers between 18 and 25 years are more likely to make claims because they have less time for driver's license.
"The fact that the person being married or unmarried also ends up influencing, for if she is married is more family outings, now, if unmarried, tend to come out for the night," he says.

If the car is used and is no longer manufactured, the situation is complicated because, with the difficulty in finding parts, the value of fire insurance. This causes many people search service that returns crawler partially the price of the vehicle in case of theft. "But if the car is stolen, give it a total loss and it is found, the company will not pay anything."

Source: Journal of the Greater ABC

This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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