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Consumer News

» Law requires salons to warn that it is forbidden to use formaldehyde in treatments for hair

» bought vehicle zero and not received on time? Learn how to proceed

» Companies are passing wrong information to consumers

» # Fail: study shows consumer complaints on Twitter

» SAC or Ombudsman? Learn the difference and which one to go with your complaint

» " Save " foods that pass the point and use them fully against waste

» "Everything in Brazil is more expensive than abroad"

» 10 Commandments to spend less at the grocery store

» 10 Review of charges for distribution of energy is in the public consultation

» 10 tips on how to save energy and reduce the amount of electricity bill

» 10 tips on how to save energy and reduce the amount of electricity bill

» 10 Tips to make better programs allegiances

» 10 tips to protect yourself from fraud

» 10 tips to save on gift for Children's Day

» 12 tips to control spending at the supermarket

» 15 rights that consumers often do not know

» 15 rights that consumers often do not know

» 16 tricks to avoid the pitfalls and make healthy shopping

» 20 rights that consumers do not know

» 23% of the plans fall short

» 25 tips for saving on water bills and light

» 29 lots of the Pharmaton vitamins complex are banned by Anvisa

» 3 valuable tips before choosing your Easter egg

» 3.1 million have called portability in telephony

» 33% of impulse purchases are supermarket, says SPC Brazil

» 3G: consumer loses the lack of competition, experts say

» 4 in 10 customers card with miles already left points expire

» 40 health insurance carriers should be punished by the NSA for not offering guarantees of service

» 4G operators sell only to postpaid plans and have no prediction for prepay customers

» 4G technology can reach to 15 cities this year, says minister

» 4G: the technology that is best not to acquire, for now

» 5 consumer rights when buying showcase products

» 5 Reasons to access the

» 5 things you did not know about the law of repentance

» 5 things you need to know before using credit card for the 1st time

» 5 trends in online consumer behavior

» 50% of consumers in classes A and B have microwaves, study says

» 51% of Brazilians accept advertising content in cell

» 57% of posts are fined by Procon-SP

» 59% of default are low income

» 6 habits of changes in the supermarket that will help you save

» 6 tips for anyone who ignores the Card loyalty program

» 68% of consumers want to spend less on Easter this year

» 7 common mistakes when using credit card

» 7 tips to avoid problems when buying this for parents

» 7 Tips to hire health plan

» 7 tips to spend less on their Christmas shopping and stretch the budget

» 7 types of married sales you can report

» 73 health plans are suspended from Thursday; know what

» 8 care before you take your smartphone to technical assistance

» A good compromise is when everything fits

» A price on the shelf, another in the box: always pay the lowest

» Abert Congress discusses the Internet

» Abinee says that mobile manufacturers are committed to reducing crashes

» About 2 million consumers block telemarketers calling on the 1

» About 60% of the binding prepaid taxes go, says minister

» ABTA: Anatel's decision on extra point has no immediate effect

» Abusive practices that everyone accepts but should not

» Abusive value is the third reason for complaint to anyone who buys a gas cylinder

» Academy, English course, still: give up products and services can get expensive

» Access to broadband reach 96.5 million in the first quarter - InfoMoney

» Access to credit protection agencies database becomes free in Rio de Janeiro

» Accessibility in flight is the responsibility of who?

» Accident baby detonates operation against pirates toys in SP

» According to research, 55 % know little consumer rights

» Account by the use of thermal power plants has already reached R$ 8.6 billion

» Account expensive light and more time in the dark

» Account-current: banks can not make moves without the permission of the client

» Action for abusive increase in compensation in health plan prescribes in three years

» Action law provides for moral and material damage in case of disappearance of animals

» Actions on behalf of consumers increase in Rio

» Add back to the market by court order

» Adherence to the plan is up 23.5% more expensive

» Adidas was the company most claimed in Procon-SP during Black Friday

» Adjustment in health plan for the elderly is prohibited, says ANS

» Adjustment of up to 9.04% in the plans is the highest in eight years

» Adjustments abusive health plan: stay tuned and know how to act!

» Adjustments to receive the signal of digital TV in Brasilia can cost up to $ 500

» Adopt practices before the readjustment of economic power

» adulterated fuel generates compensation

» Advance complain: the burden of proof Reversal

» aesthetic and beauty services are the most reported

» After 20 years, real loses purchasing power, and note R$ 100 costs only R$ 22.35

» After all, an extra-point cable may or may not be charged?

» After announcement of suspension of airline flights, Procon-SP consumer guides

» After Black Friday, Brazilian consumers participate in the "Day Without Buy"

» After collection, internet accounts and pay TV are the most paid

» After seven months, sales Justice releases of TIM in Alagoas

» After ten years of generics, Anvisa advocates increased sales in the country

» After ten years, generic reach 18% of sales

» After the death of two children, Ikea gives kits to prevent furniture from falling

» Agencies give blow jobs by requiring paid course to secure a place

» Agency banned lots of medicines and foods with irregularities

» Agency prohibits drink marketed as a stimulant

» Agency suspending irregular products

» Agency suspending sodium bicarbonate

» Agency suspends lot of product brand Keramax

» Agency suspends raking and other cosmetics

» Air travel: some rules improve, but illegalities still exist

» Airbags to windshields: Five automakers announce recalls

» Airfares are lowest price since January 2002

» Airline cancels flights reservation after family buy for promotional value

» Airlines expand extra charges

» Airlines flout agreement created in order to avoid inconvenience during the World Cup

» Airlines may not charge for the carriage of wheelchair passengers

» Airlines say it's unfair to give more rights to passenger on year Cup

» Airlines to pay for lost baggage and flight

» Airlines want new 1,523 flights during the World Cup

» Alana Institute denounces action marketing McDonald's schools

» Alcohol gel is up to 900% more expensive

» Alerj approves law regulating the sale of bottled water in gallon in Rio de Janeiro

» Alerj going to court to compel Microsoft to give free technical assistance to customers

» Alerj law sends car reservation for sanction of Sérgio Cabral

» All supermarkets surveyed by Procon are fined for irregularities

» All you need to know to buy this Christmas

» Almost all Internet users have had problems of consumption, research shows

» Already canceled your mobile operator at the site? We did the test

» Already? Crisis leads stores to anticipate Christmas in more than two months

» Although applicant, wastage rate is unfair to consumers

» Although error, buyers of cheap flights KLM has the right to travel

» Amended date for replacement of gallons of mineral water

» Amil follows prevented by Justice readjusting health plans

» Amil leads the ranking of complaints against health plans Procon-SP

» Ampla is fined R$ 1.8 million for failing to meet quality indices telemarketing

» An accessible version of the Consumer Protection Code

» Anac alert for passengers going to seek U.S. airlines because of Hurricane Sandy

» ANAC alert to air on reimbursement of boarding rate

» ANAC closes seven service centers at airports

» ANAC determines that companies disclose the percentage of delays and cancellations

» ANAC determines that companies disclose the percentage of delays and cancellations

» Anac develops new quality parameters to try to identify cases of systematic disregard for passenger rights

» Anac facilitates reimbursement to the consumer in the event of flight cancellation

» Anac increases to R$ 20 million fines for serious harm to users

» ANAC is a public hearing to discuss procedures for the passenger service

» Anac notifies Argentine airlines for cancellations of flights

» ANAC seeks clarification of TAM by problems at check-in

» Anac studies proposed that fees paid by airlines are highlighted in the passage

» ANAC will increase pressure on airlines to decrease the number of complaints

» ANAC: Free baggage allowance on flights may end next week

» Anatel announces agreement to reduce litigation

» Anatel announces price adjustments of fixed-mobile

» Anatel apply fines of R$ 13.6 million Embratel, Oi and CTBC for breach of the General Plan Quality

» Anatel approves 2.89% increase of tariffs of Embratel

» Anatel approves model of concession contracts

» Anatel approves quality regulation of cable TV service

» Anatel approves rule on operation in Ka band satellites

» Anatel approves rules Terms of Adjustment of Conduct with operators

» Anatel approves tariff reduction in fixed telephony

» Anatel approves the order charging the extra point of cable TV

» Anatel approves use of broadband by power network

» Anatel asks the government more resources to monitoring

» Anatel criticizes prohibition period for credit in prepaid

» Anatel extends for 45 days the decision on release of cellular

» Anatel extinguished distance to neighboring areas of 446 cities

» Anatel fine operator Sky Brazil at R$ 8.754 million

» Anatel fines Oi totaling R$ 30 million for having denied access to emergency services

» Anatel indicates that disclosure of data by "Telephone.Ninja" is illegal

» Anatel launches education campaign to guide the consumer

» Anatel may decide on Thursday on charge extra point Cable TV

» Anatel may return to prohibit sales of chips for mobile

» Anatel number 162 refers to the public ombudsman

» Anatel postpones decision on extra point to Pay TV

» Anatel prepares bid to broaden access to pay TV

» Anatel publishes first results on the quality of broadband

» Anatel publishes guidelines for the dissemination of the IAEC

» Anatel publishes list of municipalities that have free calls on public phones

» Anatel publishes regulation establishing the automatic cancellation of telecom services

» Anatel publishes standard quenching rate long distance to nearby areas

» Anatel publishes with precautionary ban on the sale of chips

» Anatel reduce tariffs between operators

» Anatel regulates advertising and size of letters in phone contracts

» Anatel regulates broadband Internet by the power network

» Anatel requires concessionaires wider dissemination of AICE, the telephone for handbag - family.

» Anatel Research shows that almost half of users of fixed telephony service considers fair or poor

» Anatel says it will curb excessive charging of extra point

» Anatel sets agenda for arrival of the 4th generation

» Anatel sets rules for Internet access

» Anatel shall disclose on the Internet quality commitments that will require of cellular operators

» Anatel updated booklet with consumer rights of telecom services

» Anatel wants broadband in universal service goals

» Anatel wants to improve procedures for serving consumers of telecommunications

» Anatel wants to reduce consumer complaints with educational

» Anatel wants to reduce prices of calls between mobile carriers

» Anatel wants to regulate service package

» Anatel will assess the issue of TIM and Telefonica in 30 days

» Anatel will have app for comparison operators packages

» Anatel will now standardize criteria for reimbursement of deposits in the user Diffused Rights Fund (FDD)

» Anatel: enter into force new rules for pay TV services

» Anatel: rules for TV extra point not valid

» Anatel's new rules will be valid from July

» And the 5 companies with more complaints in March are ...

» Aneel admits miscalculation in charges on bills

» Aneel approves adjustment of utilities and Ceron Eletroacre

» Aneel approves cheaper rate outside of peak hours

» Aneel approves increase of up to 39.5% to 58 distributors bills

» Aneel approves increases for energy consumers

» Aneel approves readjustments electricity bills four distribution companies

» Aneel approves specification of electronic meters

» Aneel approves tariff readjustment of Light distributor 11.85%

» Aneel called for greater equality in electricity tariffs in Brazil

» Aneel can reduce the red flag rate. Discount for residential consumers should be 2%

» ANEEL changes the rules for granting social tariff for electricity

» Aneel debate with society differentiated rate of energy consumption according to schedule

» ANEEL determines intervention in eight electricity distribution companies

» ANEEL launches survey on electricity rates

» Aneel maintains green flag for bills in September

» Aneel proposes 8.81% reduction in rates for consumers AES Eletropaulo

» Aneel publishes residential energy rate discount

» Aneel rate resets energy consumers in Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais

» ANEEL regulates electronic meters

» ANEEL regulates electronic meters

» ANEEL suspended telemarketing services to consumers

» ANP oversees Gas stations in Rio de Janeiro and banned 12 LPG dealers in Pernambuco

» ANS admits expand customer migration term Unimed Paulistana

» ANS alert for sale of prepaid health cards

» ANS allows adjustment of up to 7.93% for health insurance

» ANS announces increase in ceiling for health plans

» ANS announces suspension of most health plans that violate deadlines

» ANS assess situation of health plans in areas without structure

» ANS back to suspend the sale of health plans mispriced

» ANS complaints against health plans fall for fifth consecutive month

» ANS decrees portability beneficiaries two extraordinary health plans

» ANS has 70 inspectors to 46 million health plan contracts

» ANS has regular individual health insurance, says opinion of the public prosecutor

» ANS increase rigor on plans from April

» ANS launches booklet with guidelines for retired and laid-off

» ANS makes intervention in Unimed-Rio for a year

» ANS provides portability with no grace period to five health plans

» ANS publishes ranking of insurance companies with more health complaints

» ANS rejects 75% of preventive health plan

» ANS rejects 75% of preventive health plan

» ANS studying new rule to prevent abuse of high level

» ANS suspends health plans from Friday

» ANS suspends sale of 268 health plans

» ANS suspends sale of 69 health plans

» ANS to regulate cancellation and exclusion of health plan beneficiaries

» ANS: health plans may be adjusted by up to 9.65%

» ANS: it must include the form of adjustment in health plan contracts with service providers

» ANS: new tests prioritize prevention

» ANTT: Passengers will have online surveillance

» ANVISA advice on products subject to sanitary control that may or may not be present in the luggage of travelers who arrive in Brazil

» Anvisa alert on fraud rates charges

» Anvisa alert to risk of consumption of food supplement

» Anvisa announces measures published in the Official Gazette of the second

» Anvisa announces new rules for labeling of drugs

» Anvisa authorizes Silimed to resume marketing of breast implants

» Anvisa bans injection plant extracts without registration

» ANVISA bans sale and use of illegal drugs and food produced by the company Childhood

» Anvisa bans sale and use of massage cream Lard Ram

» ANVISA bans sale of 20 brands of whey protein

» Anvisa bans sale of baby food for children

» ANVISA bans sale of medicine for depression

» ANVISA bans sale of tea and slimming

» Anvisa changes rules for nutritional terms on food labels

» Anvisa changes rules to control consumption of supplements

» Anvisa contesta Fantastic and guarantees: generic is safe

» Anvisa determine seizure of two lots of counterfeit Viagra

» Anvisa determines batch seizure of counterfeit medicine

» Anvisa determines fake sibutramine seizure

» ANVISA determines gathering of five lots of Mylicon

» Anvisa determines seizure of anorectic

» Anvisa investigate botulism outbreak

» ANVISA is restricted to food and health products

» Anvisa makes recommendations for the chlorine based sanitizers

» ANVISA opens public consultation on allergen information on food labels

» ANVISA prohibits 25 baby food brand Nutrifam

» Anvisa prohibits batches of irregular food

» Anvisa prohibits extract and tomato sauce with rodent fur

» Anvisa prohibits herbal products without registration

» Anvisa prohibits lot of medicine for high blood pressure

» Anvisa prohibits product release announcing AIDS cure

» Anvisa prohibits sale of 20 brands of whey protein

» Anvisa prohibits sale of 279 food supplement company products

» Anvisa prohibits sale of capsule tea in the country

» Anvisa prohibits sale of cinnamon with the rodent above the allowed limit

» Anvisa prohibits sale of kits of medicines

» Anvisa prohibits selling lot of tomato paste with the rodent

» Anvisa prohibits trade in products with irregularities

» Anvisa prohibits trade in salt

» Anvisa prohibits use of antibiotic Metronidazole lot and medicine against diabetes

» Anvisa prohibits use of herbal compound that promises to end with arthritis pain and tendonitis

» Anvisa publishes the suspension and seizure of five irregular products

» ANVISA regulates food recall

» Anvisa releases products suspected botulism

» Anvisa research points to orange and pineapple as food with higher risk for pesticide

» Anvisa revokes suspension of sales of juice AdeS, Unilever

» Anvisa Sanitary inspection determines that the juice factory contaminated AdeS

» Anvisa seizes counterfeit medicine

» Anvisa suspending batches of irregular cosmetics

» Anvisa suspending irregular products

» Anvisa suspending manufacture, sale and use of liquid soap

» ANVISA suspending rows of tattoos and cosmetics

» Anvisa suspending unregistered products

» Anvisa suspends 31 lots of diuretic

» ANVISA suspends advertising a product for hair loss

» Anvisa suspends all lots of company Formicide Formitek

» Anvisa suspends batch Diviclean Industry Company disinfectant

» Anvisa suspends batch manufactured conditioner after notification of cancellation

