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» 10 days left! See if you need to declare the income tax in 2016

» 3 tips to help you in time to declare the IR 2015

» 40% of phone calls already use the ninth digit in SP. But only 4% of fixed links have adopted the measure.

» A truer picture of Brazil

» Access to Information Act requires open data

» Accession to the maternity leave of 6 months beginning today - Part II

» Accession to the maternity leave of 6 months begins - Part I

» Across the country, 32 000 public schools have education integral

» Action against anti-smoking law is filed by the Supreme Court

» Affectionate Benefits of Brazil began to be paid today

» After Carnival, teacher strikes threaten to stop teaching in the country

» Anatel approves numbers 911 and 112 for emergency calls in Brazil

» Anatel publishes timeline of the ninth digit in cell

» ANEEL publishes the ranking of quality of service of the country's power distribution

» Anti-Smoking Law takes effect throughout the country; fine may reach R$ 1.5 mi

» ANTT or regulatory concession model railroad

» ANVISA discussed with states and cities prepare for World Cup 2014

» Application for Mobile helps blind to see

» Application informs the citizen access to justice services closer

» Approved the regulation of half-price tickets for students

» Are worth the new rules of Aneel which will account for the lowest light

» Assembly approves the portal of transparency

» Because of the strike, academic year at universities should move to the beginning of 2013

» Before international travel must be vaccinated against measles

» Benefit of PIS / Pasep arrives from August

» Benefits above the minimum will readjustment of 6.15%, says Social Security

» Birth certificate will be standardized in the country

» Blitz goes to schools to ensure use of seat

» Brazil partnership firm to send 101,000 scholarship to the United States

» Brazil will have ATMs to conduct foreign exchange transactions

» Brazilians abroad will receive SMS with numbers of consulates

» Brazil's HDI improvement, and country occupies the 75th position in ranking

» Budget law is enacted and does not include real increase for retirees

» Cards Enem 2012 begin to be delivered from the 10th

» Care can prevent tragedies with electricity

» Circumvent FIFA rules regarding the marketing actions can make chain

» Collaborative social network helps map points of urban violence

» Commission approves bill that reduces the tax on electricity bills

» Commission approves to reduce consumption and advertising of alcoholic beverages

» Consultant advises on spending on college and vocational course

» Consultant answers question about declaration of car purchase 0 km

» Contributors will receive the property tax booklets until Jan. 31

» CPF shall be issued along with the birth certificate

» Daylight Saving Time begins on 21 and clock should be advanced

» Daylight saving time starts on October 18

» Deadline to declare income tax ends on Tuesday

» Deadline to declare IR is near; see errors that lead to fine mesh

» Dealers fight for toll roads more

» Debut in income tax deserves attention: learn to declare

» Declaring car consortia in income tax in 2016

» Delivery IR begins on March 6 and can be done via tablet, says taxman

» Dilma sanctions law which reserves 50% of the vacancies of the federal universities

» Discharge Leaf private schools can reduce tuition

» Doctors trained abroad can defend their diploma

» Drop in to the light

» Drought does not affect energy supply, says Minister

» Duplicate may be issued by the CPF Internet

» Early registration begins

» Eating out: expert gives tips on how to eat safely

» Education Minister defends inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classes

» Enem indicates differences between students white and black

» Energy: 9.8 million Brazilian families are benefiting from social tariffs

» Expenses of extracurricular courses are not deductible on IR

» Experts teach you how to make your child take medication without tantrums

» Fair in Sao Paulo presents innovations in products for people with disabilities

