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Minister calls for wider fl exible working rights British government ministers are considering giving all employees the right to ask for fl exible working hours "from the beginning" of a new job as part of plans to encourage a
fundamental shift in working habits.

The Work and Pensions Secretary, Yvette Cooper, says her offi ce is working with employers and organisations such as the federation of small businesses to draw up new ways of supporting men as well as women and non-parents as well as parents working more fl exible hours.

The current rules are limited to parents of children under 16 and carers, and Cooper wants to extend them. "You want people to offer fl exible working from the beginning and we need to look again at how the legislation can support different ways of doing that," she said.
"There will be some areas where it's not possible to fit round particular school hours or particular things where the nature of the business makes it hard - but what you need is the cultural change for everybody to think differently."

Cooper's proposals come as the government announced that fathers will be given the right to six months' paternity leave.

There will be a legal right to take the mother's place at home for the last three months of a nine-month maternity break; they would receive £123 a week in statutory pay.

Fathers would then be entitled to take a further three months' unpaid leave. The move was criticised by some business leaders.

(From: The Guardian, Friday 29 January 2010 -slightly adapted)

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36ª Questão:

The Work and Pensions Secretary

a) a has been personally attacked by company bosses who dislike her plans.

19 marcações (18%)
b) believes flexible working hours are a drawback for many workers.

17 marcações (16%)
c) is seeking employers’ cooperation for new proposals on working hours.

31 marcações (29%)
d) shows scant regard for the needs of parents wanting flexible timetables.

23 marcações (21%)
e) wants pensions to be paid to fathers who care for their neonate infants.

17 marcações (16%)

Lembre-se: Salvo disposição em contrário, as questões e o gabarito levam em consideração a legislação em vigor à época do edital desta prova, que foi aplicada em Março/2010.