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Tax law

» Accounts of the government have for the first deficit since February 1997

» Brazil may know taxes levied on products for Feirão

» Brazilians spend R$ 6.5 million per hour with taxes on telephone

» Brazilians work 147 days in 2009 to pay taxes

» Change the ICMS can reduce the amount paid by electric bill

» Commission approves change in ICMS Ecommerce

» Concern with the consumer crisis will reduce the price of toys

» Confaz publishes new table with fuel prices

» Consumption of cigarettes will fall, says expert

» Direct taxes can correct injustice tax, Say Experts

» Fell into fine mesh? Revenue opens consulting the residual lot of IR refund

» Government has not set when saving change

» Government MP that requires extending tax discrimination

» Government telephone charge rate to finance public TV

» House approves tax cuts for mass transit

» House Committee approves the agreement with U.S. for exemption from the visa fee for students

» Income Tax: 500 000 should fall into the fine mesh Revenue in 2013

» Income Tax: enjoy the carnival to separate the declaration documents

» Inspection 2009: over 152 thousand SP drivers asked return fare

» Invoice will give discount of up to 50%

» It is worth taking money from savings and pay property taxes and property tax in sight?

» Leo will bite the savings Brazilian

» New Tax Provisions declared unconstitutional

» Own rules for sacoleiros

» Package anticrise: Government reduces taxes for cars, motorbikes and cement and increased taxation of cigarettes

» Postgraduate scholarships will increase by 10%

» Proposal makes micro-enterprise tax-exempt until the fourth year of activity

» Redirecting the person tax execution

» RJ: Making more expensive than the property tax

» Taxes: lag in the collection will cease to exist in October

» Taxpayer who has failed to pay Social Security June to pay a fine on Tuesday

» Taxpayers may partial debts with the Union from Monday

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