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Law and Justice

» Bill provides that FGTS has the same remuneration of savings

» Bill provides toll exemption for people with disabilities

» Commission approves the text of the National Education Plan

» Criminal responsibility, political reform and FGTS correction are Plenary highlights

» Dilma launches program that benefits families in extreme poverty

» Education rejects priority to African descent and Indians in Fies

» Enacted law that prohibits requiring check-bond for emergency care

» Enacted legislation that reduces taxes on products for people with disabilities

» Government regulates Half-Entry Law

» House approves payment of maternity benefit a widower with son

» Law benefits the elderly and patients in access to justice

» New Penal Code will bring tougher penalties for copyright infringement

» Prohibition can punish without trial, says STJ

» Project provides for the creation for access to remedies for cancer pain

» Proposal extends the protection of trademarks against imitations

» Proposal requires SUS having tests for glaucoma and cataracts in 30 days

» Restrictions on the right to donate.

» Senate approves benefit increase for retiree dependent

» Senate approves bill that reduces time contribution to the retirement of disabled people

» Senate approves bill that regulates social and racial quotas in universities

» STJ vetoes expansion of evidence to prove the driver's embriguez

» Supreme Court decided unanimously that racial quotas are valid

» The disinheritance of children must be preceded by individual attention.

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