» Anvisa suspends batch of medicine

» Anvisa suspends batch of the drug Dramamine B6 DL

» Anvisa suspends cosmetic Biovit Natural Cosmetics

» Anvisa suspends health products, lots of drug and prohibited alcohol gel

» Anvisa suspends herbal products and sanitizing without the Agency registration

» Anvisa suspends illegal slimming products

» ANVISA suspends import of pharmaceutical ingredient

» ANVISA suspends irregular products

» Anvisa suspends irregular propaganda mineral supplement

» Anvisa suspends linseed oil ad

» ANVISA suspends lot Dipyrone

» Anvisa suspends lot saneante Gelálcool Start

» Anvisa suspends lots of antiseptic

» Anvisa suspends lots of medication for high blood pressure

» Anvisa suspends manufacture and sale of products with soy Ades

» Anvisa suspends manufacture, sale and advertising of cosmetic

» Anvisa suspends sale and use of contraceptive lot

» ANVISA suspends sale and use of two drugs

» ANVISA suspends sale and use of two lots of Australian Gold

» ANVISA suspends sale of a batch of shampoo Palmolive Naturals Kids

» Anvisa suspends sale of anti-cellulite products

» Anvisa suspends saneante of Hipercloro brand manufactured without registration

» Anvisa suspends saneante unregistered

» Anvisa suspends saneante without registration

» Anvisa suspends the use of hair straightening

» Anvisa suspends three lots of talc for feet

» Anvisa suspends unknown product that claims to reduce appetite

» Anvisa unregisters the crossfire Plus and prohibits advertising nationwide

» Anvisa want tougher rules for food supplements

» Anvisa wants to ban use of two pesticides that are harmful to health

» ANVISA wants to regulate products used in Chinese medicine

» Anvisa wants to track drugs to prevent forgeries

» ANVISA warning about risk of infant syrup on the border

» Anvisa will test electronic system of Public Consultations

» ANVISA will track the distribution of fruit and vegetables to facilitate monitoring of pesticide use

» Anvisa will update rules for registration of children's cosmetics

» Anvisa: advertising food will sentence warning

» ANVISA: French brand breast implants have an easier time of rupture, but are not toxic

» Apple announces defect boots outlet in Brazil

» Apple announces iPhone 6 recall default that leaves unclear image

» Apple is ordered to indemnify client had denied service in RS

» Apple store in Rio is assessed by Procon

» Appliances are the main causes of consumer accidents, indicates Inmetro

» Appliances should receive Inmetro seal from the 1st of July

» Application helps to identify stations with fuel quality

» Application usage gives a refresher on mobile bill

» Approved project that requires information on lactose and casein in food label

» Approved project to prevent abusive charges for airfare redial

» Approved proposal to allow transfer of air tickets between passengers

» Arcalion drug and cosmetic Amend Supreme Liss have lots suspended

» Are you going to buy furniture or decor items? Procon explains what your rights

» Are you going to do a health plan? Beware of advertisement that promises zero grace

» Are you going to rent a property? Check out tips to avoid problems

» Arezzo respond after the sandal case with brand Via Uno

» As the music shop influences your purchases

» At the time of purchase, an eye on the price, another of expiry

» Attempted consumer fraud increase 9.4% in May, pointing SERASA

» Attempted fraud against consumers grow in January

» Attention shopping for Children's Day

» Attention to buy frozen

» Attention to the effect of repellents: Report if it does not

» Attention to the effect of repellents: Report if it does not

» Attention when buying customized furniture

» Attorneys advise what to do when it falls in the coup of the 'purchase' disguised loan

» Auctioned property is not always good business

» Audi and Volkswagen expands recall list by Takata airbags in Brazil

» Authorized adjustment for individual plans old, according to ANS

» Automatic cancellation of telecom service should enter into force in February

» Avianca leads ranking of cancellation of domestic flights, says Procon-SP

» Aviation: stamp out this year

» Avoid headaches while shopping

» Baby inspires handset Procon

» Back to School: discover what consumers need to know to ensure their rights

» Balance: Procon Campinas closes 1st half with 82 431 calls

» Ballad forces young businessman to pay abusive commission

» Bank accounts for damage to customer use of CPF namesake and card lock

» Bank customer shall indemnify and pay a fine for litigation in bad faith

» Bank interest fall followed by the second month, pointing Procon

» Bank is guilty of delay in service row

» Banks and rates: know your rights

» Banks and telephony lead list of consumer demands, says Procon

» Banks and their rights: current account and bank fees - part I

» Banks and their rights: current account and bank fees - part II

» Banks are stopped by Procon - SP for delay to meet customer

» Banks in Salvador should offer seats to customers who are waiting for service

» Banks must comply with CDC, says STF

» Banks refuse to receive payment of bills in cash

» Banks will have to issue debt discharge receipt in 10 days

» Bars, restaurants and eateries are ranked for hygiene

» Basic Plan: 105% variation

» Basics CDC: basic consumer rights - Part II

» Battle for set essentials

» Bazaars are option for those who want to pay less, but require mining and attention

» Be careful not to be false loan victim

» Be careful not to extrapolate the right to complain

» Beauty does not put table but Brazil spends more on cosmetics than on food

» Beers with up to 0.5% alcohol pass the breathalyzer test, says Inmetro

» Before used to set height, No. of Easter eggs lost function

» Being a citizen and being a consumer. The fine line of consumption and citizenship

» Better informed, Brazilian consumers value more sustainable consumerism

» Beware of false slips IPVA

» Beware of Super-savers close to Children's Day

» Beware of unauthorized charges and gotchas in restaurants

» Bill establishes minimum percentages for full product say integral

» Bill may rise 4.6%

» Bill of 26 municipalities of São Paulo will be 10% cheaper, says Aneel

» Bill provides different price for purchases paid on credit card

» Bill provides that the name of consumer wipe SPC and Serasa faster

» Bill requires the cable operator to discount the invoice time without service

» Bill seeks exemption from payment of parking in shopping center

» Bill wants to ban different tariff plans between post and pre-paid mobile

» Bill wants to ban phone calls without identification

» Bill wants to ban toys with snacks of toast

» Bill will alert to the high cost of energy from May

» Bill will be cheaper in SP and 23 other municipalities in the state

» Bill will come as

» Billet banking: cost can not be passed on to consumers

» Billet offer Contrary Code of Consumer Protection

» Billet offer protection against standards and consumer protection, said Procon

» bills have green flag in April, without addition to the consumer

» Bills will again red flag tariff in February

» Black Friday consumer requires special attention

» Blackout: in case of damage, customer has 90 days to seek compensation

» Blitz in pet shops in Rio de Janeiro caught irregularities

» Blitz Procon RJ-survey medical centers Rio to monitor the quality of service

» Blitz Procon-RJ busted 500 drug out of date and in pet shop will responsible for DP

» Block telemarketing

» Blocked telephone Rights

» BMW announces recall of vehicles a problem in the brake system

» BMW starts recall motorcycle models K1200S and K1200R for implementing a network in the fluid reservoir

» Boards of telecommunications users must be deployed within 6 months

» Boleto collection is only legal if it is under contract

» Bonus programs even triple the value of the annuity credit cards basic

» Booklet will guide consumers on purchases of end of year

» Bottled water is not always mineral

» Bought over the Internet and give up? Reimbursement must be total, including freight and other fees

» Boy must indemnify consumer who bought Talent living larvae

» Brand vehicles pass through recall Chrysler

» Brazil and Portugal close agreement on the rights of consumers

» Brazil bank is ordered to pay R$ 34,400 by cashing account fees

» Brazil Chery does recall the models Tiggo and Cielo

» Brazil has the 11th most expensive energy tariff

» Brazil has the 4th most expensive Big Mac in the world

» Brazil has the most expensive mobile phone rates in Latin America, study finds

» Brazil now ranks third in consumption of beauty products

» Brazil pays an average of R$ 610 for health insurance

» Brazil spends, on average, R$ 106, at Easter this year, says SPC Brazil

» Brazil tries to avoid entry of contaminated products from New Zealand Fonterra

» Brazilian consumer awareness has increased, says coordinator Idec

» Brazilian consumer confidence rises in May, says Foundation

» Brazilian consumer is still somewhat critical and perceptive

» Brazilian consumers have more confidence in the current situation of the economy than in the future

» Brazilian consumers still do not seek for their rights, says survey

» Brazilian consumers test gas bottle made of glass fiber

» Brazilian prioritize price and do not invest in technological innovations

» Brazilian purchase without researching

» Brazilian reduces spending on phone and power

» Brazilian sophisticated your shopping list

» Brazilian worked less to buy basic food basket in March

» Brazilians are less confident, but still want to spend

» Brazilians are saving more

» Brazilians are the least able to identify nutrients on the label of foods

» Brazilians can access medical form before an appointment

» Brazilians do not know the label to identify the nutrients in food

» Brazilians know your consumer rights, but do not complain effectively, research shows

» Bread 'light' is false

» British Airways will pay $ 15 thousand for lost mail

» Broad will replace 30 thousand watches

» Broadband grows and problems abound

» Broadband is expected to cost between R$ 25 and R$ 35 per month, says minister

» Broadband: companies will have to deliver at least 60% of the contracted speed, says Anatel

» Broadband: in Rio, all operators violate the FCC requirement

» Buenos Aires became part of design attention to tourist consumer

» Bula easy to understand

» Bulletin warns forgotten investment in the Fund 157

» Bulls have bigger letters and will be specific to patients and health professionals

» Burger King is ordered to compensate consumer who had infection after sandwich

» Burglaries in private parking lots: see consumer rights

» Bus fares may not include insurance value without consulting customers

» Buy Asian sites may not be a good deal

» Buy Well: Learn to identify pranks on food labels

» Buying a car? Here are some tips to get into debt

» Buying health insurance should not be done on impulse, ANS alert

» Buying or selling easy difficulty?

» Buying Used Car: Financing

» BV Financeira is ordered to return unfair tariffs

» By denying authorization, Health Plan will have to communicate in writing

» C class consumers prefer branded clothes, says survey

» Cable can be more expensive in Brazil with increased GST, informs research

» Cable TV, telephony and retail: the companies with the most complaints in 2016

» Cable TV, telephony, broadband: Search prices and reduce monthly expenses

» Cacau Show caters notification of Procon-SP and is committed to sharing Easter eggs unfit for consumption

» Cade investigates Kibon and Nestle by the concentration of ice cream market

» Call Center: headache continues and the only way is to claim

» Calls between cellular and landline phone will be cheaper in February

» Calls from landlines to cell phones will be cheaper

» Caloi summons recall of children's bike week Children's Day

» Campaign "Safe House" celebrates Day of the Consumer

» Campaign will alert consumers about the Law of Minimum Price

» Can I go to the movies with popcorn?

» Can the operator cancel a prepaid line for lack of credit?

» Can you live without buying? Experience shows that they

» Can you read a label?

» Cancel phone, internet and pay TV will be easier

» Cancel telecom services is an arduous task

» Cancellations of membership for health insurance increase

» Car ad: one in the photo, the price of another

» car buying cancellation defective also closed a financing agreement

» Car repair can take up to seven months

» Car salesman will have to inform tax amounts to the buyer

» Car: credit is very long-term marketing and reaches few consumers

» card machine does not work and the client is obliged to leave the cell

» card system falls: what consumer rights

» Card, cash or check? Consumer prices should terminate if they are

» Cards represent on average 28 % of the Brazilian household consumption

» Care to Hire Vacation Packages

» Care when buying mineral water

» Care when filling the car at gas stations

» Cariocas can report non-compliance with court decisions on service delivery site in MP

» Carnival: Febraban gives tips to consumers about spending days of revelry

» CARNIVAL: Procon-JP directs consumers to seek better price carnival products

» Carriers offer discounted internet plans for Mother's Day

» Carriers offer more lines than can operate to increase profits

» Cars damaged in parking lots do not always have satisfactory repair

» Cars on the web: how to buy a car online without headache

» Cars: agency assesses five brands of alarms, see the result

» Casas Bahia is accused of tying and can be fined more than R$ 6 million

» Casas Bahia is the site with more irregular offers, says Procon RJ

» Caution prevails in spending for the Children's Day

» CDC does not apply to legal relationships with closed private pension

» CDC ensures that tattoo should be reformed if it does not satisfy the consumer

» Cedae is condemned by the Supreme Court for collection by estimate

» CELG admits error and reduces to R$ 135 bills that totaled R$ 18,000

» Cell invest $ 1.1 billion to retain customers

» Cell phone will have new rules in 2013

» Cell phones should join the list of products with immediate return, in case of complaint

» cellular rates of value rose 4.1% in April

» Cemig warns of fake debt coup and power cut threat

» Central assistance of Anatel win new number

» Certain compensation of R$ 100 thousand blind patients after cataract surgery

» Cetomed medicine has lot suspended for present unsatisfactory results

» Chamber promotes videochat on Thursday about changes in telephone

» Charge couvert is correct? Understand

» Charge different price for payment by credit card is abusive practice, determines STJ

» Cheaper drugs for seniors

» Check 4 rights that the couple have the wedding process

» Check 5 rights you have as a consumer, but may not know

» Check out 10 care to make good Christmas shopping

» Check out 15 tips to avoid losing and vehicles with installments in arrears

» Check out 20 free apps to save and organize finances

» Check out 4 tips on how to save on medication

» Check out five tips on which products

» Check out the fruits and vegetables that are cheaper and more expensive this month

» Check out the tips of Procon- SP for hiring winch service

» Check out these tips for shopping in installment sales in 2016

» Check out tips to avoid errors and save time to buy a bike

» Check out tips to save up to 30% in market purchase

» Check out what are the deadlines for complaining about defects

» Checks: care in time to meet and receive avoid losses

» Chevrolet does recall the Trailblazer for failure to bank

» Chicco, Burigotto and Peg-Pérego summon recall of 13,000 baby car seats

» Child suffers injuries after shattering box glass

» Children get lesson against consumerism

» Childrens Day electronics have up to 72% of the value in taxes

» Children's Day: 50.4 % of Brazilians intend to buy gifts

» Children's Day: 80% of parents must spend up to R$ 150 with gifts

» Children's Day: be creative and save

» Children's Day: Consumer should spend on average R$ 118

» Children's Day: Meet taxes on the gift of his son

» Children's Day: Procon-SP is the price difference of up to 179%

» Children's Day: saving to buy toys is the best option to tackle inflation

» Children's Day: take some care when buying toys

» Children's Day: take some care when buying toys

» Children's party house indemnify death in equipment

» Chinese websites selling clothes to electronics with prices up to 80 % lower than the Brazilians

» Chocolate egg-shaped cost 4 times more - which is why you agree to pay

» Christmas present for the web can be returned

» Christmas shopping online? Protect yourself from the delayed delivery

» Christmas: guidelines for shopping with happy ending

» Chrysler and GM convene in Brazil recalls for problems in mirrors and the ignition switch

» Cinema and its rights

» Citroen is recalling models by failure in the brake

» City determines 15 minutes in banks waiting queue

» Civil Guard seize more than 10,000 toys with fake seal INMETRO

» Civil Marco Internet: No agreement, leaders now admit only vote in 2014

» Claim Forward: Attention redoubled

» Claims for electricity supply double in two years

» Clarification of the suspension of lots of drug company Prati Donaduzzi & Cia Ltda

» Claro and TIM respond to flaws in the process by SAC

» Claro debut SMS to be charged with Vivo and Oi

» Claro delivery action plan for the FCC

» Claro, Oi and Tim are prohibited from selling new lines from the second

» Class C represents 49% of the associated health plans, according to research

» Clauses in standard contracts can be overturned in court

» Cleaning products are suspended for failure to register

» Client has difficulty to open account essential

» Client is called Addicted to adjustments after carrier complain

» Client is called 'educated ill' in Vivo bill

» Climatic variations already increases the price of rice for the consumer, second FGV

» Cloro Klim and Soda Luzvel cleaning products not allowed

» Closeouts beginning of year can be dangerous. Here's how to avoid debt.

» Clothing Manufacturers seek the perfect solution

» CMA will review proposal that requires disclosure of explicit financial charges

» Coca-Cola announces global commitments to help fight obesity

» Cod kilo price may rise up to 20% by the end of the year

» Code of Consumer Protection in the area of health

» Coffee and milk are on the list of the new villains of inflation

» Collection of creditors must comply with limits and companies should not expose customers to ridicule

» Collection of hotel booking canceled in advance may be prohibited

» Collection only links to successive starts in earnest in February 26, 2013

» Collective purchases: know what sites do when the consumer has problems

» Collective shopping sites should take responsibility for problems with offers

» College will reimburse customers victims of theft

» Colleges violate the ordinance that requires prices of courses

» Come into effect today new rules for telephony

» Commerce is optimistic about sales at Christmas

» Commerce is preparing for an increase of 20% at Christmas

» Commission adopted prohibition of titanium dioxide in foods and cosmetics

» Commission approves consultation on site installation of broadband

» Commission approves criteria for refusal of checks in shops

» Commission approves details of taxes in fiscal note

» Commission approves exemption from VAT for social tariff energy

» Commission approves mandatory information on life of consumer goods

» Commission approves proposal for a tax-free CDs and DVDs

» Commission approves return of parcels to consumers to give up service

» Commission rejects limit on the difference between condo fees

» Commission requires radio and TV to publicize electricity tariff flag

» Commission restricts placement advertising to children

» Commission shall report on the Consumer Protection Code

» Commission will discuss how the law can protect children from consumerism

» Commitment to reduce complaints was not complied with by all companies

» Committee approves measure prohibiting collection of fees on accounts with minimum essential

» Companies and consumers strive for standardization of sizes in fashion

» Companies announce voluntary recall of products by identifying content Carmustine below the specified

» Companies are already prepared to meet the new Code of Consumer Protection, says survey

» Companies are fined for not indicate use of GMOs in food label

» Companies do not accept return values ​​wrongly charged, says Aneel

» Companies invest to improve customer service

» Companies must have proof to fine

» Companies should facilitate the access of the customer contracts

» Companies sign public commitment towards consumer

» Companies violate the law and charging a convenience fee reaches 34% of the entry, when the threshold is 10%

» Companies violate the law prohibiting tying snacks with toys in Rio de Janeiro

» Companies with more week of complaints totaled 11,000 complaints

» Company announces voluntary recall of medicament

» Company is prohibited from selling products without registration

» Company medications lots Prati Donaduzzi are banned

» Company shall pay compensation for defective printer

» Company will indemnify the client for failure to trace motorcycle

» Compare prices can help protect yourself from inflation?

