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Susep cancels registration of insurance brokers in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina


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RIO - The Superintendency of Private Insurance (Susep) announced Wednesday the cancellation of the registrations of 16 brokerages and seven insurance brokers. According to the authority, after consideration of various reports received, it was proven that companies are "appropriated insurance premiums." Have brokers were punished for failing to insurers pass along the value of the portion of the premium paid by customers.
One of the most important is the coverage that guarantees compensation to third party vehicles. Protest think this engagement should be mandatory in Brazil, as is already happening in Europe. Photo: DivulgaçãoTeste approves major insurance policies for vehicles
According to Susep, with whom he acquired insurance companies and brokers whose registrations were canceled should seek Procon their city as possibly the contracts are invalid. These consumers can appear as delinquent and consequentementem have no insurance coverage contractor.
The decision was taken during the meeting of the Board of Susep - that meets the institution's president, Luciano Santanna, boards and Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Products - aiming to offer more consumer protection. The municipality
"All files are sent to prosecutors, because the conduct of these companies and professionals also violates rules of criminal nature. Today's decision is important because it prevents returning to the market, "said SUSEP.
Most cases judged by the Board originated from complaints made directly to the superintendent. Complaints can be made by site or at 0800-0218484.
The report sought the National Federation of Insurance Brokers (Fenacor) but found no representative entity for comment Susep.
Below, the companies that had their registrations canceled. The names of the brokers were not disclosed by Susep:
A.U.M Insurance Broker
BSB flame Insurance Broker
Before the Throne Insurance Broker
Edna Insurance Insurance Broker

Source: The Globe

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This article was translated by an automatic translation system, and was therefore not reviewed by people.

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