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Call Center

» 2009 is year of steady progress and expand won in 2008

» After a month, in São Paulo antitelemarketing list has 200 thousand registered

» Anatel in 2008 received nearly 1 million complaints against telephone

» Caixa launches phone service citizen assistance

» Call Center: new rules can not prevent failures in care

» Companies offer according to the Justice Department to avoid payment of fine

» Complaining has never been easier: Procons, prosecutors and regulatory agencies are some options

» Links drawbacks of call center its days numbered

» Ministry establishes procedures for violations of 204 call centers

» New Order recorded delivery service for SACS

» Polls show Idec's need to regulate all SACs

» Procon detects the SACS takes to resolve complaints

» Project wants to limit telemarketing

» SACs food companies fail, but have satisfactory attendance

» Standards of service in call centers are still ignored by firms

» Starts up new BC number for complaints and questions

» Teles: how to reduce complaints and improve customer service?

» Waits for service in call centers represents 43 days of life, says survey

» You called the SAC, "we'll get you mad"

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