» Compensation for electric damage should be reported in the electricity bill

» Compensation for lack of energy totaled R$ 385 million in 2011

» Competition for the customer

» Complaining Advance: Polygamy in tying

» Complaining Advance: Same place, different prices

» Complaint against more expensive health

» Complaints about the Procon RJ-commerce grew by 6.4% in 2012

» Complaints about tourism products and services may be made directly on property

» Complaints about toys and games increase 44%

» Complaints against card fraud grow 43% in the first half, says association

» Complaints against collective shopping sites grow 400% in the 1st half, says Procon-SP

» Complaints against mobile still generate a lot of demand after the release of the sale of chips, says Procon-SP

» Complementary concierge for mattresses and foam mattresses

» Computers can be more expensive from next year

» Conar asks packaging change the Sufresh 100% juice, only orange

» Conar judges in advertising process that uses the name Luis Augusto

» Concessionaire must compensate for withholding car defaulting customers

» Condemnation of BV Financeira valley throughout Brazil

» Condo can not be charged before delivery of the keys

» Condominium may not use non-pecuniary measures to punish debtor

» Condominium will be 5% more expensive

» Confidence is more important than cost in online transactions

» Confidence of the consumer has no new record

» Confused with lottery consortium turns inexpensive alternative to fund goods

» Connections Hi public phones will be free in 2020 municipalities

» Connections to landline phone will be 13 % cheaper in March

» Conscious consumption brings more lasting happiness

» Consea recommended to ANVISA to streamline regulation for food labeling

» Consortia you know how they work?

» Consortium out up to 39% cheaper than funding by direct consumer credit

» Consortium Service begins to move

» Consumer and citizen: there is a difference between the two?

» Consumer appliances lost by power outage will receive R$ 5000

» Consumer association delivery letter to the FCC asking 4G internet

» Consumer bargain more on Christmas shopping

» Consumer begins to change credit cards for store cards

» Consumer claims to have purchased phone for the internet and received sandbag

» Consumer code turns 25 and can be voted on in the Senate update

» Consumer complaints on open data portal

» Consumer confidence fell 8.1% since September

» Consumer confidence has the lowest level since 2005

» Consumer confidence in the U.S. has the highest level in almost six years

» Consumer confidence is recovering and is the highest since October

» Consumer confidence rises 3% in January, but remains low, says FGV

» Consumer confidence starts 2010 on the rise, says FGV

» Consumer Day: fair exchange, travel and renegotiation of debts are on schedule

» Consumer demand for credit retreats in January, says Good view

» Consumer electricity meter suspects can request test

» Consumer evaluates and distributors of electrical service

» consumer expert gives tips for shopping promotions

» consumer expert gives tips for shopping promotions

» consumer expert warns of problems with deliveries

» Consumer finds 'foreign body' in tomato sauce stew Predilecta

» Consumer finds larva Cup Noodles and manufacturer will need to collect lot in Rio

» Consumer finds pieces of glass cans milk powder state dictates that the entire batch be collected

» Consumer finds strange object in tomato sauce Pomarola

» Consumer group buying sites are more demanding, says SPC

» Consumer habits change to dribble price of cleaning products

» Consumer has 90 days after the finding of addiction precautionary action to obtain redress

» Consumer has been spoiled by the operators, says Anatel

» Consumer has up to 7 days to give up buying the Web

» Consumer intention falls to lowest level since 2010 in all components

» Consumer is convicted of abuse of the right to claim

» Consumer is entitled to twice the amount charged unduly prove bad faith

» Consumer is less satisfied with companies, study ESPM says

» Consumer is not required to carry extended warranty, says Sincor-SE

» Consumer Law: 10 Tips for Shopping for Christmas

» Consumer may give up buying the WhatsApp within seven days

» Consumer may have within 60 days to remove product repaired

» Consumer may receive contracts within 15 days of online shopping

» Consumer may receive spare car in case of delay in repair

» Consumer must be informed before choosing the best credit option

» Consumer must pay the bills even with strikes, says Idec

» Consumer must sign up for the free service SERASA the loss of documents occurred during the holiday to avoid being a victim of fraud

» Consumer plans to spend less on Easter, says Search Boa Vista

» Consumer price trading lower by supermarket near home

» Consumer prices in São Paulo high speeds to 0.96%

» Consumer Project Tchê

» Consumer protection against telemarketing search

» Consumer Protection approves prohibition of double recovery lighting rate

» Consumer protection becomes state policy

» Consumer Protection Code defends client against misleading advertising

» Consumer Protection Code establishes different rules for the exchange of product

» consumer protection measures against failures

» consumer protection measures against failures

» Consumer protection: know that agencies use when there are problems with products and services

» Consumer receives billing undue the cable TV and is indemnified

» Consumer records rat eating packing bread in the supermarket AM

» Consumer relations: burden of proof inversion does not require the defendant to bear the cost of expert evidence

» Consumer rights has expanded with new Code rules

» Consumer rights to SAC

» Consumer rights to withdraw from the purchase of a property

» Consumer says he found in larval and web product to prepare cakes

» Consumer Secretariat maintains fines on Pepsico and Cifarma companies

» Consumer Secretariat opens proceedings against TIM for misleading advertising

» Consumer sends mobile technical assistance and gets back a stone

» Consumer shall receive this month the annual discharge of debts

» Consumer should be careful with payments during the strike Post

» Consumer should redouble attention to the extended warranty contract

» Consumer should spend less on Children's Day

» Consumer spends more on cigarettes than with rice and beans

» Consumer struggles to renegotiate debt with banks, says Idec

» Consumer teaches how not to be on hand at the altar

» Consumer tourist is more educated and demanding

» Consumer uses law to waive cover charge in São Paulo

» Consumer uses social network to boycott abusive price

» Consumer waiting five months for car repair and wins damages

» Consumer who does not save water in Ceará pay rate of 120%

» Consumer who found condom cream will be indemnified for RS 4000

» Consumer who loses employment is entitled to renegotiate its debt

» Consumer who loses employment is entitled to renegotiate its debt

» Consumer will be compensated at R$ 2000 after after light service be suspended improperly

» Consumer will be compensated by finding larva in candy

» Consumer will benefit from compensation fund for abusive financial practices

» Consumer will continue to pay more for energy in April

» Consumer wins law against improper collection

» Consumerism child : a serious social disease

» Consumerism child: a serious social disease

» Consumers Amazon have discounted rates from November, says Aneel

» Consumers are aware that incentives will be transferred to prices of cars

» Consumers ask for major changes in customer service

» Consumers believe that the fuel sector is where it is practicing cartel

» Consumers buy new equipment and products used to take home

» Consumers can buy car on debit card

» Consumers can complain, pharmacy, reactions to medications

» Consumers can save R$ 1700 a year with choice of telephony plan

» Consumers can search health insurance situation in the ANS site

» Consumers can simulate savings on electricity bill

» Consumers can speak out against approval of the General Law of the Cup

» Consumers criticize possibility of limiting fixed internet

» Consumers fill stores in the 1st day of number portability for mobile phones

» Consumers have rights in assault case

» Consumers have until March 20 to submit suggestions on rules for spring mattresses

» Consumers International convenes entities for campaign of 2013

» Consumers International lists five characteristics of an ideal phone service

» Consumers only buy on site without security, if it offers 30% discount

» Consumers pay more taxes after the tax substitution

» Consumer's right to gain status for the National Secretariat

» Consumers should be alert during Carnival

» Consumers should be aware of the existing residues in meat

» Consumers should be careful about loyalty programs

» Consumers should be careful not to be indebted to products with low IPI

» Consumers should be careful not to fall in the buffet blow

» Consumers should be careful not to fall in the buffet blow

» Consumers should be careful with loyalty programs

» Consumers should pay attention to over-payments

» Consumers should spend less with present for mothers, says research

» Consumers spend between R$ 80 and R$ 120 on Children's Day

» Consumers support changes on the labels, says research Idec

» Consumers warn of two virtual stores delaying delivery

» Consumers who drank improper Elegê milk will be indemnified

» Consumers who find expired products on supermarket of Rio will receive another

» platform solves 79% of complaints registered

» Consumption grows intention of São Paulo, according to the Tasting

» Consumption is luxury, but the service does not always

» Consumption of milk powder can help in the household budget

» Consumption of non-durable goods up 19% in 1st half, says survey

» Consumption of pirated products in the country is halved in five years

» Contracts have to be clear about mobile marketing, says Anatel

» Convenience fee that the consumer is obligated to pay?

» Cooking gas: 11 tips to ensure your rights and security

» Correios announces the end of e-Sedex, the cheapest mode for sites

» Correios say that its service of cellular will begin by SP, BH and DF

» Cost of the phone in Brazil is the world's tallest to US$ 60 monthly, ITU points.

» Costs of public services may be reduced

» Cots must have the guarantee stamp

» Counterfeit products also affects the cosmetics industry

» Coup in hospitals: be careful not to fall into it

» Court confirms ban the sale of flavored cigarettes in the country

» Court decision puts punishment of the ANS operators of health plans in check

» Court rules that mobile carriers can not limit the validity of claims

» court ruling prohibits abusive practice of selling married the Mines Cable Telecommunications Ltd.

» Court upholds injunction against improper collection annuity by Itaucard Bank

» Covenants in crisis

» Credit card with five tariffs

» Credit card and consumer protection code

» Credit card and telephone complaints lead in Procons in 2008

» Credit cards can not be sent without user authorization

» Credit cell will have a minimum validity of 30 days

» Credit sucks money from the consumer

» Credit up to 60% cheaper

» Cubic Meters may be mandatory criterion for water charges

» Customer buys smartphone, but gets braces 65 times cheaper

» Customer claims to have found larvae in Eataly restaurant dish of São Paulo

» Customer complains mug 'liar' event and organization denies offense

» Customer consumer is elected the worst service operators, says Anatel

» Customer finds webs and larvae in rice package Raris

» Customer may give up buying over the Internet in seven days

» Customer online purchase and receive stone in mobile place in MG

» Customer purchase car damaged vehicle and receives zero

» Customer right must be guaranteed

» Customer satisfaction regarding insurance falls, says ESPM

» Customer search right on Queue Act in banks and earn compensation of R$ 3000

» Customer shall require repair of defective product

» Customer travels by bus after canceled flight and is indemnified

» Customer wants to pay, but the bills do not arrive

» Customer who found 'foreign body' in tomato sauce will be indemnified

» Customer who gives up goods and services also have rights

» Customer will receive compensation for accident during workout in gym

» Customer will receive R$ 3,800 per defect in cell

» Customer's metal ring in natural guarana cup

» Customers of health plans go to court to ensure the right to home care

» Customers of the paid TVs that have the interrupted service should complain operators

» Customers reject brands subjected to recall, poll reveals

» Customers who trusted teenager should bear expenses on stolen card

» Cutting costs should reduce by 10% electricity tariff, says minister

» Damage caused by power outage should be repaired by the dealership, alert Idec

» Damage caused by the grid will have new rules

» Data indicate that ascension of class C bothers class consumers AB

» Data security events and clubs will be informed of tickets

» Daylight saving time generates savings of $ 4 billion, says Minister of Mines and Energy

» DDD must be free in 70% of Embratel's hoods

» Deadline for consumers save receipts for accounts may fall to 2 years

» Dealers increase stock car with the back of the IPI

» Debt is automatic, efficient, not

» Default consumer falls 5.1% in August, indicates Professionals

» default rate the vehicle financing falls for the first time since 2010, but rate remains high

» Default should grow especially in payments of long-term

» Defaults up almost 9% with crisis and unemployment, says PricewaterhouseCoopers

» Defective product

» Delay in care is one of the main complaints against health plans

» Delays in delivery online shopping: consumer rights should be ensured

» Delays in delivery online shopping: consumer rights should be ensured

» Delinquency in schools reaches 25%; know how to negotiate debts

» Delivery of meal: know your rights

» Delivery of product by appointment

» Demand for domestic flights grows 11.2% in February

» Demands of health insurance consumers

» Denied credit and consumer rights

» Department of Consumer Protection sued pharmaceutical laboratory

» department store will have to indemnify client at R$ 3000

» Design allows consumers install meter to check water bill

» Design ensures the right consumer to contract cancellation with personal assistance

» Design that allows a cash payment for discount should be voted next week

» Despite the crisis, brazilian remains consumed in bars and restaurants

» Did you have trouble with public transport? know your rights

» Did you know that every patient is entitled to a copy of the medical records?

» Did you overpay for the light bill? Consumer can receive money back

» Difference in prices of school supplies reaches 176% in Rio

» Difference in prices on gifts for Mother's Day reaches 127 %

» Difference of consumer profiles and market developments

» different from the contracted cruise generates compensation

» Difficulty of access to call centers is the primary subject of complaints in the FCC

» Dilma announces on Friday plan of consumer protection

» Dilma announces reduction in electricity bills from tomorrow and dismisses risk of rationing

» Dilma approves law that prohibits schools ask parents of school supplies for collective use

» Dilma may veto the sale of medicine in the market, says minister

» Dilma says will stimulate reticulation of technical assistance

» Dilma will speak on national television to ensure discount on bill

» Diploma: private colleges can not charge for the standard diploma

» Directing Supplier: Card payment

» Directing Supplier: Cheque

» Director of the AIDS program reviews "abuse of power" manufacturers Cocktail

» Dirty Name: Restriction has limits

» Dirty name? Check out four steps to renegotiate debts with companies

» Disac Comercial Ltda and Toyota of Brazil were reported by Procon-SP and had to republish notified of recall by being incomplete

» Discount Dilma promised by the bill is not real

» Discounts of up to 30% in building materials

» Discounts up to 40% in construction material

» Dismissing jewelry without any caution in air travel prevents compensation for loss

» Disrespect to the consumer: Learn how to be compensated

» Distributor drinks indemnify clients for alleged frog in soda can

» DMV takes cars and record rate drops to R$ 22

» Do not allow the tightness in his pocket leave poorer nutrition

» Do you have problem using Stick phosphorus?

» Do you know your rights?

» Do you use the air conditioner too much? 5 tips to save energy

» Doctors are fined for illegible handwriting in revenue in PR

» Doctors promise to suspend for 15 days attendance to health plans, says BMA

» Documentation resident may devalue or even lead to loss of property

» Does the product have the same weight contained in the package?

» Does washing fruit before storing in the refrigerator right?

» Domestic airfare drops 41.69% in ten years, the report says Anac

» Double advantage

» Downloads in the boundary between legality and piracy

» DPDC initiates administrative proceedings against cable TV operators

» Dream wedding at prices far more affordable

» Drip-drip of water makes money from residents go to drain

» Drop in production of cell is around 30%

» Drop rate does not improve perception of electricity services

» Dropped out and refund ticket road

» Drug analysis program reports results

» Drug prices adjustment may be up to 7.7%, says government

» Drugs may be adjusted from 5.9% from March 31

» Drugs without a prescription again be sold off the counter

» DST warm commercially in Rio

» Easter egg 10% higher

» Easter eggs not fit in your pocket? Learn how to get around the high prices

» Easter Eggs: Not worth how much it weighs

» Easter products have taxes of over 50%, says IBPT

» Easter: know and escape the most common fraud in the sale of fish

» Eat healthily without spending too much money

» Eating away from home may cost a third of the gain

» Education pulls in high of 0.69% cost of living in São Paulo in January, says Dieese

» Efficient public service is guaranteed by law

» Eight branches of Guanabara in Rio and Baixada are fined by Procon-RJ

» Electric light bill will come cheaper from May

» Electricity bill may have extra adjustment in 2015

» Electricity consumption in the country declined 2.9% in July, says EPE

» Electricity sized

» Electronic system of assessments of Nota Fiscal Paulista grants citizenship tax

» Electronic system of assessments of Nota Fiscal Paulista grants citizenship tax

» Embarrassment and threats? Procon-AM warns of illegalities in charges

» EMS generic oral antidiabetic package is suspended

» Energy can rise to 60% in the Southeast, Midwest and South in 2015

» Energy continues with red flag in December

» Enjoy deals on special days and times; discounts reach 46%

» Enjoy the IPI reduction without losing control of debt

» Enter into force new rules Thursday to reduce noise appliances

» Enter into force on 12 new rules for fruit drinks labels

» Enterprises shall issue proof of annual discharge until Friday

» Entities seek the suspension of GM maize NK 603 from Monsanto in Brazil

» Entity launches campaign against invading supposed organic products on the market

» Escalator accident: woman will receive R$ 13 thousand

» Escape the crisis: buy after the 17th may be cheaper

» Essential products: market worries about immediate exchange policy

» Establishments are responsible for damage caused by Valet

» Establishments must follow the price suggested by the manufacturers?