» FCC will not accept requests for changes in the auction notice for 4G

» Federal District records first case of chikungunya fever

» Federal Revenue has received more than 1 million statements IR 2013

» Federal Revenue releases test version of IR-2015 program

» Fire Department creates booklet to guide about gas leaks

» First batch of IR 2013 will be paid on June 17, see calendar

» First identity card will be free throughout the country

» Flights will be changed with the ending of Daylight Saving Time

» Forgotten tribute appears false docket

» Gas consumption decreases and products on the market

» Gas is cheaper

» Gasoline is cheaper

» Government announces package of public procurement of more than R$ 8 billion

» Government formalises agreement exempting Brazilian visa to travel to EU

» Government of SP vetoes proposal to ensure half-price for students from pre-university

» Government offers service to small businesses that need to change

» Government will distribute SP kit to combat bullying in schools

» Guide offers tour guides for the disabled in ten Brazilian capitals

» Here comes the collection of paper

» House passes a bill establishing the National Policy on Protection of the Rights of Autistic Person

» How to avoid fraud in trade

» ID card will be the basis for all other documents

» Impostômetro reaches r$ 900 billion this Friday 5

» Improper billing for services rendered by SUS can be punished

» Improperly parked in preferred vacancies will be serious penalty in 2016

» In homes, gas will fall from 0.9% to 3.4%

» Inscribed in Enem have until Wednesday to pay registration fee

» INSS paid portion of the 13th who receives salary above the minimum wage on Monday

» INSS releases consultation to differences Revision aid of up to R$ 67

» INSS retirees warning about new scam

» INSS sends letter to beneficiaries who can already retire in October, says Social Security

» INSS will block new loans for retired report being a victim of fraud

» INSS will make agreements with policyholders to streamline administrative appeal

» Intense heat increases the energy value of the accounts in SP

» Investment in tertiary student is five times greater than that of primary

» IPEM-RJ will use mobile laboratory to deter fraud in scales and taximeters

» IR 2013: Who rents a property must declare the amount paid lessor; see how

» IR 2014: join the papers and get organized for tax filing without stress

» IRS releases today releases a batch of R$ 1.5 billion

» Jig official Enem 2012 should be released until Wednesday

» Join the free course of accident prevention for professionals with multipliers Profile

» Jorge Hage says that people lost their fear to denounce corruption in public service

» Living proof of Social Security goes to the end of the year

» Longer period for proof of life guarantee benefits

» Losing the documents is a major disorder

» Machines in malls SP allow foreign currency trading

» Malls not charge parking

» Maranhão Court prohibits judges from granting permits for child labor

» Maternities of São Paulo should by beeps in newborns

» MEC asks Unip explanation of alleged fraud in national exam

» MEC extending deadline for renewal of Fies contracts until May 29

» MEC literacy program for students up to age 8 will invest in teacher training

» MEC publishes textbooks that will be distributed to schools

» MEC recognizes 14 new undergraduate courses in the Country

» MEC suspends 10 vestibular pedagogy and closes 2 thousand jobs

» Milk with evidence of fraud is perceived in the PR, SP and MS

» Minister asks the TSE more accessibility for voters with disabilities

» Ministry launches booklets prevention of avian influenza

» Ministry of Communications creates group to shutdown of analog TV

» Ministry of Health begins National Campaign for Blood Donation

» Ministry of Health includes new vaccine in schedule child

» Mobile phones will have nine digits in Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and São Paulo from October

» National Day of Action for Persons with Disabilities and the right to guide dog tracking

» New notes of R$ 10 and R$ 20 the second family of real begin to circulate

» New notes of R$ 2 and R$ 5 launched by the end of the year

» New withdrawal phase for inactive FGTS accounts is anticipated for Saturday

» Ninth digit in the cell

» Ninth digit in the cell must be deployed nationwide by 2016

» Number of textbooks purchased by government guarantees lower prices and market heat

» Parking irregular: it wishes to make penalties stricter

» Payment of the first installment of the 13th of retirees starts from next Monday

» Pharmacists can now prescribe some types of medicine

» Phones Rio ninth digit will from October 27

» Power generation falls 0.8% between June and July in the country

» Private clinics have flu vaccine next week

» Procon Rio autua five properties in Operation Cystitis

» Program Statement of Income Tax will be available from Wednesday, 26th

» Prohibited smoking in city of Curitiba

» Proposal freezes food prices during state of public calamity

» Proposal prohibits scholarship internship with value less than the minimum wage

