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» 8 rights as property buyers often do not know they have

» About 100 thousand borrowers unable to remove their own home this year, provides Ibedec

» Acquisition of Property: the dream that can turn nightmare

» After housing package, increasing demand for real estate in the country

» Average price per square meter reaches R$ 7,000 for the 1st time in Brazil, see value in your city

» Breach of contract or non-delivery lead complaint borrower Procon

» Building homes can be 30% cheaper; see and understand

» Buy your mobile now receive someday

» Buying property in the plant requires extra attention

» Caixa reduces by 21% the interest on the housing finance

» Can I use the FGTS for the purchase of a second home?

» Care when buying property in the plant

» Cash announces that interest will rise real estate financing

» Cash releases FGTS to consortium

» CEF Announces Reduction of interest to finance property over R$ 500 000

» CEF decreases interest for real estate financing

» CEF held Feirão of Home Ownership in ten cities

» Cef invest R$ 15 billion in housing project

» CEF says works program of housing starts in May in Brazil

» CEF up interest for home financing for the 1st time this year

» Choose your property safely before renting

» Congress approves refinancing of old housing contracts

» Consortium of property comes to 533 thousand participants in November

» Construction cost rises 0.32% in August, says FGV

» Construction may have zero tax

» Construction or property reform? Learn how to avoid headaches

» Consumer can withdraw from the purchase if delay delivery of the property

» Consumer should be careful with promotions of building materials

» Consumer to give up home mortgage must be repaid immediately

» Customers win in court if property rental payment delay

» Delay of more than six months in the delivery of real estate properties is subject to fine

» Delay of more than six months in the delivery of work is punishable by a fine

» Feirão of Home Ownership attracts over 15 thousand in SP

» Feirão: Internet anticipates offering

» FGTS to repay the consortium

» Financed property value may rise 15 % if the FGTS is corrected for inflation

» Firjan enters claim of unconstitutionality of the law which provides for penalty for delay in delivery of property

» For property, banks release a breakdown of income from same-sex

» Garage Sale properties recorded high in late 2013

» Go buy their own home? Beware of advertising that is not fulfilled

» Good time to buy home

» Government to raise R$ 750,000 to buy property with ceiling FGTS

» Home against crisis

» Homes rise less than inflation in six Brazilian cities

» House of Representatives approved program My House, My Life

» House prices falls by 7.44% in the year

» Housing and urban roads have strengthened from R$ 6 billion FGTS

» Housing credit grows 90% in Paraná

» Housing package: Benefits will be lower

» Housing plan may lead banks to offer products for the poor, says expert

» Housing prices fell in 3 of the 10 most expensive neighborhoods in Brazil in October

» Housing with IPI zero: to encourage construction, the tax will reduce to 1,000 manufactured products

» I swear the house itself may be shot in Brazil in IR

» Increase in interest rates will have an impact of up to 14.3% in the provision of home

» Increased value of property subsidized promises to offer low-income

» It is worth advance the property financing installments?

» Justice prohibits bank to resume mortgaged property by the builder

» Lack of planning can ruin dream of home ownership, say experts

» Late delivery of property may stop the Justice

» Learn the hidden costs when buying or selling a property

» Learn what to consider when visiting a salvage yard property

» Loans more account

» Mantega confirms FGTS property for up to U.S. $ 500 thousand

» Material of construction can be reset IPI

» Mortgage lending falls 33% in 2015, says Abecip

» Mortgages boost the country's growth

» Mortgages fall 11% in February, says Abecip

» My House, My Life will card to purchase household appliances

» New rules for home financing begin to be worth today

» New rules of ABNT give more guarantees to those who purchase property

» Package housing may include other banks

» Pay property tax in sight in cities of Rio generates discount of 7 % to 30 %

» Portability not walk

» Price of residential property in Brazil has the 2nd highest increase among 23 countries

» Prices of properties have lower monthly increase since 2010

» Program has already received housing projects for construction of 43 thousand homes

» Project ensures autonomy to municipalities features My House, My Life

» Properties: delay in delivery of works can generate compensation

» Property discounted crisis and motivate return requests for boom

» Property Prices accumulate real decrease of 3.1% in the year to March

» Property used: see the care not to buy a property coiled

» Provisional ensures more contracts for public housing

» Ranking shows most expensive property markets, Brazil is in position 76

» Real estate value may fall in some markets in 2015

» Real Estate: consumer has up to three years to claim in court on charges

» Rents are cheap; see if is worth buying or renting

» Search for consortium grows 69%

» See 10 care to avoid problems when buying homeowners

» See how to sell or rent a property without paying commission to estate

» Segment 0 to 3 minimum is the great challenge of My House, My Life

» Shares of borrowing against home builders and banks grew 40 % in 2013

» Startup helps home buyers get mortgage

» Stimulus to the construction: Government studies reset taxes for companies that invest in projects of housing aimed at low-income population

» STJ: Buyer shall receive 90% of what was paid for the property in the plant

» Take home as loan collateral reduces interest but is risky

» Tax for housing will fall

» Truths and myths you should know before buying a property

» Use FGTS debt to shoot the house itself grows 156%

» Use of the FGTS can anticipate the purchase of the home through a consortium

» Used market has registered growth

» What to do to buy a house with high interest rates?

» Will rebuild the house? Know your rights

» With money in hand, still comes to R$ 160,000 cheaper SP. Compare discounts by neighborhoods

» With restrictions to purchase property, search for rental grows

» You know the extra expenses involving the purchase of a property?

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