» Establishments will have to disclose nutritional values of foods on the menu

» European Committee discusses policy program for consumers in meeting in Belgium

» Events and offers new books leave up to 95% cheaper

» Every 15 seconds someone suffers attempted fraud, says SERASA

» Exchange of cell without fine

» Exchange of health plan without grace is worth

» Exchange without trauma

» Expert gives tips for choosing foods at free fairs

» Experts criticize accessibility rules approved by ANAC for aircraft and airports

» Experts give 7 tips to consumers who suffer fraud in card

» Experts say 10 measures that can reduce spending at the supermarket

» Extended warranty of a product is not mandatory, stay tuned!

» Extended Warranty: still lack information

» Extra charge on electricity bills should fall from February

» Extra point is still in the account

» EXTRA research shows 55 products had the content or reduced size in supermarkets

» EXTRA Research shows the ranking of the worst INSS branches in Rio

» Eye Cup, government monitor prices

» Faced with alternatives to traditional telephony, market discusses the need for recovery rate (1)

» Faced with alternatives to traditional telephony, market discusses the need for recovery rate (2)

» Failure to provide telephone service giving entitlement to discount

» Failure TV signal subscription and rights

» Failures debit

» Failures in services rob peace even on vacation

» Failures services wishlists frustrate Grooms

» Fake Operation Look for Fake Dental Implants

» Fake site Lojas Americanas applies blow to the sale of iPhone with 60% discount

» Falling dollar does not reach the consumer's pocket

» False advertising: cars with zero interest are more expensive than expected

» False brokerage customers left without compensation

» Family wins lawsuit and receive R$ 2000 of confectionery sweets handed ugly

» Famous brands of facial sunscreen do not deliver; see which

» Fan is also consumer

» Fan status and their rights

» Father's Day: survey of Procon-SP is a difference of up to 100% for the same product

» FCC Announces Changes to benefit customers telephone, pay TV and internet

» FCC Extends Deadline for Telefonica decreasing amount of disruption to connections fixed

» FCC holds public hearing on new rules of the pay TV service

» FCC opens public consultation on the levying of call after line is dropped

» FCC sets rates for popular phone

» FCC threatens to ban the sale of chips TIM

» FDA approves remedy for hot flashes of menopause

» Fecomercio-SP says Law Delivery of harm businesses and consumers

» Fecomercio-SP shows an increase in intention to consumption

» Feirão Clears Name SERASA arrives in Rio on Tuesday

» Feirão online SCPC help defaulting clearing name until December 14

» Fell into the trap of Black Friday ? Learn how to complain

» Fell, cut, broke. And now, whom to complain?

» Female footwear leading shopping intention list for Christmas

» FGV: consumer confidence is historically low

» Fiat indemnify consumers by misleading the Palio 2007

» Fiat Stilo start of the recall on Thursday

» Fight for size wave ends up in court

» Filename: the first test of the school year

» Fill in supermarket car generates savings of R$ 732 per year in Saõ Paulo, says study

» Find guarantor will be more difficult

» Find out the timeframe for power outages

» Find out what your rights when the new product presents problems

» Fine for increased consumption of water back into effect on SP decides TJ

» Fine of fidelity? Know the limits on the imposition of the fee

» Fines of R$ 7 million punish violations in Rio

» Fiscal make surprise visits to gas stations to prevent fraud

» Fish Week encourages the consumption of fish

» Five important tips for traders

» Five steps to be taken before entering into a consortium

» Five tips for choosing the most efficient air conditioner

» Five tips on deadlines for filing complaints

» Five Tips to save on phone bills

» Five Tips: Extended Warranty

» Fixed telephony readjustment of 0.5% will have in the coming days

» Fixed: consumer complaints are already known by Anatel

» Fixed: increased competition could push consumer prices down

» Flag indicates if power tariff will cost more or less

» Flag tariff electricity bill still green in October

» Flight canceled: Understand what your rights are

» Floating car: insurer is obliged to cover damages caused by floods

» Floor cloths: a lesson in consumer awareness

» Flowers for Mother's Day out up to 30% cheaper in the markets

» Focus on consumer education

» Food for diabetics may be tax-exempt

» Food prices fall by 19% and inflation recedes in Rio

» food supplement without registration is suspended

» Food supplements of thymol company are prohibited

» Food: products with prohibited prohibited substance

» For Brazilian consumer, expensive product is good product, research indicates

» For failure to service provider is ordered to compensate customer in Acre

» For Idec airline must offer assistance to passengers in any situation

» For the consumer, the improvements of life are personal achievements

» For the sake of cleanliness and comfort, cinemas may prohibit entry of some items

» Forbidden illegal sibutramine Trim Extreme

» Forbidden lot of frozen fish Navegantes (SC)

» Forbidden Ressaca Kit

» Ford announces recall

» Ford announces recall of Fiesta Rocam

» Ford is recalling 2013 Ranger model to suit the locking mechanism of the rear seat backrest

» Ford New Fiesta starts recall for models 2011, 2012 and 2013 due to failure in air bags

» Former Health Plan: know when best to change

» Foundation Procon-SP autu Telefonica

» Four consumer rights in home improvement

» Four rights you have to buy online

» Fraud increases in year-end: See what to do if a victim

» Free booklet brings consumer tips to save

» Free courses: contract helps prevent headaches

» Free delivery bags in supermarkets ends on Wednesday

» Free only in appearance: free cards charge other fees consumer

» Free seminar in Rio will guide consumers about rights when shopping

» Freedom of choice is the biggest problem faced by the consumer, points Idec

» Freedom to change the plan

» From 2015 changes in the electricity sector may reduce tariffs by 10%

» From 2015, Anatel will require more quality data network of mobile phone companies

» From April, consumers may have plot card up to 200 times

» From January to September, 15 million defaulters could clear his name, according to a survey

» From Monday, the portability of cell phones comes to Rio

» Front Electric Power

» Front promotes a cycle of debates on the reduction of energy tariffs

» Full Disclosure: infant seats for cars

» Funeral home to pay for charging excess weight fee

» Fusion between Blue and Trip is approved by Cade

» G1 tested 4G in the six Confederations Cup venues, check results

» Gangs stick blocking operators and sell stolen phone

» Gas cylinder rises 3 % in Rio, but it is above the maximum found in a study of ANP

» Gas cylinders will be adjusted by 15%

» Gasoline is on average 2.94% more expensive in Belo Horizonte

» Gasoline will adjust to international price in the medium term, says Petrobras

» General Motors initiates recall for vehicle Chevrolet Classic 2013 to replace the impact bar the front bumper

» Generic Albendazole 400mg of Prati Donaduzzi lot has interdicted

» Generic cephalexin has lots suspended by ANVISA

» Generic lot for diabetes is suspended

» Get tips on how to save on the purchase of school supplies

» Get to know the data on consumption accidents reported to Inmetro in 2016

» Gifts will be paid in cash; clothing and shoes preference

» Glasses 'pharmacy' is accessible, but consumers should be careful when buying

» Globosat gets out of independent channels on pay TV

» GM calls recall Agile and Montana for airbag defect

» GM is recalling Chevrolet S10 and Trailblazer Diesel 2014

» GM: companies violate the law on food labels, says Idec

» Go buy a new car? Learn which best meets your profile

» Goal must reserve up to two free seats for people with disabilities

» Gol premiere new system of check-in and multifunction totems in September

» Gol starts to charge fee for reserved seats in the next 21 days

» Good wine need not have high prices, research reveals

» Government announces suspension of 225 health plans from 28 carriers

» Government authorizes adjustments in medications from March 30

» Government climbs IPI microwave, motorcycles and air-conditioning

» Government creates group to protect the rights of consumers of telecommunications

» Government creates mechanism to expedite reimbursement of user queries plans in SUS

» Government decides to reduce energy bills by up to 20%

» Government extending IPI reduced to appliances, furniture and cars

» Government extending the IPI reduction for white goods and furniture and chandeliers exempts

» Government extends as reduced taxes on basic food products

» Government formalizes rules on client's right to telephone service

» Government IPI extending down to the white line and mobile

» Government is also considering norm for immediate exchange of defective product

» Government is implementing measures to stimulate competition in the industry card

» Government Launches Integrated Center for Consumer Protection Cup

» Government measures to accelerate heat consumption

» government portal records accidents products

» Government prepares to back the telecommunications

» Government publishes decree that keeps discount on bill

» Government publishes law allowing cheaper bill

» Government raises IPI white line and discards new exemptions

» Government reduces prices for generic drugs

» Government restricts swelling of the TV commercial

» Government suspends 212 health plans from 21 carriers

» Government want European standard of care in the Telephony cellular, says Paul Bernardo

» Government wants to lower prices of digital TV converter

» Government wants to reach people without access to bank with creating rules for mobile payments

» Government wants to track consumer accidents

» Government will launch app for consumers to evaluate supermarkets

» Government will monitor the new rules for phone companies

» Government's proposal to regulate cards should be completed in 30 days

» Greasy touch screens may be security risk

» Great Hotels of the river leading fine for hiding prices daily

» Greve makes Argentine airlines cancel flights in Brazil, informs ANAC

» Group Claro and NET leads the ranking of claims in 2015

» Groupon violates the Consumer Protection Code and is excluded from the committee

» Growing number of complaints against advertisements

» Growing number of randomly selected consortia that do not use the letter of credit

» Guarana will report that has only aroma and flavor açaí

» Guarantee their right: international purchases up to US$ 100 are free of taxes

» Guidance on provider pricing complete two years

» Guide helps consumers to avoid fraud in the purchase of products by kilo

» Guidelines for those who will attend the Olympic Games

» Guidelines on waterproofing

» Guiding the dealer invoice

» Guiding the dealer warranty

» Guiding the dealer warranty

» Guiding the Supplier Deals Clearance

» Hair without formaldehyde

» Hairdresser said to have received water bill 1,600% higher in February

» Handbook on health plans answers questions from customers and also is a reference for professionals

» Harley-Davidson launches call for motorcycles VRSCDX model for problem to rear fender

» Harley-Davidson recall calls for brake problems

» Have or have not? How to pay? See 6 tips on credit card

» Have pets? Know careful when choosing a pet shop

» Have you had any problems with matchstick?

» Have you heard of tying? Find out what is

» He enrolled and quit? Know Your Rights!

» He gave up the registration? Know your rights

» He viewed this? Photographer buy camera R$ 6000 and receives water bottle

» Health insurance? Six tips before hiring

» health plan can not refuse elderly accession

» Health plan for only $ 50

» health plan is doomed to create embarrassments for rugged child surgery

» Health plan is ordered to pay punitive damages for denying treatment

» Health plan must cover emergency treatment, even during shortages

» Health plan must inform customers individually about disaccreditation of doctors and hospitals, says Supreme Court

» Health plan that excludes home care has canceled clause

» Health plan to deny coverage can be fined or even suspended

» Health plan to deny coverage should be explained in writing

» Health plan will indemnify elderly women after denying surgery to prevent their blindness

» Health plan, coverage is denied the biggest complaint

» Health plan: see deadlines to ask in court for the return of readjustments and other undue expenses

» Health Plan: see how portability request special needs

» Health plans can no longer limit the service

» Health plans have good performance in rank, but this is real?

» Health plans increased by 538% between 2005 and 2013, says Idec

» Health plans may not require ICD indication for tests

» Health plans must change to contract medical charge extra for delivery, determines ANS

» Health plans must cover treatments for mental wellbeing

» Health plans negotiate an average increase of 20%

» Health plans refuse individual contracts with individuals

» Health plans should inform consumers about doctors and hospitals out of

» Health plans under review

» Health plans violate rule of ANS and do not allow examinations requested by dentists

» Health plans will be required to cover oral chemotherapy

» Health plans will have to create ombudsman says Padilha

» Health plans will have to offer 37 new cancer treatments

» Health plans will have to repay twice the amounts charged unduly insured

» Health plans, banks and telecommunications are the sectors most in claimed Idec

» Health plans: charging extra for delivery only with a change of contract, says ANS

» Health plans: when the user is entitled to reimbursement

» Health product may have the instruction manual online says Anvisa

» Health products: a standard of ANVISA requires measures in case of quality deviation

» Health Surveillance of Rio begins inspections fraud with cod

» HEALTH: Brazil will have two leaflets at the end of the year

» Hearing discusses measures to improve services in telephone

» Heat and drought raise prices in fairs and retail shops

» Heat makes searching the web for air conditioning Grow 429 %

» Heat makes selling fan is up to 5 times higher than last year

» Heavy rains may impact bill, but consumers will not feel the immediate effect

» Heinz Ketchup: Sanitary Surveillance suspends sale and determines gathering from batch by the rat

» Help you make good fish shopping for Easter

» Here are four tips to make good deals and get discounts

» Here are some tips when buying products for their end of year dinner

» Here are tips to avoid debt in the meat, without reducing their consumption pattern

» Here's how to avoid the blow of the false ticket

» Here's what to do when your car is damaged in a parking lot

» Hi is fined R$ 1.5 million by the SDE

» Hi leads ranking of complaints in Procon-RJ in the first half

» Hi, Vivo and NET are notified of broadband limitation

» High dollar may endear Christmas dinner

» High food prices weigh in the pocket of Brazilians

» High paper and dollar weigh the price of school supplies

» Hire a combo and, together, take a series of problems

» Hiring hosting

» Holiday without poisoning

» Holidays: consumers may suspend services to cable TV when you travel

» Home medication may be offered by health plans

» Honda will super-recall 325,130 vehicles for failure to airbag

» House approves project that needs transgenic symbol on labels

» House Approves proportional price dissemination products

» House approves the positive list

» House children's parties indemnify child by accident

» House Committee Approves Bill which provides for the installation of meter consumption landline

» House Committee approves penalty for late show

» House passed a bill requiring the free supply of biodegradable plastic bags in supermarkets

» Household budgets in balance

» How are consumer rights before the strike announced by the banks?

» How important is the test drive before purchase?

» How is the Service of Banks, Credit Cards and Financial?

» How long can I keep "bad name"?

» How long my name may be in the SPC, SERASA and SCPC?

» How long your name is on the SPC, Serasa and SCPC?

» How not to fall into the blow of the renegotiation of car financing

» How to avoid surprises in the mobile account after a trip

» How to Check Your Credit Score and What It says About You

» How to choose your sunscreen?

» How to close your current account

» How to make the portability of health plan

» How to plan expenditure in foreign currency after discharge from the IOF

» How to read the budget workshop without falling into traps

» How to recognize the meat in poor condition

» How to save on the purchase of school supplies

» How to spend a little and make a great wedding party

» HP announces recall of batteries by overheating problem

» HP is recalling laptop batteries

» Hypermarket is sentenced at R$ 1 million for failing to comply price offered

» Hyundai announces vehicle recall by ix35 problem in the cooler fluid hoses

» Hyundai loses action and must give a zero Veloster km to deceived consumers

» Hyundai will have to pay compensation of R$ 1.6 million by advertisements

» I can no longer pay for the car, and now?

» I lost commands. And now?

» Idec asks Supreme losses hold judgment on savers

» Idec believes that levying of fines for increased water consumption is illegal

» Idec calculates consumption of major appliances and teaches saving on electricity bill

» Idec criticizes lack of studies on accessible plans

» Idec defends changes to facilitate understanding of the food label

» Idec identifies what drinks have no fruit content minimum required by law

» Idec identifies what drinks have no fruit content minimum required by law

» Idec launches action on the importance of food origin

» Idec launches research on cancellation of health insurance. Join!

» Idec notifies Tim on illegal charges on prepaid plans

» Idec participates in STF hearing to discuss WhatsApp blocking

» Idec was against charging different prices for sale on the card or cash

» If delivery fails, patron of Rio can reschedule it with date and time

» If you hate to hear a charge in the morning, read this text

» Images merely illustrative: Illusion or illegality?