» Prosecutor goes to court against the property tax increase in SP

» Prosecutor will investigate hiring teachers with fake degrees in SP

» ProUni: Starts the call from the waiting list

» Public school students will help digital in literacy

» Public service

» Quota Law has to be worth Enem edition of this year, says MEC

» Ratchet SMS alerts to parents when the student arrives at school

» Recipe app offers to fill IR via tablet and phone

» Reckoning with the Lion begin in March

» Refrigerator: simple tips that make a difference in time to save!

» Registration for ProUni should be open next week

» Regulatory Quota Law comes out tomorrow, says Mercadante

» Renowned universities provide free courses online. Learn how to leverage

» Research shows high alcohol use among students

» Research shows how Brazilians feel about health, education and work

» Retired INSS may have correction to 31.6 %

» Retirement, Social Security will change next week

» Revenue opens consultation to first batch of IR refund of this year

» Revenue paid today refunds of the last batch of Income Tax in 2015

» Revenue regulating program that extends the term maternity

» Revenue releases consultation to the 2nd batch of the IR 2013 on Monday

» Revenue releases consultation to the 5th batch of Income Tax

» Revenue releases on Tuesday consulted the second batch of refund IR

» Revenue releases the query fine mesh of Income Tax

» Revenue says fake websites similar to the official attempt to steal data

» Revenue shall receive statements delayed from today

» Rio 2016 ticket reimbursement begins Wednesday

» Rio de Janeiro has optional point during the Rio +20

» Rio will change enlistment

» São Paulo Public Schools begin receiving early enrollment

» Saturday is the "D day" for vaccination against new flu

» Scammers use fake Revenue message to steal user

» Scholarships for post-doctoral, doctoral and masters will be adjusted in July

» See how much it costs to study in the top ten colleges in the country

» See step by step to get the CPF free Internet

» See what changes with the new minimum wage of R$ 788

» See what documents to request your passport

» Selected in the second call Sisu can do registration from today

» Senate approves emergency projects for the free pass student and clean record in public service

» Senate approves emergency projects for the free pass student and clean record in public service

» Senate approves MP which provides funds to support products that make life easier for disabled people

» Social Security pays benefits to today's card who has final 3

» SP: City suspends rotation during Carnival

» SP: Justice confirms determination to open day care on vacation

» State of Sao Paulo have new RG with QR Code

» Students can already see places available Sisu 2016

» Students have on Thursday the last day to make enrollment in Fies

» Students should check registration data in Enade until Friday

» Study attributes 794 deaths a year in Europe by artificial tanning

» Study: loud music affects memory and learning

» Subscribers can consult the Enem tasting locations from today

» Supreme Court rejects lawsuit against smokefree law in Sao Paulo

» Surveillance on seat begins in September 1

» Survey reveals persistence of violence against women even after the Maria da Penha Law

» Tax increases announced by the Minister of Finance

» Taxpayer should be aware of the pending declaration of the 2012 PIT

» Telecoms in Brazil is one of the most expensive in the world

» To avoid overdue invoice, letters may be postmarked and delivery

» To get into American universities, Brazilian student must also scored top marks in social life

» Tolls records fraud CNG stations in São Paulo

» U.S. offers 125 scholarships for exchange

» Understand the decree simplifies the issuance of documents and benefits

» Union retirees and pensioners should do relisting from today

» Updated - First call ProUni is already on the internet

» Usually IR 2014 by tablet or smartphone is not for everyone; see restrictions

» Voting begins today to the National Education Plan

» Wide: 1.22% to lowest

» Will this year's first campus bilingual Portuguese-pounds

» You sent the statement of income tax in error? Know what to do

» Others clippings

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