» Imecap products have suspended advertising

» Implementation of Positive Credit is a healthy way, says Acrefi

» Importers of compact fluorescent lamps invest in equipment for measuring quality (Part I)

» Importers of compact fluorescent lamps invest in equipment for measuring quality (Part II)

» Importing safely

» In a month, all invoices have to enter the amount of taxes

» In April, consumers may change their health plan without further grace

» In Belem, grocery prices remain high

» In Brazil, the consumer inspects prices and monitors interest rates

» In case of disorder in the use of credit card, not always for compensation

» In crisis care when negotiating TV packages and telephony

» In Cuiaba, consumers who find expired products will be refunded

» In February, basic food basket is more expensive in all regions of Brazil, points Fipe

» In less than a week, 100 thousand consumers already blocked telemarketing

» In MG, consumers think plastic soda bottle closed

» In one month, 36 thousand phone lines were registered in blocking telemarketing

» In purchases of Christmas gifts, keep an eye on exchange policy

» In Rio, integration creates a statewide system of protection

» In seeking solutions to the new consumer

» In the crisis, consumers opens new product hand technical assistance

» In times of crisis, consumers have changed purchase by repair

» Inattention causes harm to users of health plans

» Increase from 2.89% in inter into force on Wednesday, 18/03

» Increase number of substances prohibited in cosmetic

» Increased fuel

» Increases the number of complaints against health plans in the country

» Increasing complaints against TV subscription

» Indemnification the woman who had lost luggage in air travel to Minas Gerais

» Indemnified after finding foreign body in food

» Indemnified at R$ 3.8000 by default in cell

» indemnified man at R$ 20,000 after error in the electricity bill

» Industry remains " on makeup "

» Infant walkers have compulsory certification INMETRO

» Infant water and syrup is suspended advertisement

» Inflation makes up class change habits

» Inflation official moves to 0.48% in January, says IBGE

» Inflation pulls high of returned checks since May 2009

» Information is essential to avoid accidents consumption

» Information reduction in product packaging is not enough to read is not easy

» Injunction prohibits charging extra point of pay TV

» Injury to consumers who bought the ticket Pluna can be minimized

» Inmetro alert parents to only buy toys with the quality seal of the institute

» Inmetro carries Operation Children's Day in Brazil

» Inmetro deploy Regulation regarding the toxicity of jewelry

» Inmetro discusses actions to curb fraud in gasoline pumps

» Inmetro establishes assessment requirements for power wheelchairs for children

» Inmetro evaluates 12 brands of bleach

» Inmetro expands inspection in building materials

» Inmetro forehead and reproves metal ladders, see how to give suggestions

» Inmetro inspects products for Home and Garden

» Inmetro performs Operation Easter in Brazil

» Inmetro product safety debate

» Inmetro revises regulations for gas water heaters

» Inmetro sets new safety rules for furnaces and stoves

» Inmetro starts Special Operation Children's Day in Brazil

» INMETRO System Monitoring Accidents Consumer

» Inmetro want to end up with fragile glasses

» Inmetro will scrutinize whether toys in Easter eggs have security seal

» Institute warns of abuses in the list of school supplies

» Insured will return to the health plan value received for treatment after revocation of injunction

» Inter-American system with product safety alerts is already working

» Internet accuses Netshoes of rising price of Chapecoense shirt after tragedy

» Interview with Mario Frota on the International Consumer Day

» Invoice is not essential for consumers to exercise their rights

» Invoice: After complaints, more than 2600 suppliers are penalized

» Ipardes points fall in the price of the basket Nutrition

» IPC-S accelerates and closes in January with a high of 0.83%

» Ipea requires worst of the crisis has passed and that economy will grow 2% this year

» IPEM / Pr gives the first numbers of "Operation Summer 2009"

» IPEM / PR review is part of Operation Summer 2009

» Ipem an eye on the fuel pump

» Ipem informs consumers of Araçatuba when buying toys

» IPEM reported 11 posts in SP by irregularity in the fuel pump

» IPEM SP-311 captures more irregular products and autua 83% of stores audited

» Ipem terminating operation "Children's Day" with the seizure of illegal products

» Ipem-SP autua 3 gas stations during operation "BLACK BOX"

» IPEM-SP condemns the 32 products analyzed in Operation Party Roça

» Ipem-SP conducts Operation Hello Doctor to monitor hospital supplies

» IPEM-SP participates in "Operation Ceagesp" reproves 55% of vegetables and fruits comecializados

» IPEM-SP participates in "Operation Winter" reproves 1550 products and autua38% of the stores audited

» IPEM-SP participates in the operation "Energy Efficiency", 87 products and reproves autua 23 stores

» IPEM-SP warns correct indication of textile fibers

» IPI back, but prices do not rise

» IPI furniture and white line up on Tuesday

» Irregular advertisements of Maca Peruana are suspended

» Is over food stamps? See 9 tips to save on lunch per kilo

» Is the name dirty? See what happens to those who enter the list of defaulters

» It can cancel cable TV without paying a fine? Yup!

» It is law? Learn about the myths and truths about consumer rights in Brazil

» It is right: banks should offer free services

» It is scheduled to travel to Belgium? Find out what to do after the attacks

» Items 20% cheaper until the start of classes

» July holidays: what to evaluate when renting a property to the season

» Justice allows SERASA 'dirty name' without proof

» Justice condemns dentist for malpractice

» Justice determines that SERASA can not embarrass client

» Justice forbids any kind of blocking cellular

» Justice increases the amount of compensation to woman who was burned during laser hair removal

» Justice launches booklet on rights and duties of consumers

» Justice prohibits making Carrefour "tying" the consumer

» Justice prohibits Oi to share Velox user data

» Justice requires Bradesco to beat debt interest pay off in advance of customer financing

» Justice requires Microsoft to give technical support to customers

» Justice requires Shop Fast exchange products within 30 days

» Justice requires telephone test signal before selling 3G service

» Justice returns to the NSA the right to prevent users inclusions suspended in the self-management plans

» Justice reverses increased abusive health plan

» Justice suspended leasing in cases of robbery, theft and return friendly

» Justice waiver Eletropaulo to return R$ 626 million to customers

» Kawasaki Motorcycles announces recall model Concours

» Keep an eye on price tags

» Keep an eye on the validity of your cosmetics

» KLM offers alternatives for promotion suspended error

» Know and understand that the deadline for exchange of products stipulated by law

» Know the different types of pot and how to use them properly

» Know the Law of Delivery by appointment? See the rights that it guarantees you!

» Know the rights of the elderly in consumer relations

» Know the rules for SACs companies

» Know the tax burden of the present children's favorite

» Know the tips of Procon - SP about renting party supplies

» Know the types of tea and how best to store them at home

» Know the weight of each appliance in bill

» Know what to do in case of loss of equipment for power outage

» Know your consumer rights to stop the car in the parking lot

» Know your light bill

» Know your rights to renegotiate debts and cancel funding

» Know your rights when shopping in a settlement

» Know your rights: loans and financing

» Know Your Rights: Purchase of garments

» Know your rights: Restaurants

» Know your rights: SAC

» Kraemer laboratory is forbidden to be considered unsatisfactory for the production of medicines

» Labels should show allergenic ingredients from Sunday

» Lack of cattle on pasture increases the price of meat

» Lack of hygiene in hospitals doctors contaminates

» Lack of information hinders research unit price in the supermarket, says study

» Lack of light causes more than 130 claims in three days

» Lactose labeling guarantees consumer information

» Large groups of laboratories in the country waging war for consumer

» Large stores hide late-term purchases

» Latent defect: the worst kind of defect that may have a product

» Law antifumo divided opinions in SP

» Law of Associations enter into force and allows groups to purchase services

» Law protects against misappropriation

» Law requires optics to provide customers with quality certificate and guarantee of glasses and lenses

» Law requires optics to provide customers with quality certificate and guarantee of glasses and lenses

» Law requires that plans cover vasectomy and tubal enter into force

» Law states that consumers expect a maximum of 20 minutes to pay the bill RJ

» Lawyer detailing rules for portability of health plans

» Lawyer gives guidance to consumers clean the name

» LBR announces recall of milk without informing risk

» LBR discloses suspected batches of UHT milk contamination

» Learn about the services that can be suspended during the holidays

» Learn basic care should be taken to avoid problems when using the laundry services

» Learn how insects and rodent are tolerated by the foods you consume

» Learn how it works the fine of fidelity

» Learn how not to fall into blow when selling or buying a car

» Learn how the portability

» Learn how to avoid problems in health plans suspended

» Learn how to avoid problems with credit card abroad

» Learn how to collect coverage of health plans

» Learn how to complain of problems with their bank in 5 steps

» Learn how to escape the pitfalls of tying in stores

» Learn how to identify if your draft is out of date and expose the Procon

» Learn how to request inclusion in the popular phone for families earning up to 3 minimum wages

» Learn how to save in times of crisis

» Learn how to save on buying drugs with adjustments of up to 12.5%

» Learn how to test fuel quality when fueling

» Learn how to use the microwave efficiently

» Learn the 18 essential tips for a better individual financial planning

» Learn the advantages of LED lamps

» Learn the best backpack for your child in the back to school

» Learn to choose your tires and optimize the car's performance

» Learn to make the transfer of car debt or property for another person

» Learn to use the internet as an ally in purchases to save and not fall into pierced

» Learn what are the most common defects in cell. And see how much the repair

» Learn what autumn fruits are major sources of nutrients

» Learn what changes approved by the Senate Consumer Code

» Learn what is an accident of consumption and how to act if one suffers

» Learn what to do about misleading advertisements

» Learn what to do when the licensee fails to meet deadline

» Learn what your rights are when there is no change

» Learn what your rights if the car out with zero defect

» Leasing and financing can not hide traps

» Leaving the new rules to change the health plan without grace

» LED is trend, but requires care in use

» LED lamps: Know the benefits and save on electricity bill

» Legal Hold

» Lenovo announces power cord recall of two models of notebooks

» Lesser known brands lead to discounts of 72% in school supplies

» Lifan meets notification of Procon-SP

» Light bills may get even higher in 2014

» Light is cheaper from Monday

» Light is prevented from refusing to pay bills in cash

» Like flaxseed meal? Anvisa announced recall of the brand Belly Shape products

» Lingerie wholesale is up to 20% more affordable in Sahara

» List of companies claimed more retains the top banks

» List with 80 new procedures required for plans may be even higher, says ANS

» Long distance calls from public phones in Embratel will be free

» Loss of Command: Know Your Rights

» Lot of glucose is stopped by ANVISA

» Lots of drug Triatec are suspended

» Lots of infant formula Amix, the Pronutrition are interdicted after allergic reactions

» Low debt outside the negative list

» Low-income youth lead demand for credit cards , says study SERASA

» Loyalty health plans is prohibited by Justice

» Loyalty health plans is prohibited by Justice

» Luggage and parking are major problems at airports, says survey

» Maceio Prefecture launches program that rewards consumers who asks note

» Magazine Luiza: offer 'gotcha' causes wave of complaints

» Make credits surrender

» Malpractice grow 231% in six years

» Man receive compensation for false advertising product that would be miracle cure for cancer

» Manufacturers of weight loss products are fined for misleading advertising

» Manufacturers sweeteners are fined for misleading advertising

» Manufacturers will have to install consumer code on computers

» Map shows fairs and organic groups responsible drinking

» Market cellular should first fall since 1990

» Market growth hinders loyalty points exchange and airline seek alternatives

» Mask reconstructive capillary migration is suspended

» Matched sale an imperfect marriage

» McDonald's has 24 branches in Rio fined by Procon-RJ

» McDonald's shopping is fined by Procon to use expired products

» Meals away from home is 8% more expensive, says IBGE

» Measure not stop using credit cards

» Measure or prohibit different rates for cell phone calls

» Meat and meal outside the home were items that weighed heaviest on inflation

» Meats are cheaper with exemption of basic

» Medical certificate: Garrancho is not worth!

» Medical prescription must be legibly written

» Medications - Beware of Miracle Promises

» Medications can take up to two years to reach the market, according Interfarma

» Medications have increased in scale by 5.9%

» Medications most expensive prior authorization from the Ministry of Health

» Medicine price should fall 15% in Rio de Janeiro

» Meet some strategies that use markets for you to consume more

» Meet the 10 companies in Claim HERE with better care

» Meeting at the Federation of Agriculture discusses sale of bananas by weight

» Menu incident: what to do when the unexpected happens in restaurants

» MEPs will debate an increase in power tariff in Minas

» Merchants may have to inform tax exemption on products

» Metrô de São Paulo launches the Metrô Conecta app

» MetrôRio is processed by default in air conditioning

» Midway has now banned products

» Mileages, conversion of points and their rights

» Milk Elegê has prohibited sale in Rio

» Milk gaucho is rigged since 2009, says prosecutor

» Mineral water Valle Vita has lot prohibited by Anvisa to contain fungi

» minimal consumption in bar is married and not for resale; recognize other cases

» Minimum factor of sunscreen will be 6 says Anvisa

» Ministries of Justice and Health create registry system crashes consumption

» Ministry initiated administrative proceedings against TAM and Gol

» Ministry of Justice announces recall Happyphone Abacus

» Ministry of Justice determines that exchange defective phones is the responsibility of the shops

» Ministry of Justice fine Vivo, TIM and Coca-Cola for misleading advertising

» Ministry of Justice Launches Atlas Iberoamerican Consumer Protection

» Ministry of Justice launches consumer portal

» Ministry of Justice processes Claro for unauthorized charges

» Ministry of Tourism gives tips for hiring travel agencies

» Minor product offering because of the weather contributed to high food prices in January

» misleading advertising is in the crosshairs of Procon

» Misleading propaganda for the purpose of the Public Prosecution Service

» Missing two months to around fine extinguisher is still missing

» MJ and CNJ sign cooperation for the protection of consumers

» Mobile and fixed were the top complaints in Procons in 2008

» Mobile broadband in Brazil grew 17% to win two million users in the quarter

» Mobile broadband is available to 62% of Brazilians, says study

» Mobile broadband is the fastest growing

» Mobile client gets offers

» Mobile data: Customer indemnified at R$ 5000 for poor service

» Mobile operators launch prepaid model for shopping using smartphones

» Mobile operators reduce call drops and connection, says Anatel

» Mobile operators reneged part of Anatel's quality goals

» Mobile telephony is the most demanded service in Anatel

» monitoring presential of labor of parturition

» Monthly school may rise more than 8% in 2013, says union

» More Brazilians began in 2009 less indebted than last year

» More info to consume better and consciously

» More rights for users of health plans

» More than 13.5 million smartphones sold in the Brazilian market in the first half

» More than 164,000 customers of health plans broke contracts in September

» More than 2.6 million customers were served in Procons in 2015

» More than 3 million packages of Tylenol will be collected by default in dripper

» More than 48 thousand asking blocking telemarketing

» More than 600 thousand health plans have readjustment of 6.76% authorized

» More than 62,000 counterfeit lighters are confiscated in Sao Paulo

» More than 7 million consumers participate in the lottery this month's NFP

» More than half of consumers do not know is if the "bad name"

» More than half of the ears not working right, survey shows

» Most complaints against health plans is on service providers

» Most expensive Christmas will not cool shopping

» Most purchases between R$ 50 and R$ 100 are paid with a debit card, according to research

» Mother's Day: check how much you pay in taxes on major gifts

» Mother's Day: Tips for gift well

» Motorola will pay almost R$ 150 thousand customer after fire caused by cell

» MP advises consumers to return water contaminated lots

» MP denounces another 10 people for involvement in the milk fraud in RS

» MP falls, Submarino Viagens and ViajaNet

» MP moves action against Anatel

» MP moves billion dollar action against Telefónica for failures in service

» MP tries to suspend the sale of child sparkling Cereser

» MP wants to set a time for Anatel decision on charging the extra point

» MPF Anatel sets deadline for deciding on extra point

» MPF Lawsuit Against Anac asking free shuttle wheelchairs on airplanes

» MPF seeks ban on sale of soft drinks H2OH! and Aquarius Fresh

» MPF Sergipe wants compensation of 300 thousand subscribers Oi by service outage

» MPF want fast foods no longer sell toys

» MPF wants to prohibit mobile carriers cover for services not contracted

» MPF: plans should suspend charging for medical availability for delivery

» MPF-SE provides the user the right to access data from the sender calls

» Municipal Procon gives tips for shopping online at Consumer Day

» Mutirão Procon-RJ serves more than 400 customers

» My bill is due on a holiday. How do I pay?

» My delivery is delayed, now what?

» Myths that disrupt the lives of consumers

» National Consumption and Citizenship should have participation of civil society, authorities say

» National operation of INMETRO oversees sale of electrical products

» National Unimed will have to help in emergency cases Paulistana

» Natural childbirth is a consumer right?

» Net keeps charging the extra point to Pay TV

» Networks argue that fast food was not notified

» New barcode helps consumers not to buy expired products

» New billing system power harm consumers , says expert

» New covers health plans can impact adjustments

» New habits, old problems Brazil and other emerging sophisticate their consumption habits

» New law school material reduces abuse

» New law tightens time limits for tenants - Part I

» New law tightens time limits for tenants - Part II

» New portal complaints golaço consumer brand, says expert

» New Project can provide more certainty for users of health plans

» New registration law of defaults will tighten credit in SP

» New rights for telecom users begin to be worth in four months

» New rule prohibits production of sunscreens weaker

» New rules allow exchange of health plan without loss of grace

» New rules for consortia

» New rules for lamps from July 1

» New rules for pharmacy can take power of consumer choice

» New rules leave consumers of prepaid cell phone more secure

» New rules of quality wireline worth in 4 months

» New rules of the NSA requires health plans to qualifying service

» New rules to ensure more safety at leisure

» New standards for sanitary control

» New standards for sanitary control

» NFC? Dual core? MHL? Understand what is written in the smartphone box

» Nissan calls recall 34,000 vehicles in Brazil by default in Takata airbags

» Nissan Frontier Recall begins in Brazil

» Niterói schools with unfair terms are fined by Procon-RJ

» No background checks rise 20% in 1st two months, pointing Serasa

» No more advertising on the phone

» Noncompliance with the rules of consumer protection will weigh in the pocket of companies

» Not always repair of electronic worth it

» Not received the gift ordered in time? See what you can do

» Note of clarification on the MSC Armonia

» Note on drug Raptiva

» Notices of Procon in Rio grew 1,713 % in 2013

» Now consumers can choose whether to continue receiving advertising messages on mobile

» now sell panettone from R$ 3.99

» NSA announces new rules for this fourth change of health plan

» NSA expands service capacity by phone and launches guide on health plans

» NSA launches service for consumers to compare health plan

» NSA releases list of 37 operators who have lost the right to sell plans

» NSA releases plan sale suspended after court ruling

» NSA says it will continue suspending plans that do not meet consumer

» NSA Web site will compare health plans

» Nubank, threatened to end, has resolved 76% of complaints in the last 6 months

» Number of attempts to consumer fraud in 2012 was a record

» Number of clients dental plans more than doubled in five years

» Number of complaints of mobile telephony does not fall after the punishment Anatel

» Number of mobile subscriptions continues to grow in the country

» Number portability arrives in five DDDs this second

» Number portability will be available for all Brazil

» Number portability: 936 thousand requests for exchange

» Number portability: operating exempt rate of migration, but some charge up to $ 20 for new board machine

» October is the time that vegetables and fruits in Brazil?

» Off water bill fail condo to 5 % cheaper

» Offer 4G phone in Brazil grows, but challenges are network and price

» Oi and Claro lead to complaints Procons

» Oi FCC determines the measures to reduce interruptions

» Oi is convicted of misleading advertising and shall indemnify client

» Oi leads ranking of lawsuits in TJ-RJ. See the list of 30 companies over processed in Rio

» Old customers will benefit from new promotions made by telephone companies

» Olla brand manufacturer will make the recall of 620,000 condoms

» Olympics: buying pirated products can be harmful to consumers

» Olympics: Race was canceled or postponed? What to do with the ticket?

» Ombudsman is for show or is it for real?

» Ombudsman may be consumer choice for resolving disputes

» Ong action moves against screening for cars

» Online travel agencies are framed by MP

» Only 1.3 % of the fines was paid

» Only half of the 58 countries with national account consumer protection, research shows

» Only three in ten Brazilians are conscious consumers, says research

» Operation Breakfast resent curd, yoghurt and margarine

» Operation Day of the Child INMETRO shy away selling toys without the seal of the Institute

» operation Easter

» Operation Father's Day oversees consumer stores and rights in Santos

» Operation INMETRO identifies 400 irregular products, without the seal of compliance

» Operation supermarkets

» Operator can not withdraw package of channels without informing consumers

» Operators did homework, but there are still adjustments, says FCC

» Operators have to disclose a list of doctors and hospitals Accredited says ANS

» Operators will have to inform differences between modalities of health plans

» Operators will share antennas 4G

» Oral treatment against cancer should be covered by health plans

» Ordinance regulates indicative rating for pay TV

» Over 60 free adjustment of health insurance

» Over 70% of Brazilians are out of money before the end of the month, survey reveals

» Over 70% of Brazilians will gift on Children's Day, according to a survey

» Over 80% of consumers choose products that consume less energy

» Overbooking, a recurring practice by airlines

» Overdue bank tickets can be paid at any bank

» Owner of Scooters Honda TRX 420 Four Trax 20 must attend recall

» Packaged meat, on the shelf, it can be nearly 20% more expensive

» Packages: married, promotion or sale opportunism?

» Packaging of drugs will be more informative

» Packaging of refreshment, tea and soda will have new standard

» Packaging poultry may contain information on hormone

» Paid dearly? Report on # BoicotaRJ

» Paraná Health Surveillance prohibits selling milk to contain formaldehyde

» Parents should be alert to guarantee stamps in school supplies

» Parents should look for items to hire school transport safety

» Parents should watch for when hiring transportation for their children

» Parking is not responsible for the safety of the client, only the vehicle, says Supreme Court

» Parking is up to 83% more expensive in malls Rio

» Parmalat and other three companies are fined RS 1 million for failure to label milk

» Participate in project quality measurement of broadband

» Pass purchased online: more than 7 days to give

» Passenger who slept the night in the airport bank without power, will be reimbursed

» Passenger will receive nearly R$ 10,000 to be prevented from boarding with dog in flight

» Passenger will receive R$ 20 thousand after pet cat disappeared in flight

» Passengers will have 24 hours to withdraw from the purchase of passage

» Path of stones for those seeking a new TV but is confused (1)

» Path of stones for those seeking a new TV but it is confusing (2)

» Patient can not do chemotherapy and health plan to pay at R$ 7000

» Patient receives, in birthday, increase in your health plan

» Patients may return to hospital until 2 years after aesthetic operations

» Pay TV: know your rights when the signal is cut by default

» Pay TV: know your rights when the signal is cut by default

» Paying health insurance can be cheaper than doing check-up

» Payment of ICMS for internet sales can be changed

» Pediatricians want to ban the use of walkers. Inmetro considers unsafe brands

» Pesticides of the consumer to the table

» Pesticides used as pellet is removed from the market

» Petition gathering 2.6 million signatures against taxes in drug prices

» Peugeot announces recall

» Peugeot Citroen of Brazil does recall Citroën C4 and C4 Pallas

» Pharmacies readjust prices of medicines to the limit

» Phone company can not demand loyalty with maturity over 12 months

» Phone industry is the most claimed by the Alerj

» Phone is already present in 91.2 % of households, shows PNAD 2012.

» Phone operators invest in prepaid cards for those who do not have a bank account

» phone scams cause headache to bank customers

» Phone: STJ considered cool loyalty clause, provided that the customer receives benefits

» Phones and tablets as credit card machines

» Phones and tablets can be up to 10% more expensive from today, according Abinee

» Phones Motorola, Nokia and Samsung are the most demanded in Procon-SP

» Phones with Wi-Fi will reach 90% in 2014, says study

» Phones, computers and banks concentrate the largest number of complaints

» Piracy: consumer rights and no crime of receiving stolen

» Piracy: one in six Brazilian purchase, most are rich

» Pirates phones will be blocked from next year

» Pitcher Water Campaign will have supervision in restaurants

» Pitfalls in exchange for the number

» PL prohibits preference in marking particular medical consultations

» PL suggests cell loan consumer to leave the appliance repair

» Plan and tailor mobile

» Plan required to update data

» Plans should give medicine to chronic patients, according to ANS

» Plastic surgeon should ensure successful cosmetic procedure

» Plastic surgery package tours can be financed by consortium

» Point will be charged extra, say pay-TV

» Pointless card lock generates moral damages to customer

» Points on credit card: you know how to use them?

» Police and Anvisa and remove the illegal drugs market

» Poll of consumers evaluating diets for dogs and cats

» Poor quality is the main reason for people not to buy pirated products

» Poor service is the largest health complaints against reason in Claim HERE

» Popcorn won for 16 years is apprehended market in Paraiba

» Portability changes relationship between customer and company

» Portability is enhanced plan failed

» Portability needs will not have the same effect of number portability

» Portability should reach 1.3% of phones in 2010

» Portability: before changing operator, check prices and plans

» Portability: Mobile account for 64% of applications for migration

» Porting begins tomorrow

» Positioning: recall of children's bike Lunna - Aro 16

» Positioning: recall of children's bikes Bike Mega Hoop 16

» Positive list of payers has low adhesion between bank accounts

» Post office will offer mobile phone service cost

» Postal rates have new values ​​from today

» Postal Service gets worse and annoys customers

» Postal strike ends in most states

» Postpaid ecommerce arrives in Brazil

» Pound French bread goes up by R $ 14.40 in Rio and can get 10% more expensive this month

» Power companies will have less time to reimburse loss of consumer

» Power consumption advances 8.4% in April

» Power consumption in Brazil rises 4.2% in May

» Power cuts depend on notice

» Power outage and rights

» Power outage: Learn how to be compensated for damage to electronic account and take off

» Precautions to be taken before an aesthetic treatment

» Pre-paid credits using a mobile device may be accompanied by the internet

» Pre-paid end of validity claims can increase service prices, says sector

» Pre-paid energy

» Prepare for Black Friday 2013 Brazilian

» Prescription plan is not to be due

» Pressure cookers are going to win quality seal Inmetro

» Prevented from entering a bank with dental, customer will be indemnified in R$ 5000

» Price difference in black bean reaches 34%

» Price difference of up to 200%, were found in products from different shops

» Price differential in card payment. It can?

» Price differential in card payment. It can?

» Price for Children's Day exceeds average inflation

» Price of 3G handsets is a barrier to the expansion of mobile broadband in Brazil

» Price of appliances must fall 6% in the coming days

» Price of beer and draft beer is the most climbed this carnival, says FGV

» Price of school supplies can vary more than 300%, according to Proteste

» Price of tomatoes rises in wholesale and back to weigh on the consumer's pocket . In trade, the pound is already sold R$ 5

» Price treatment to combat anemia can range up to 1,329%

» Prices Cup are in the crosshairs of Procons

» Prices fall more and IGP-M rate is less since 2005

» Prices fell on average 6% in supermarkets after reduction of the ICMS

» Prices of drugs may drop to 9% reduction in ICMS

» Prices of medicines vary up to 43% between pharmacies

» Pricing remedies black and red stripe may fall 11%, industry estimates

» Primer Procon-SP shows the correct way to inform the consumer price

» Pringles Potato hidden trans fat on the label, says survey

» Private school will be 11 % more expensive next year

» Problem is front brake Honda motorcycle recall calling CB 300R

» Problems in air bag recall they call the New Ford Fiesta

» Problems with a double charge? See your rights

» Problems with services do not take vacations

» Process will investigate alleged makeup on packaging of shampoo

» Procon - DF supports bill that gives more power to Procons

» Procon - RJ autua Casa & Video , Extra Supermarket and Centaur supervision during Black Friday

» Procon - RJ autua clinical laboratories for expired products and excessive waiting time

» Procon - RJ autua Extra supermarket for meat out of date that it would be ground for sale

» Procon - RJ autua five branches of the World Supermarket in joint operation with Sefaz

» Procon - RJ goes to court against ANS

» Procon - RJ goes to the Federal Court against Anac and air

» Procon - RJ launches application for complaints on phone and tablets

» Procon - SP shall report complaints of consumers of over 20 cities located

» Procon / AL warns that consumers should be aware of summer sale

» Procon / RN launches campaign "Reclaim Your Credit"

» Procon / RN program prepares to encourage consumers

» Procon advises consumers about air travel

» Procon Alagoas guides consumers about price increase bean

» Procon alert consumers about abusive practices to give change

» Procon and Decon holds four people and discard three tons of food in the North Zone of Rio

» Procon announces fixed Internet access reduction

» Procon Answer: Registration for Block Telemarketing

» Procon Answers: Back to School

» Procon autua 12 steakhouses in downtown Rio

» Procon autua four facilities work only with delivery in Rio

» Procon autua Groupon site by mistake on offer information

» Procon autua nine branches in downtown Rio banks

» Procon autua TIM by poor service delivery after the crash Paraíba

» Procon bans charging for two-flavored pizza with the most expensive

» Procon busted employees changing the product expiry date in Niterói supermarket

» Procon busted fake offers in liquidation 'Consumer Day Brazil'

» Procon campaigns for consumption

» Procon Campinas fine Claro more than R$ 2.5 million

» Procon Campinas fine Telefonica R$ 11.2 million

» Procon can fine four sites by false discounts on Valentine's Day

» Procon Carioca autua 11 telephone operators stores in Operation Area Outside

» Procon Carioca fine companies in the consumer

» Procon Carioca launches primer for Mother's Day

» Procon Carioca notifies five banks and fine other for breach of the Law of Queue

» Procon Carioca notifies Hotel Urbano by promotion trip to R$ 1

» Procon Carioca notifies juice maker

» Procon Carioca offers six models of letters to consumers submit complaints to suppliers

» Procon Carioca releases videos of practical course for consumers

» Procon Carioca shy away unfairly increase of rotating parking lots Center

» Procon Celpe and take questions about payment of the light of this month

» Procon conducts surveys in 300 bank branches

» Procon determines that change Motorola mobile advertisements "unbreakable"

» Procon determines that Predilecta remove pulp and tomato sauce all markets River

» Procon discards 70 kg of food and 25 liters of beer in Niteroi and Centro

» Procon discloses price survey of Christmas items

» Procon ES explains how to block unwanted calls from telemarketers

» Procon expired oversees markets and is the touted item

» Procon fine breweries by advertising on use of protective seal

» Procon Fortaleza alert cinemas not to prohibit entry of food

» Procon Fortaleza notifies Coelce on increase in power tariff

» Procon Goiás consumer orients on guarantee check

» Procon Goiás guides consumers about new regulation telephony

» Procon Goiás guides consumers about the " Law of half price "

» Procon guidance on registration renewal

» Procon guides consumers on strike at the Post Office

» Procon guides on " Black Friday " and creates e- mail complaints

» Procon guides on buying gifts for children

» Procon guides parents about buying school supplies

» Procon guides research on fuel prices

» Procon identifies consumer profile

» Procon in Roraima guides how to act in cases of injury by blackout

» Procon in Sao Jose dos Campos guides on the tip of payment

» Procon intensifies supervision tiered pricing with credit and debit cards

» Procon is meeting with Unimed Paulistana to ensure service users

» Procon launches booklet with guidelines for the 2014 World Cup

» Procon launches weekly program to guide consumers on consumer relations

» Procon Manaus guides parents and students about abuses on the school material list

» Procon notifies clinics abusive price H1N1 vaccine

» Procon notifies mobile companies planned

» Procon notifies movie Cuiaba to charge entrance infants

» Procon of Sao Jose warns of fake websites for online scams

» Procon opens investigation into failure Vivo service

» Procon opens registration for registration of telemarketing block

» Procon oversees Joao Pessoa stores to Prevent differential charging

» PROCON performs operation Passover

» Procon Porto Alegre ask cancellation of the sale of new furniture lines

» Procon Porto Alegre bans sale of new cell lines

» Procon prohibited areas of children's play in Barra and Carioca Shopping

» Procon prohibited clandestine deposit juices in downtown Rio

» Procon prohibits the sale of the Moto X mobile phone of the 2nd generation in Minas Gerais

» Procon promotes balance and points segments most demanded

» Procon proposes collective solution for mobile addiction

» Procon provides tips for consumers not to be deceived at gas stations

» Procon publisher fine offering magazines as gifts and turned consumers into subscribers without knowing

» Procon recommends attention to contracts and conscious consumption at the back of class

» Procon register 27 thousand phone not to receive telemarketing calls

» Procon releases report on rates of claims

» Procon removes signs prohibiting consumers from entering with food in cinemas

» Procon reported 90% of food businesses audited in 2008

» PROCON Responds: closing a current account

» PROCON Responds: gift exchange

» PROCON Responds: Vacations

» Procon RJ-create manual Sustainable Consumption

» Procon RJ-fine grids retails for irregularities in information products price

» Procon RJ-fine motels and hotels in Rio for various irregularities

» Procon RJ-making operation on the beaches of Rio and closes kiosk clandestine Hotel Marina

» Procon RJ-oriented consumers in the purchase of school supplies

» Procon RR Assembly informs consumers about electrical damage

» Procon rule 400 kilos of food establishments in the North Zone of Rio

» Procon rule 400kg of unsuitable products in supermarkets in Rio

» Procon rule more than 300 kg of food operation in Rio de Janeiro

» Procon says that is abusive list asking for school supplies by genre

» Procon seizes 60 expired products in Lojas Americanas

» Procon SP: year-end purchases

» Procon starts supervision at bank branches

» Procon State autoescola fine that is not accredited by the DMV

» Procon State autua 13 more parking for abusive collection

» Procon State autua three branches of Hortifruti network

» Procon State prohibited cooled chambers Supermarket branch in Niterói

» Procon State rule more than 350 kg of improper food in Arraial do Cabo

» Procon states throughout Brazil for approving the PL 5.196-2013

» Procon think variation of up to 259% in product juninos

» Procon Vila Velha guides consumers in shopping for Mother's Day

» Procon warning about buying toys for children

» Procon warning about care in the purchase of property

» Procon warning consumers about a bank rate

» Procon warns that it is illegal to charge more than those who pay with card

» Procon will fining Easter eggs manufacturers for reduced weight

» Procon-CE clarifies questions about your rights as a backlog of applications for delivery

» Procon-ES guides about fractionation packaged products

» Procon-ES guides about the school supply purchases

» Procon-ES warns of extended warranty coverage

» Procon-GO seizes expired products

» Procon-JP advises consumers to be cautious and avoid impulse purchases

» Procon-JP guides consumers to open complaint and legal action for moral damages

» Procon-JP guides parents of students about 'married sale' and releases list of irregular items

» Procon-JP launches campaign to inform consumers about their rights

» Procon-MA informs consumers about seasonal settlements

» Procon-MA investigates clinic for abusive increase in the vaccine value

» Procon-MG establishes procedure to investigate motorcycle addiction BMW K1600 GTL model

» Procon-MG investigates Motorcycle Suzuki vice Yes

» Procon-MT releases ranking of April claims

» Procon-PR Announces Ranking of Companies Less Resolve Consumer Problems

» Procon-PR establishes administrative proceedings against companies that do not respect the blocking telemarketing

» Procon-PR fine Provider Claro due to the large number of reclamaçãoes

» Procon-PR points difference of 80% in the price of chocolate in Curitiba

» Procon-RJ autua 12 failures for gas stations in the promotion of information

» Procon-RJ autua 13 branches of the supermarket chain Pão de Açúcar

» Procon-RJ autua 15 bank branches

» Procon-RJ autua 20 Bob's branches in Rio

» Procon-RJ autua 25 outlets in shopping centers of Rio and Niterói

» Procon-RJ autua 7 Chinese pastries and forbidden one in joint operation with the MTE

» Procon-RJ autua branches of Bob's and Burger King

» Procon-RJ autua Carrefour to sell its chocolate brand below the advertised weight

» Procon-RJ autua Extra Barra won by meat and adulteration of cod maturity

» Procon-RJ autua five restaurants and two supermarkets in Niterói and discards almost 690kg

» Procon-RJ autua five sites for false advertising promotions Mother's Day

» Procon-RJ autua four branches of fast food chains in the North Zone of Rio malls

» Procon-RJ autua Light to charge tariff flag value above the allowed

» Procon-RJ autua nine branches of restaurants in shopping Jacarepagua

» Procon-RJ autua Ricardo Eletro by irregular advertising in Botafogo shirt

» Procon-RJ autua six branches of Espetto Carioca network

» Procon-RJ autua supermarkets and McDonald's in Niterói on Tuesday

» Procon-RJ autua two establishments in new stage of Operation Area Head

» Procon-RJ autua Walmart, Riachuelo and (B2W) by problems in offers

» Procon-RJ autua Wide by power outages in several municipalities at the end of year

» Procon-RJ enters Justice to end fee in six of the most expensive schools in Rio

» Procon-RJ forbidden hotels for dogs in Rio and Niterói for lack of business license

» Procon-RJ introduces lawsuit against Wide by power failure

» Procon-RJ investigates the Madureira Shopping responsibility in plaster ceiling fall

» Procon-RJ launches an educational campaign "An Eye on Validity"

» Procon-RJ operation at Rock in Rio ends with ten assessments

» Procon-RJ processes by Gol plane with defective air conditioning

» Procon-RJ prohibited bakery that had to rats on the shelves in Nova Iguaçu

» Procon-RJ prohibited cafeteria and autua three others in downtown Rio

» Procon-RJ prohibited cold room restaurant in Jacarepagua

» Procon-RJ prohibited kiosk Lagoon on Wednesday

» Procon-RJ rule 241kg of improper food in Rio and Niterói in action Operation Ratatouille

» Procon-RJ rule over 700kg of food in supermarkets this week

» Procon-RJ self autua 14 schools in Rio

» Procon-RJ will not find in rental vehicles adapted for people with special needs

» Procon-RJ wins lawsuit against Claro

» Procons investigate operators; main aim of the action is advertising

» Procon's Lawsuit Against RJ TAM, Gol and Smiles

» Procons throughout Brazil debated list of essential products that will have immediate exchange

» Procon-SP and SP-IPEM autuam shops Shopping in JK

» Procon-SP and SP-IPEM oversee ceramic products for masonry

» Procon-SP announces results of companies that have pledged to reduce the number of complaints made to the agency

» Procon-SP autua 19 more stores by irregularities during "Operation Children's Day."

» Procon-SP autua airlines for failing to make available the table with an index of flight cancellations and delays

» Procon-SP autua ticketing companies

» Procon-SP closes gas station during an operation on surveillance

» Procon-SP contests possibility of including charging for services like life insurance in bills and prepaid account

» Procon-SP finds irregularities in 103 stores of construction materials

» Procon-SP gives tips for the consumer to enjoy good business opportunities without losing sight of the budget

» Procon-SP gives tips to prevent damage to the older consumer

» Procon-SP guides how to buy appliances

» Procon-SP guides on open current accounts

» PROCON-SP guides on using the 13th salary

» Procon-SP inspects consumer rights in large show

» Procon-SP is articulated to reduce irregularities in ticket sales

» Procon-SP list tips for consumers who will travel by bus on holiday

» Procon-SP notes difference of up to 97% in the price of toys

» Procon-SP notified by cancellation in the Airline Flights

» Procon-SP notifies AES Eletropaulo for lack of energy

» Procon-SP notifies Chery Brazil for lack of official notice of recall

» Procon-SP notifies companies that participate in Black Friday

» Procon-SP notifies Goal for failure to check-in system

» Procon-SP notifies hospitals and laboratories for practical abusive price increase

» Procon-SP notifies Microsoft to provide information on the price of Windows 8

» Procon-SP notifies the company Time For Fun

» Procon-SP oversees abusive increase in sales of repellents

» Procon-SP promotes free lecture tomorrow on basic consumer rights

» Procon-SP prosecuting nearly four in ten newsagents, bookstores and schools in the Back to School

» Procon-SP provides guidance on compulsory sale of Unimed Paulistana portfolio

» Procon-SP receives 340 complaints against buffets in six months

» Procon-SP releases list of 10 health plans with over records of complaints

» Procon-SP releases new list of 71 shopping sites that should be avoided by consumers

» Procon-SP summons 38 companies to participate 2012 Plan Goals

» Procon-SP takes site down

» Procon-SP, the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) and IPEM-SP join forces to monitor gas stations

» Pro-Consumer operation seizes 500 kg of irregular products in the central region of Tocantins

» Product for wire plastic is prohibited in Brazil

» Product illegal: Learn how to identify and avoid your purchase

» Product prices must be exposed if the store is open

» Products are found in irregular Taubaté Shopping

» Products Easter taxes have more than 40%, says advisory

» Products in Sachets viewed mania and guarantee savings up to 57%

» Products reduce up to R$ 700 annual spending on energy

» Products used out 79% cheaper on the internet

» Products with close shelf life should be highlighted on gondolas

» Products with the same packages and prices are lower weight go unnoticed

» Professionals: Search for consumer credit drops in August

» Prohibited anti-mold and cosmetics without registration

» Prohibited lot of olive oil of the mark Lisboa

» Prohibited use of Cephalexin lot Laboratorio Teuto

» Project aims to establish relative price per Unit of Measure

» Project exempt disabled person fare boarding on domestic flights

» Project in ALMG guarantees the consumer to be reported on inclusion in debtor registration

» Project increases compensation for the improper collection of telephone service

» Project requires that consumers be notified personally about recall

» Project that provides order to 'roaming' is ready for Senate vote

» Project that required health plans to replace professional lost accreditation is fouled

» Project wants to limit in ten days deadline to purchases made on the Internet

» Proof of payment is legal tender paper? Understand

» Proposal allows introduction of milk in Price Guarantee Policy Minimum

» Proposal for credit cards will be released today

» Proposal limits the fee amount for remarking airfare

» Proposal limits value of remarking rate per airline ticket

» Proposal makes it mandatory device in bivoltagem appliance

» Proposal prohibits transfer of losses to bills

» Proposal provides for collection of 'extra' seat for obese air travel

» Prosecutor asks ANS control caesarean paid in private health plans

» Prosecutor denies the bank leasing contract abuse

» Prosecutor suggests term longer than seven days for withdrawal of internet shopping

» Prosecutors and the process Alerj Oi

» Protect heavily in debt can become law

» Protect Yourself From October beats ever attempted frauds against consumers

» Protect yourself: Learn to recognize the most common types of tying

» Public Consultation on published pharmaceutical excipients

» Publishes Inmetro Conformity Assessment requirement for the leather market

» Purchase early school supplies prevents up 8%

» Purchase of property under construction.

» Purchased a product and repented? Know what to do

» Quadruples the amount of fines collected by Procon - RJ, surpassing the R$ 4 million

» Quality of care concerns the pay TV Anatel

» Quality rules for internet gets harder

» Rains make vegetables more expensive

» Ranking in Top 10 has increased from 5.6% in claims in the week

» Rapporteur has proposed to update the Code of Consumer Protection

» Rapporteur proposal includes internet for new rules for pay TV

» Rate landline 1% more expensive

» Rate lower cell helps contain inflation Weekly

» Rates for local connection and telephone subscriber rate will reset

» Readjustment of health plans for up to 30 people reaches 43.25%, says Idec

» Readjustment old individual plans with commitment agreement

» Real estate can not move actions

» Reassessment of pesticides: 10 years of protecting the population

» Recall - Various - Ministry of Justice

» Recall Alert: Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycles

» Recall beer Harp - Procon-SP gives advice on consumer rights

» Recall bikes BWM

» Recall chocolate Linea

» Recall number hits record in 2015; Most cars are

» Recall of 1.5 million bicycles is announced by problems in quick realese

» Recall specialized bikes

» Recall Vehicle: Mitsubishi and two imported Italian

» Recall: expert answers to ten questions

» Recall: understand what is and what are the rights of consumers

» Recalls have increased 591%

» Recast code divides experts

» Record Seizure of drugs serves as a warning to consumers

» Red flag may have lowest price

» Reducing volume to hair lotion has outstanding suspended by ANVISA

» Reduction of ICMS now beginning to assert

» Reduction of IPI cars and machinery will not be extended

» Reduction of the IPI increased sales of appliances by 20% in two days

» Reform without headache

» Regardless of loyalty, customer can turn off the carrier without penalty

» Registration and Opening Rate Credit is unfair, says Procon-SP

» Registration Return

» regulation of Cradles is improved by Inmetro

» Regulations on prepayment of energy is in the public hearing

» Remedies are 35% cheaper

» Remedies are already up to 7.6% more expensive in distributors

» Remedy for psoriasis is collected by a laboratory in the U.S.

» Renovation of school enrollment: Best way is to negotiate an agreement

» Rent property Vacation require consumer attention

» Rent with guarantor already lost to safe and high-trait

» Repair of consumer shall be deposited in the Fund for the Defense of Diffuse Rights, says FCC

» Repentance Law

» Report on reform of the Consumer Code must be voted on Tuesday

» Reported on in Toys From Easter Eggs

» Research helps to save up to 40% when hiring a pay TV

» Research Idec reproves 25 samples of cheese mines

» Research is essential when hiring health plan

» Research on mobile Anatel shows that consumers are not fully satisfied

» Research reveals that the law has not caught commerce

» Research shows that organic products are consumed by 15% of the population

» Research shows that three out of ten buy pirated products

» Research shows widespread deterioration in the assessment of users over telecommunications services

» Reservation of school places: after all, can or can not?

» Resetting the price of petrol should be between 7% and 9%

» Resident Vidigal hire Sky Free but is no TV signal

» Resident Vidigal hire Sky Free but is no TV signal

» Residents must participate in the life of the condominium, if they want to spend less

» Resignation does not mean disqualification of the employer's health plan

» Responsible for the supermarkets are held in Operation Dry and Wet Procon-RJ

» Restaurant can charge for mobile charger loan?

» Restaurant can not charge wastage rate

» Restaurant managers are arrested in Rio for expired food in up to 3 years

» Restaurants and bars can be prohibited from charging for unsolicited couvert

» Retail back to the consumer finance

» Retail sales have increased 0.5% between May and June

» retailer indemnifies mother and daughter by falling badly-installed cabinet in kitchen

» Retirees are entitled to corporate health plan

» Retroactive charging is abusive

» Retrofit abusive health plan is prohibited by law and can not be increased very high

» Return double: see when the consumer has that right

» Return double: see when the consumer has this right

» Return value paid more for light must be sought in court

» Review of Operation Easter: 0.3% of the products were non-standard

» Review RAQ for companies that maintain fire extinguishers

» Rice and beans are cheaper in crisis

» Rice and beans leave basket cheaper

» Rights in the absence of the invoice

» Rigor for the quality of food

» Rio Street vendors sell chips banned from TIM

» Rio Water Planet back to being fined by prohibit customers from entering with food

» Rio will have salvage yard Serasa to clear name

» Risk of allergy leads to summon recall Canon Photographic camera

» River taxis circulate with flag 2 throughout the month of December

» RJ: "With an eye on price": divergence in the price? Take it for free!

» RJ: Operation closes two companies fraudavam fuel

» RJ: State Procon Files Lawsuit banks to return money paid in slips defrauded

» Roaming: Senate Commission withdraws from PL agenda prohibiting collection

» Rules aneel indicate how to apply the power distributor compensation for damage to equipment

» Rules for advertising of infant foods are inadequate, says lawyer

» Rules of social tariff of energy have changed. See the comments of Idec

» SAC: the annoying machine that talks to the client

» SAC: the irritating machine that speaks to the customer

» SACs and Claro, Vivo and Hi sites inform expiration dates and different prices for credits

» safely organic consumption

» Sale Easter egg loses retail space

» Sale GVT can embed advantages for consumers

» Sale of cellular plans plummets in July

» Sale of counterfeit products increased by 60% in season

» Sale of pirated medicine grows and comes to the pharmacy

» Sale of pre-packaged ground beef in butchers leads list assessments carried out in supervision of Procon-SP

» Sale of the AIDS test is illegal, alerts Anvisa

» Sales of building materials grow 5.7 % in February

» Sales of chips TIM, Claro and Oi is released from this Friday

» Sales of generic drugs grows 19% in first quarter

» Sales of mobile phones decline, but smartphones continue to rise, says Gartner

» Sales of services Claro, TIM and Oi are suspended

» Samsung must compensate consumer for failure to waterproof device

» Samsung's promotion may have exposed data of 900 thousand customers

» Sandy: passenger who had canceled flight ticket can trade without paying fee

» Sanitary Vigilance interdicts Chinese restaurants in Liberty,SP

» Sanitizing are suspended for irregular trading

» Save money on online shopping with 4 practical tips

» Save More stores reach 50%

» Save up to 38% buying supermarket own brands

» Save: Know what services you can stay on vacation

» SC Department of Public creates online tool for calculation of early discharge of loans and financing

» Scheduling of appointments is great cause for complaint of health plans

» School can affect income children, experts say

» School enrollment renewals and rights

» School students in a negative against default by the consumer's rights

» School supplies out 10 % cheaper in collective purchases

» School supplies rises on average 8% compared with January 2014

» School supplies rises on average 8% compared with January 2014

» School supplies will become more expensive 10% on average, provides association

» School supplies will Inmetro quality seal from 2011

» School supplies: option must be by certified products

» School supplies: what schools can and can not ask?

» Schools and colleges are required to justify the monthly adjustment

» Schools can not refuse students with disabilities or charge additional fee

» Schools still require purchase of prohibited materials list

» Schools that guarantee jobs at the end have to ensure the placement of the student in the labor market

» SDS Detox Nutrition brand has suspended advertising by Anvisa

» Seal in seat becomes mandatory from April

» Seal of organic products gets new look

» Search " The Age of the Citizen Consumer "

» Search Akatu: consumer values ​​sustainable business practices

» Search before you buy school supplies can reduce costs by 60%

» Search for consortia services has increased by 50%

» Second Panel determines that ad on Cable inform price and form of payment

» Secrecy in consumer relations: a fundamental right

» Secretariat Consumer fine Unilever and TAM

» See 10 tips to control your budget

» See 50 tips to save on energy bill

» See 8 care that consumers should have credit card

» See 9 that care must be taken with credit cards

» See attitudes that help save on electricity bills with DST

» See the result of Project Procurement Indicators of Consumer Protection

» See the tips of Procon - SP on secure Mobile

» See their rights in case of failure to pay TV services and broadband

» See tips Procon how to plan a wedding

» See what changes with the opening of the Cable

» See what were the top 10 companies claimed this week

» See which affects the energy consumption of your home

» See which schools can justify spending the adjustment of the monthly

» See your rights in case of exchange and late delivery post-Black Friday

» Sell ​​product that is not in stock can be equated to embezzlement

» Sellers insist differentiate prices by type of payment

» Senacon alert to recall vehicles Renault and Suzuki motorcycles

» Senacon publishes regiment consumer protection

» Senacon receives 65 recall campaigns conducted in 2012

» Senacon will monitor new rules on consumer protection in the telecommunications industry

» Senacon will monitor new rules on consumer protection in the telecommunications industry

» Senate analyzes projects to improve consumer rights

» Senate approves bill that requires health plans to cover family planning activities, such as surgery for vasectomy and tubal ligation

» Sending text messages to customers by Hi is considered abusive by STJ

» Serasa Experian is online salvage yard to clean behalf of 14 to 20 October

» Serasa guides consumers to protect personal documents and checks to prevent fraud

» Serasa provides recovery of consumer credit

» Set at the time of gifting on Valentine's Day

» Seven ideas adopted Cup that can continue to help the consumer

» Seven tips to identify deceptive advertising

» sewing shop indemnify bride by faulty dress for wedding ceremony

» Shop will pay compensation of R$ 8,000 after undue denial

» Shopkeeper charging abusive prices on the beaches of Rio will be fined R $ 509

» Shopping guide: air-conditioning

» Shopping in cash and card must have the same value, says project approved in Alerj

» Shops begin to discriminate taxes on the invoice

» Shops selling the same product prices and on different platforms

» Show Cancelled. What are my rights?

» Shutdown physicians against health plans begins today

» Shutdown truckers have some foods more expensive by 25% in Ceasa

» Silicone breast implant is suspended by ANVISA

» Silicone prosthesis can now be marketed in Brazil

» Simple measures to reduce light bill

» Site for consumer dispute resolution has 80% of settled claims

» Site offers condemned for not delivering product

» Site reveals more lines claimed Rio for making unwanted calls

» Sites Neon Electro and New York Sports should be avoided, says Procon-SP

» Sites reported that collective purchasing regulations affect consumers

» Six models of highchair and baby comfort pass safety test

» Six questions to answer before going shopping

» Six tips to keep from falling on vacation in the Black Friday

» Smartphone is increasingly present among Brazilians, says survey

» Smooth performance not hurt the pocket at the time of tag

» Socioeconomic status influences access to healthy foods

» Sodexo Meal Pass new cards start being accepted in trade

» Solange Amaral: Actions to protect consumers on the Internet

» South Economist Rio gives tips to avoid impulse buying

» SP already has a thousand stations closed for adulteration of fuel; see care

» SP and Rio decide to postpone the increase in bus fares

» SP antitelemarketing of Law enter into force in April

» SP: 14% disapprove Ipem Easter eggs

» SP: Cheaper gas will have new compensation mechanism

» SP: Fuel station pumps have withdrawn

» SP: Procon will set targets for reducing complaints for companies champions of complaint

» SPC Brazil estimates that 52 million are delinquent in the country

» Special Portability: Health Plan

» Specialists warn: the card is secure, but requires care

» Specialized companies buy shares and resell; Classified ads can hide fraud

» Specialized is different from authorized

» Speedy back on sale today

» Spend less with lighting bill renewal of equipment (Part 1)

» Spend less with lighting bill renewal of equipment (Part 2)

» Spending at home: the signing of combo TV and Internet have grown 140% in 2008

» Splits do not give refreshment to the problems

» Spook! During breakfast, woman finds razor blade in bread

» Stalls Meet the rights of bank customers and private schools

» Stand by mode: the small domestic villain of energy consumption

» Standard of portability does not solve problems for consumers, says Idec

» Starting today, a product with different price on the shelf and box go free in supermarkets

» State launches campaign to encourage consumers to check the difference in values ​​in supermarkets

» State Procon autua 20 private schools in Rio

» State Procon not find food improper in its first inspection in food truck

» Stay tuned with online promotions

» Stay tuned! Lack of measurement of electrical power supply may cause cutting

» STJ decision allows operators re- set deadlines for using credit cell

» STJ decision on opening credit rate is unfavorable to the consumer

» STJ defines security measures to pre-dated

» STJ judges validity of rates for credit and issuing booklets

» STJ maintains judgment requiring credit card companies to provide free service 0800

» STJ prohibits health plans to limit the value of the insured's treatment

» STJ validates health plan adjustment rules by age group

» STJ: defective cell must be delivered for service

» STJ: Procon can interpret contracts and decide which clauses are unfair

» Store cards may contain traps, see the care before you make them!

» Store will have to pay R$ 10 000 for double charging

» Study shows that 74 % of Brazilians fear not having money to get to the end of the month

» Subscription websites offer discounts and news

» Success in shopping: Choose fresh or frozen fish?

» Success on purchases: Advance guarantees discounts

» Success on purchases: Beware of the value of imported

» Success on purchases: Follow duties and asserts rights

» Success on purchases: Learn how far will their rights and duties

» Success on purchases: Learn how far will their rights and duties

» Success on purchases: Organic Production

» Success on purchases: product exchange in another state

» Success on purchases: Tips on the use of cleaning products

» Success on purchases: Use conscious to relieve pocket

» Successive calls should be considered a pulse only. Do you know if it interferes with your account?

» SulAmérica must pay R$ 141,300 customer for lack of contract clarity

» Summer is over, but products for 'cool' not arrive in time

» Summer items are 9.11 % higher in 12 months, almost double the inflation

» Summer products are up to 57% cheaper in winter

» Summer: request a change of load to the power company reduces risks of short circuit and fire

» Sunscreen: importing announces recall of Australian Gold

» Supermarket sell expired products, but still adequate

» Supermarket tests run without boxes and generates controversy

» Supermarkets promote festivals with up to 42% discount

» Supermarkets return to charge for plastic bags

» Supermarkets should follow the price suggested by the manufacturers?

» Supermarkets SP will distribute reusable bags in Consumer Day

» Supermarkets: same product, two prices

» Supplement manufactured by Neonutri is suspended for not bioavailable and safe

» Suppliers line Hello Kitty Party are notified for possible abusive practices in the sale of products unsuitable for children and adolescents

» Survey shows price differences between supermarkets

» Suspended batch of chocolate Itambezinho

» Suspended batch of sodium chloride solution Equiplex

» Suspended capillary sealant and alcohol without registration gel

» Suspended food supplement Oxielite Pro

» Suspended lot of Cephalexin Drug Laboratorio Teuto Brasileiro

» Suspended lots of the Cosmetic Spectraban Fluid Base

» Suspension of sale of 225 health plans takes effect from today

» Suspension or failure to provide public service: consumer rights

» System of consumer recorded 2 million services in 2012

» System used by Procon will undergo upgrade

» Talk to the SAC of the companies is more difficult this year, says survey

» TAM indemnifies couple who paid seat comfort but tight traveled to the US

» Tariff flag back to green in December, with no extra cost of energy

» tariff flag remains green in August electricity bill

» Tax of IPEM-SP and seizing banned automotive seat for children

» Taxes in the present day children reach 70 % know

» Taxes on chocolate, ice cream, cigarettes and change rise

» Taxes on products reach 32% in supermarkets

» TCU postpones trial of illegal charges on electric bills

» Technical assistance and consumer rights

» Technicians IPEM in 2009 are less irregularities in agricultural and veterinary than in 2008

» Technology helps to look pretty without spending a lot

» Telecommunications operators expect problems Stadium Cup

» Telecommunications sector is leading complaints of Defense

» Telecommunications: most households prefer to hire services separately

» Telefonica not have control of the operators TIM and Vivo

» telephone connection charge TV program is declared unenforceable

» Telephone leads list of complaints to Procon in 2015

» telephone operator is ordered to pay R$ 25,000 for consumer now torment when hiring new services

» Telephone operators and pay TV among the most claimed in Sao Paulo

» Telephone operators and TV can not change the contract unilaterally

» Telephony leader claims

» Telephony services will be overseen by the subcommittee

» Telephony, e-commerce and retail are the most demanded sectors Procon Carioca

» Telephony: What can happen when the bill is not paid?

» Telephony: What can happen when the bill is not paid?

» Teles can pay moral damages for bad service or unsolicited

» Teles ignore the advice of users

» Ten airports, including Galleon, have strengthened supervision and attendance at Carnival

» Ten reasons to avoid pirated products

» Ten tips for buying school supplies

» Tenants launch program to help control spending

» Test finds benzene in soft drinks in seven products

» Test identifies 27 products with different levels of sodium informed

» Thanks to consumer complaint, more than 22 tons of beans are seized

» The burden of fees in relation to rent

» The CDC and investments: Code does not apply to all cases

» The challenge of meeting the expectations of consumers

» The chargeback on credit card

» The company Disac Comercial Ltda is speaker of Recall

» The controversy of the 10% of the waiter says the Code of Consumer Protection?

» The dioxin is poisoned by products and medicines

» The energy rate rose 15.23%; see how to save on electricity bill

» The gift that changes the shopping experience

» The health plan customers will have a number of the Unified Health System (SUS)

» The immediate exchange will be made when necessary, says the national secretary of the Consumer

» The importance of information about the presence of gluten in foods

» The importance of labeling on imported products

» The importance of manual

» The importance of the invoice

» The importance of the invoice

» The paradox of the quality of the cellular

» The pay-TV signal was interrupted by default? know your rights

» The seals of guarantee and e-commerce

» The services offer combo became popular among Brazilians

» The shock of finding your data on the Internet

» The sparkling ones that give the greatest hangover, according to Proteste

» The strike of bank and consumer accounts

» the success of loyalty to Telecoms-

» The type of "dirt" that Anvisa tolerate in food

» There is no minimum amount for purchase with Credit Card

» They send in consumption, but still are not represented as they should in the defense system

» Things that seem to be more pranks for April 1

» Think 5 times before buying a toy on Children's Day

» Thirteenth is falling percentage of bad checks, points Serasa

» Those who had tickets to the Hopi Hari may request immediate repayment

» Three essential tips for selling used cars without headache

» Three months before the World Cup, is priced TVs up to 34 % cheaper than at Christmas

» Three more brands of milk are not for sale

» Tickets Cup were biggest complaint at the state Procon

» TIM expects next week suspension can be equated

» TIM fined for poor quality services

» TIM is condemned by the Federal District Court for false advertising

» Tim is ordered to pay damages of R$ 5 million for dropping connections

» Tim is ordered to provide balance in the Plan expenditure Liberty

» TIM is prohibited to block internet from a client that reaches daily limit

» TIM launches website to track customer service improvement

» Time to be attended at Procon-RJ can not spend 15 minutes

» Tin cans leading consumer accidents in Brazil, says Inmetro

» Tips for choosing security cameras

» Tips for hiring keychains

» Tips for paycheck

» Tips for saving. How to save on lighting

» Tips for using a point system on credit cards

» Tips for using safely credit card

» Tips to buy clothes and shoes and avoid problems with the store

» TJ : consumer is sentenced to pay R$ 9000 for complaining too

» TJ confirms condemnation of cosmetic manufacturer that burned bride's mother's face

» TJ Rio will judge actions over Internet reduction in cell

» TJES keeps compensation after fraud checks

» TJ-MG condemns TIM indemnify the customer for improper collection of international roaming

» TJRJ adheres to reconciliation platform

» To buy properties in the plant, consumer has the right to choose the funding

» To curb abusive prices, Procon is operating in RN beaches

» To maintain quality of mobile services, FCC suspends promotion of TIM

» To prevent change in candy, law requires Ouro Fino trade plate

» To water more expensive in Rio

» TOP 10 last week has increased from 7.3% in complaints and new businesses in a prominent position

» Total complaints will be a criterion for fines

» Total Effective Cost : transparency in loans

» Toyota announces recall

» Toyota announces recall for defective airbag

» Toyota announces recall of 160,000 vehicles

» Toyota announces recall of Corolla model due to seat belt problem

» Toyota announces recall of Prius 2012/2013

» Toyota calls Corolla, Prius and CT200h to recall for fire risk

» Toyota, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz announces recall

» Toys should provide adequate noise

» Trade ignores state law, and no consumer is left with delivery scheduled time

» Trade is confident with Children's Day

» Trade stock is waiting for the return of the IPI

» Trade street in Rio expects best Christmas of all time

» Trader is convicted of using improperly seals Inmetro

» Treaty signed in Brasilia prioritizes protecting the tourist consumer

» Triple the investigations of Internet crimes in the MPF in Sao Paulo

» TV channel is responsible for lack of product delivery which made advertising

» TV makers are fined for misleading advertising

» TV requires migration to more expensive packages

» TVs have subscription packages from R $ 39.90 to anyone who wants more choice of channels for the Cup

» TVs over 32 inches will need digital converter

» Two supermarket managers in Pavuna are stuck in operation with the participation of State Procon

» tying: You know what this is?

» U.S. seeks INMETRO due to piracy of Brazilian products

» UN adopts new standards for fruits, vegetables and fish

» UN reinforces measures to protect consumers

» UN revises rules for consumer protection

» Unauthorized charges can be refunded in double

» Under criticism, the portability of health plans are regulated - Part I

» Under criticism, the portability of health plans are regulated - Part II

» Understand and know differentiate the deadlines and guarantees provided to consumers

» Understand and know what to do when the miles accumulated disappear

» Understand how the work of consumer protection bodies

» Understand how to operate the insurance shopping "out of sight"

» Understand the difference between protection and automotive vehicle insurance

» Understand the importance of the Consumer Defense Code

» Understand why the best time to demand "Justice for Consumers' is now

» Understand why the best time to demand Justice for Consumers is now

» undue power cut generates duty to indemnify

» unexpected contract extension is legal for consumers?

» Unfair terms: understand what they are and how to defend

» Unification of cards has decreased costs of trade

» Unilever admits failure human and operational in case Ades, says ministry

» Unilever announces recall of apple juice AdeS due to risk of burns

» Unimed Paulistana customers will have another 15 days to make portability

» Unimed -Rio guarantor network hospitals client Golden

» Unimed -Rio will keep physicians and laboratories of the Golden Cross until November 30

» Unimeds are notified in tourist death that awaits nine hours for ambulance

» United Pirate Pepper lot is prohibited

» University is not responsible for vehicle theft in public parking

» Unjustified increase in the price of mineral water is illegal

» up to 15 million liters of milk were contaminated with formaldehyde in Rio Grande do Sul

» Update the Code of Consumer jams in the Senate

» Upper class is most affected by global crisis points FGV

» US do recall 500,000 electric skateboards for fire risk

» Use of money growing in the country, while possession of card falls

» Use of vitamins do not help prevent prostate cancer, studies show

» Use your phone abroad on vacation can generate bill of over R$ 6,000

» Used car transfer will be simplified

» Used Car: Avoiding the purchase will stop the banks' complaints procons

» Used car? See 5 tips for buying

» Users can evaluate the quality of the fixed Internet from this Wednesday

» Users telecom in Brazil pay R$ 6.8 million tax per hour

» Vacuums: agile and practical

» Validity for prepaid credits remains prohibited

» Validity of claims

» Value of tariff flags on electricity bills will increase in 2017

» Vehicles accounted for almost 65% of recalls in 2012

» Vetoed project requiring factories to provide car for missing parts

» Virtual attendance to the consumer will also be subject to regulation

» Virtual seller is arrested for illegal drugs in Goiânia

» Virtual workshop debate Food Labelling

» Vivo / Telefonica leads list of companies with more complaints in 2014

» Vivo phones are dead in six states, including SP

» Volkswagen is recalling 170,000 units of the Gol by failure flashlight

» Volkswagen must return R$ 83,000 consumer by false advertising

» Volkswagen recalls 170,000 models for Gol

» Volkswagen Tiguan announces recall of vehicles for problems with airbags

» Voyager finds piece of wood meal served on American Airlines flight

» Want to cut your expenses? Credit Card can help

» Want to know if a product has registration?

» War of promotions

» Warranty: Understand the deadlines for claim of defective product

» Water bottles costing between R$ 4 and R$ 5 on the beaches, and tourists use the bottles

» Water savings can be reversed in rebates in account

» Water: condominiums win in court the right to pay for the actual expense

» We are not responsible for items left in the vehicle

» We want to transform consumer protection in state policy, says Dilma

» Wedding dress zipper bursts, and shop is convicted of wrong size

» Wedding services: know your rights

» Week of Reconciliation Index according enterprises should reach 80 %

» Welfare of the family is priority of use of Class C, says study

» Went on vacation? Avoid common problems in the journey

» What are health plans with co-participation?

» What are the labels of a product?

» What can and what can not at the time of school enrollment

» What companies can and what they can not do at the time to collect a debt

» What happens to delay debt? Gets dirty or name will also arrested?

» What is the shortest channel to reach the company?

» What to do when the travel agency fails

» What to expect from customer service

» What to know before you take a consumption issue to court

» What to watch for before hiring camp

» What you can do is buy food with abnormalities

» What you need to know about phone portability

» What you need to know before renting a property

» WhatsApp will crash on some old devices

» Wheat: reduction of import tariff to avoid increase in derivatives

» When piecemeal shopping is the best way out

» When the answer irritates to the problem

» When the plan does not release tests

» white goods sales closed 2015 with first decline in six years

» White tariff category offer different electricity rates

» Who pays the theft of account cards, checks and documents?

» Will change in 2016? See care for lease of property

» Will go on holiday? So keep an eye on your luggage

» Will put on the cylinder?

» Will take the weekend to go to a show? Be aware of your rights!

» Wind energy benefits to consumers, study shows

» With all the right

» With all the right

» With closure of Webjet, consumers will be serviced by Goal

» With high temperatures, sales of fans in trade grows 324%

» With IOF high and without planning, dream vacation can be nightmare

» With low prices, Chinese copies of electronic products attract consumers

» With MP 466, consumers do not get rid of the extra spending bill

» With the end of daylight saving time , learn what to do to save on electricity bill

» With trading, consumers still find discounts on settlement

» without prescription drug list is available

» Woman finds plastic in guarana and AmBev is ordered to pay R$ 4000

» Work at home ... and without term problems to end

» Workshop convicted of delay in repairing vehicle

» Workshops will provide spare car in case of missing part

» World Consumer Day: Learn how to participate in activities sponsored by entities

» Yamaha is recalling craft

» Yamaha makes motorcycles recall problem at the lighthouse

» You are a conscious consumer? Do the test

» You can take food out in the cinema?

» You know what hidden addiction?

» You know what is hidden addiction?

» You know what the greatest villains of energy consumption?

» You know what you can buy with R$17 in an airport RJ? a snack

» You need to replace a product and do not know their rights? Get tips Procon-SP

» You understand the information described on food labels?

» You will travel? Save suspending some Fabricators

» Others clippings

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